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Mar 2016 · 176
12:01 am
Mary Kelley Mar 2016
A lot of the time
I don't feel rooted to the ground
In any way
I'm worried that if
The winds blows just a little too hard
I'll blow away
Jan 2016 · 305
Two Words
Mary Kelley Jan 2016
Two words
Ten letters
Three syllables
Caused me more tears than I can count

One day
24 hours
1,440 minutes
Was the short amount of time
That it took for everything to change

Almost 15 years
179 months
128,880 hours
Of knowing you was taken away from me with

Two words
Ten letters
Three syllables

"Mommy's gone"
Mar 2014 · 563
I was the result
Mary Kelley Mar 2014
I was a tsunami
I know I took something so peaceful
And beautiful
And turned it into a monster
Killing everything in its way
But its not my fault
The earth quaked and I fell victim to its after mass
I did not happen on my own
I was the result of the earth shaking
I'm so sorry that I'm a monster
But I did not create it
Please forgive me
Today has been quite terrible and my poems reflect that I'm very sorry you read this
Feb 2014 · 1.6k
Mary Kelley Feb 2014
I have been corrupted
In the most beautiful
In the  most innocent of ways
Corrupted by your touch
And the sound of your voice
Once an innocent drop of rain
Now a monstrous thunder
You made corruption so beautiful
So enjoyable
This went downhill fast
Feb 2014 · 284
Memories like seasons
Mary Kelley Feb 2014
Dim lights of the Spring sun rises
Bright stars in the Winter night sky fall
Happy Summer memories stay
Sorrowful Fall mistakes fade away
Memories like seasons
Come then leave
But you know they're coming back
Sad and bad
Happy and mad
Fall and Spring
Summer and Winter
They all return
As fast as they left

— The End —