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4.5k · May 2014
Lost in the Sky
MalaiDaisies May 2014
The sun adorns the pale blue cheek,
The clouds blossom on either side,
Falling slowly.
           Breathing deeply.
And somewhere out there,
I am lost in the sky.
4.4k · Jun 2014
Captured by the Clouds
MalaiDaisies Jun 2014
Aching with melancholic memories,
The sea stands, Freedom carving her wings, Beholden to nobody.
Each wave destroying the remaining morsels of empathy that she still harbours.
One cannot imprint themselves on water,
But footprints are etched onto the sand.
Here's a little secret though- the sand is but swallowed by the sea.
The colours contort from one gruesome grey to another.
The days she is blue, the beast lies dormant,
Waiting for the black to raise its ugly head.
So free I think,
Water turning to fire, defined only by her existence.
Everything pales in comparison, the sun, the sky, the clouds.
But then I realise- what is the sea? Where are her colours from?
She is nothing but a reflection of the sky.
Her moods influenced by the clouds.
Free? I laugh.
She is captured.
The sea is, and always will be my biggest inspiration.
2.3k · Sep 2014
Existential Crisis
MalaiDaisies Sep 2014
Unicorns don't exist.
Because sometimes just the idea is enough.
My first attempt at a 10w.
Free to interpretation.
1.6k · Jan 2014
Driving a canoe
MalaiDaisies Jan 2014
Driving a canoe,
The sky burns hot,
The sun seems blue,
And i swim in oblivion.

With a heavy head,
i sit astride my white swan,
Taking flight from the deck,
Just. Out.

You smile,
In this whirlwind i dance.
You insist you're fine,
But i see the blood.

Deliberately ambiguous.
Two tails, No head.
Why her?
These are my hands.
1.5k · Jun 2014
Drawing Blood
MalaiDaisies Jun 2014
Claustrophobia sets in with the Sun in the West. Petrichor fills my lungs.
Not even the purifying winds of the Dawning Monsoon can erase the Blackness that has captured my thoughts.
The Sea so vast and blue, is nothing more than an Empty vessel of unending Misery. Grey. Grey everywhere.
The depth is Merciless, the Frothing waves; Crushing.
Swallowed. Eaten alive by my sorrow and that of the Worlds'.
The weight lies heavy on my Incapable shoulders.
I yearn to shed these Chains that bind me. But they bite too hard.
Pinching flesh. Drawing Blood.
I fall to my knees, Naked and Defenseless. Surrendering myself to their Mercy.
The cold wind encases me in its Shroud, leaving me Numb.
I can't breathe. Air. Air. So much of it, None for me.
Blood carpets the Cold marble floor.
Freckled with Red.
I can't scream. I am past fear.
Speed increases. Motions pass. The world dances.
Leaving me in its wake,
Drawing Blood.
The blues.
1.4k · Jul 2014
Forsaking Freedom
MalaiDaisies Jul 2014
I can see the smile,
mimicking the crescent.
Hovering by the curtain,
peeking, prodding, Pushing.
But nothing seems as fake
as the flowers in that gilded vase.
Waiting to bloom, in shrouded anticipation.
Filled with disgust at the life they sustain,
So young, so naive.
Foolishly trusting.
Scorn curling my lips,
I walk away.
Leaving everything behind.
Everything that anchors me to this bottomless void.
Sorry, I haven't been very active for the past month! Had a writer's block. Nothing seemed to inspire me, or elicit any kind of response in me.
Today I saw a vase of flowers and i don't think i have ever felt that kind of hatred before. Well, atleast it made me write again.
1.2k · Sep 2014
MalaiDaisies Sep 2014
She confused him, that creature of The Wild.
He belonged to her, without a shadow of doubt.
But she was the moon to his sun, The darkness to his light.
She was the yin to his yang, and the throes of fire that consumed his sea.
While he conquered worlds,
She stayed trapped in her self erected prison.
And as her flew to the universe beyond reach,
She sank in a bottomless pit.
And yet,
He was drawn to her.
Like the cycle that held day and night,
And the inexplicable line between captive and Captor.
        One could not exist without the other,
        *But neither, could they exist together.
What do you do when you are drawn to the other side?
1.2k · Sep 2014
The covenant
MalaiDaisies Sep 2014
Words that form, have no meaning.
The truth I speak,
Isn't the truth.
Alone in this new life of mine,
Imprisoned in this cage built by my own hands.
The directions are a blur,
As my feet step on thorns.
I lament my fall, I cry out in despair.
A song bereft of word or rhyme.
Falling to oblivion that lures me in,
Promising happiness like a lullaby.
I seem to have become a passive observer, watching my body carry on its daily functions. When will I return home?
1.1k · Oct 2014
Bleeding Ichor
MalaiDaisies Oct 2014
Green and blue.
Each contorting into gruesome hues,
Only to dance,
With the thought of each other.
Yellow like the eclipsed sun,
Yellow like the dying flower,
Yellow like the blood of Gods,
Random scribbles that I found in the worn out pages of my notebook. Still trying to make sense of it. And randomly smiling :)
1.0k · Jun 2014
Lingering Dreams
MalaiDaisies Jun 2014
She stood waiting.
Waiting as the stars await the suns eventual death.
As the desert awaits that one translucent drop of absolete euphoria.
Her lips cracked open,
A sliver of fragile hope escaping its tremors.
Fluttering away.
She is surrounded by exquisite misery,
Drowning in hysteria.
Day folding into night,
The moon running circles.
She stood waiting,
With the sound of stinging memories reverberating endlessly.
Touch, smell, touch, love.
All catapulting into that final crescendo,
Where all those moments
Flow into the sea of those hauntingly beautiful words,
**I Am Here
I was inspired by this one line-
"The wait is long, my dream of you does not end.”
― Nuala O'Faolain, My Dream of You
1.0k · Mar 2014
MalaiDaisies Mar 2014
Every silent morning
Gazing with warm eyes
From the cold, hard mirror
Is my image.

But when night falls,
That image disappears.
Gone with the wind

Do I cease to exist?
Why can't I see that person anymore?
Am I just
An illusion?
935 · Apr 2014
No imprint
MalaiDaisies Apr 2014
Her feet tread lightly on the snow,
Leaving no imprint, no imprint.

She is frightened to look up,
No laughter, No tears.
Nothing but this masquerade.

And when the reaper gently holds her soul,
He is not weighed down by her presence.
her feet tread lightly on the snow,
Leaving no imprint,
*No imprint.
Do I have an imprint?
920 · Oct 2014
An Infernal Era
MalaiDaisies Oct 2014
When She looked at him,
He was busy trying to make sense of the world.
And when He finally freed himself from his chains and searched for Her,
She was gone.
A silent whisper in the treacherous night,
Lost forever among the stars.
It all depends on timing.
I wish everything turns out right :)
919 · Oct 2014
Inside these lines
MalaiDaisies Oct 2014
I don't remember the exact moment when the lines between friendship and love became blurred, when I started losing myself inside these lines.
All I know is that you are all I can think about, day and night. I breathe you, I taste nothing but you, I want you.
But I need you more than that.
It's this incessant need, the way the moon needs the sun, fire water, salvation destruction. And this need scares me. As I am a bird of flight, never to be tied down by any one rock.
But now I want to be held by you. I dream of being in your arms, lost in your smile. You have changed me, love.
That's why I need to forget you, to dispel you from my system, shatter your image in my head, so that you no longer are my inner song but another broken lyric.
I'm saving myself.
Building these walls again.
Running away.
Because I can't wait for you anymore, Shane.
I'm sorry.
893 · Oct 2014
An improbable reality
MalaiDaisies Oct 2014
My breath quickens as he draws close.
It's everything about him. From his tousled hair, unkempt beard, and those eyes of his.
Eyes that hold the universe.
Eyes that are the universe.
For me.
I am but the girl next door who made the mistake of getting too close to the stars.
And burn me he did.
Leaving scabs that are never to heal.
That can only be forgotten.
But how can I forget him when he has crawled onto my  flesh and taken proud residence?
How can I forget him when every insolent breath gives me a chance to hope?
How can I forget the stars that soar the sky every night?
But here is something that I have forgotten in my haste to love him,
You can only see the stars.
Never reach them.
And never for one, have them for your own.
I want him. I need him.
Like nothing else in my life.
I need to move on. I need to forget.
But I seem incapable of doing just that.
If you have any words of advice, I would greatly appreciate it :)
853 · May 2014
MalaiDaisies May 2014
The Cuckoo called.
His cry plaintive,
His voice etched with pain.
          I searched for Him.
          I parted The Veil, The Wall
          But like the Broken Window, He is not seen.
Our paths merge.
A pattern of Knots and Crosses.
And to His reflection, I call
          Fly with me, You of The Sky.
          Fly with Me, for a Better Tomorrow.
          And together then, We can rejoice,
           *In the Insanity of our Lives.
The Cuckoo, for the most part, is a loner. He hides behind different faces, Never building the nest, Always in Flight. For some reason, I can always identify with these wings.
853 · Sep 2014
You and Only You
MalaiDaisies Sep 2014
I loved you the way I breathed.
All the time, and not knowing.
He's driving me crazy. He's creeped under my skin, entered my bloodstream and poisoned me. He's become a part of me and I didn't even see it coming. Too late now, He's become my phantom limb. Too late now, I am not his.
848 · Oct 2014
MalaiDaisies Oct 2014
Take me away with you, love.
Take me to the promised Land.
To the place where I'm safe in your arms.
Because I don't want to be anywhere else.
Because that is the only place where I belong.
After all these breaths, all these hushed whispers,
You and me by the sea.
We can either drown or ride these waves.
What's your decision,love?
For I don't mind dying if I die in you.
My heart aches too.
829 · Feb 2014
Three winks
MalaiDaisies Feb 2014
world is Your garden,
The brink of the seashore where reality
Is an illusion,
Just for a moment.
It is the sand you tread through
The moon that illuminates
Your stage, Your dais,
Just for a moment.
As alluring as the Goddess
Creating magic  with each step
The colors that contort into one another,
Just for a moment.
820 · May 2014
MalaiDaisies May 2014
I think I made a mistake
I think, I let Him go
816 · Oct 2014
MalaiDaisies Oct 2014
And when he looks at me,
With those bottomless eyes of his,
Eyes that sear my soul, shatter the walls that remain and oust the sorrow within,
I am set free.

Flying with those that never died
Dancing with the sun that never set,
And singing with stars that have no voice,
I am free.

Free from the worldly chains that bind me,
Tethering me to thistles and thorns,
That bleed ichor and laugh pain,
I was free.

           Free like never before.
           *Free forever after.
Him. Him. Him.
798 · Mar 2014
Adrift at sea
MalaiDaisies Mar 2014
I remember your eyes,
Shimmering in the moonlight.
Molten Gold almost,
Brighter than liquid sunshine.
Your smile that enraptured,
The Universe.
Unaffected, innocent,
Complete with the promise
Of young life.

Destroyed along the way,
Soundlessly with a silent power.
Leaving you empty,
Bereft of the warmth.
Your eyes now,
A shroud of The Past.
Shriveled up,
Spheres that won't last.
A hollow image of what was.

And I, am in mourning.
794 · Sep 2014
Kill me slowly.
MalaiDaisies Sep 2014
In a void consumed in flames.
You are all I can breathe.
Why does it feel so close to the edge, loving him?
790 · May 2014
MalaiDaisies May 2014
A broken swing set.
Dust carpeting the fractured terrain.
Lost, in forgotten memories.
I dreamt a very strange dream yesterday. It consisted of a broken swing set. That is all I can remember and I woke up today feeling, an unbearable sadness.
757 · May 2017
Silent Phobias
MalaiDaisies May 2017
Our intrepid woman,
taking a gamble on love,
finally discovering the meaning of fear.
Coming back after a long time, miss this place a lot. :)
757 · Sep 2014
A pie in the sky
MalaiDaisies Sep 2014
I dream of a place,
Where he is mine.
Where the arms that envelop me in their security,
Are His.
                I dream of a place,
                Where the lips that devour me
                In their seek for passion and glory,
                Are his.
I dream of place,
Where the eyes that pierce all the walls that I have meticulously built,
Are the same shade of golden brown,
As his.
                And I dream of a place,
                Where his voice soothes the apertures in my head,
                Where his hand traces the tears that trickle down my cheek,
                Where the warmth in his body, diffuses the cold in My heart.
I dream and I dream,
But in the end,
That's just what they are,
754 · Mar 2014
Uncharted seas
MalaiDaisies Mar 2014
The skies a misty grey
The horizon an eternal dream.
One step closer am I,
To explore these uncharted seas.

Turbulent waters cast aside,
Rocky mountains bearing high.
With you by my side,
I will explore
These uncharted seas.
754 · Oct 2014
MalaiDaisies Oct 2014
You asked me then to wait for you.
I will.
690 · Feb 2014
MalaiDaisies Feb 2014
The afternoon settles
Slipping the evening as a gauntlet
But You still walk
The path of a broken heart.

The road ahead obscure
The waves turbulent
Cast your fears aside
i am here.

Unveil the blindfold
His love is That of a mask
But Your eyes still clouded
A stranger in disguise.

i am but a raindrop
In a sea of others
Yearning for Your radiance
To free me.

The night has disintegrated
To star dust
For far too long
Have You been somnolent.

As the yellow beast sinks
You a faint speck on the horizon
Time surges forward, The clock ticks on
But i will stand here
642 · Mar 2014
The Final Laugh
MalaiDaisies Mar 2014
The line is blurred
   There's fog and mist
Of all the hopes
   That could exist.
Focus shifts
   The eyes lie
Palms clammy
   The world about to die.
The strum of the sun
   I wear the fool's attire
Tricked by my hand,
   A jest, a satire.
The final laugh,
   The strew of cash,
I am hollow
   Nothing left but ash.
I don't know what I am doing anymore.
619 · Jun 2014
MalaiDaisies Jun 2014
The sun was shining,
The birds were chirping,
A bomb exploded.
Well THAT escalated quickly.
Nishad :)
609 · Sep 2014
Shades of You
MalaiDaisies Sep 2014
I see butterflies.
I see colours.
*And I see you.
They remind me of him. Vivid and exuberant. Taking my breath away; stealing all hope I have for sanity.
590 · May 2014
MalaiDaisies May 2014
Our lips touched,
And we burned.
    I was consumed by a passion so intense,
    So fervid, The stars scorched.
You are my only Salvation,
But Salvation is not what I seek.
Not from this glorious lust of insanity.
     *Not now,
       Not ever.
575 · May 2014
MalaiDaisies May 2014
They took her from me.
They wrenched her from my arms
As i Begged and i Pleased
For mercy, A sliver of Humanity?
They took her from me.
Where is the Sun?
I am but a world of emptiness,
Drowned in Seas of Grief.
They took her from me.
And i Tore at my Hair
And i Clutched my Chest
Succumbing to the Pangs of Despair.
Her very memory,
taunts me.
It teases me.
*They took her from Me.
444 · Apr 2014
MalaiDaisies Apr 2014
I walked away,
As She bled to death,
Excruciating pain, cries for help,
Simply waiting, for the End.
430 · Jan 2014
The Empty
MalaiDaisies Jan 2014
The sky an empty hue
Words with no voice
The giant wheel that spins
And i go on.

The walk with no end
Flowers wilt
The kingdoms that fall
And i go on.

The touch that should mean
Laughter dies
The mask that desecrates
But i still
Go On.
403 · Aug 2014
MalaiDaisies Aug 2014
When I cried that day,
It wasn't because of the recent spat I had with my parents,
Or the theatrics of my insolent sister.
               It wasn't because recently I have been hitting new lows,
               Or that I was,
When I cried that day,
It wasn't because of the slashed wrists,
                          Or the new found hole in my heart.
It wasn't because of the aching beauty of the world,
And the moonlight and unexplained mysteries.
                 I didn't cry because of the shooting star
                 That flashed across the sky,
And the brief light of hope that burned in me.
                                     I cried that day
                                     And it was for no other reason,
                                     *But for you to hold me.
When nothing seems right but him.
401 · Jun 2017
MalaiDaisies Jun 2017
Ilahi, as I breathe
your breath
upon my lips,
I am taken back
to the tumultuous
rise and fall
of your *******
as I rode upon
your dreams as
you called out my name,

Ilahi, as I breathe
your name
upon my breath,
free me from
my death like stupor,
encase me in
a wreath of
your forgiveness
as I beg you,

Ilahi, as I breathe
my last tonight,
it shall be your smell
arousing me
in my shroud
of nothingness
yet everything is you,
are all that I breathe.

Carry my breath with you, Ilahi.
Words at the foot of a temple.
391 · Mar 2014
MalaiDaisies Mar 2014
I like to wonder.
What, am I doing?
What is my purpose in life,
The reason for my existence?

I realise I know not which direction
I am moving in.
Or whether I'm moving at all.
And in that split second,
I don't even know
What makes me happy anymore.
366 · May 2014
Flutterings of the Heart
MalaiDaisies May 2014
There's something Beauty does to me.
It holds my heart and makes me cry.
366 · Aug 2014
MalaiDaisies Aug 2014
He sits there,
Silent and disconsolate.
His heart is a mess, His mind taken over by
The intoxicating smell
Of her.
              A putrid glance attracts his attention
              The blackness creeping by, Slowly.
Embracing, Hesitating. Silent footfalls.
No control anymore.
               Every move an impulse,
               Given birth by longing.
And grief?
She who was the moon, Is clouded now.
She who was the sun, Eclipsed.
                Without her light, he is
He is of her, Filled with thoughts of her,
Her smile, Her laugh Her hair,
The way she drew stars in a never ending sky
                                                                        Of a hopeless breath.
he lies down now, overpowered.
Immersing himself in water, he drowns.
                    *in Nothingness.
How do you help someone, who doesn't want to be helped?
320 · Mar 2014
The promised land
MalaiDaisies Mar 2014
Behind this curtain,
This curtain that partitions,
Is there somebody?
Someone for me.

This separation,
It engulfs me, tears me apart.
Walking the path,
Of a lonely heart.
Deserted. Just me.

This burden of mine,
This plague of loneliness
I can carry it myself.

In this city,
This city filled with unrequited love,
Broken promises and fluttering hope,
Is there someone that breathes my breath?

Someone who breathes with me?
Because life is not black and white. It's a constant struggle between hope and despair. And I wonder whether there is that 'someone' who will dispel that loneliness.
316 · Mar 2014
MalaiDaisies Mar 2014
From these ruins,
   I look down,
To the life that is yours.
   And i wonder whether You
Would like,
    *To play God
315 · Apr 2014
MalaiDaisies Apr 2014
It is when I look around that I realize,
How many people I don't like.
312 · Feb 2014
Winter Blues
MalaiDaisies Feb 2014
The air thins
   My breath pains
The walls leave little
   I am without.
Drowning in the sea
   Of hysteria
The earth cracks
   I fall.

— The End —