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Sep 2017 · 238
Magulong Kwarto Sep 2017
I loved you, even without your presence.

I loved you, even without you making efforts.

I loved you, even without labels.

I loved everything about you without knowing it all.

Yes, I loved you.

Sep 2017 · 448
Magulong Kwarto Sep 2017
I still think of
  How you built me up
  When I was feeling lonely
  In life's agony

I still hark back
  To the words that you uttered
  To the echo of your voice
  They're music to my tears

You took away the stings
  You covered all the scars
  All the hatred been replace
  By honesty and love

But the seasons went by
  And we also changed
  The feelings inside faded
  Deepest truths were revealed

No one ever imagined
  We could be a broken fiber
  But thank you for leaving
  Because today I choose to be me.
Aug 2017 · 324
I love you
Magulong Kwarto Aug 2017
I love your eyes
they look like the universe,
your soul
is rainbow of one color,
different shade of gray
but you got me feeling blue,
i love your eyes
i love you.
Nov 2016 · 836
Shot to the Heart
Magulong Kwarto Nov 2016
I'm weak when you're around
       Feels like falling to the ground
       Yesterdays are moments to forget
       Tomorrow, what could I get ?

I can't focus on anything,
       I want to but it's not working
       It's killing me little by little,
       It's like a song but what's the tittle?

My heart is in pain,
       It feels insane
       I want to go back in time,
       When I never knew your name.

— The End —