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Maddie Paige Jun 2017
Before my eyes I see girl in blue
As tears to recognize
Anger, frustration in glue
Now we jeopardize
She may have issues
It doesn't mean that she is insane
There were a hundred times I miss yous
Who´s to blame
Children despises her
She went to a hospital for having to cause herself to die
Knowing that it will never be the same ner
They now want her to talk or priy
Can't tell if it is the answer
She told me that she killed someone
Most of the people in the prisons have mental issues it is somewhat cancerous
Blinding fears  of a ton
Now she runs with anger and sadness
The police is trying to get her
She can't hide in fondness
Now we lur
Telling by her eyes she was abused
I couldn't tell by the news
Knowing that she was the accused
The mischief brews
We are all human
I know she was in love with her
The parents refused in truman
When she was with her the reality was blooming furs
Love is a powerful nature
She knows it's not nomenclature
Believing in no matter what they will still love you
I noticed that she hung out with boys  when she was two
The winds that blew had whispered a secret in her ear
She knew that marriage to a woman is what she wanted
She cries that the wind was harsher than said
When the girl was in her room
I see that it will be too late
She boomed
Maybe it was fate
She tells her I'll be there soon
As she waits for me to glee
Talking to others  don´t see
Now the story is in toon
Many people argue about same *** marriage
She tells me that she was the one
I fidget on my chair see a carriage
What tone
Mirror image that reflects it twisted in red
She sees the pain that I feel
The plans are in thread
I feel a shock from an eel
Why so homophobic
I mean love is love
people bullying is critic
She sends her letters marked with a dove
In the day you were killed
Now that days have changed we erase the bad ones
She was willed
Now she is talking up on her phone
Her parents still beat her in rage
Somehow the girl is in my frame.
She was in a cage
She was not the one to blame
We are all human
The kind of reason that was changed
She tells me about the crewmen
Now her life is rearranged
No need to make it worse
Blood won't **** her first
Bang, Boom,Bro I see a hearse
She is blessed with a curse
She is her flower
The passion in counting
It wasn't funny sounding
Maddie Paige Oct 2016
see the only problem with her is that she's not you

not you when she smiles
not you when she wakes
not you when she cries
and not you when she breaks

I don't want to hurt her but..
she's just not you..

I mean she's a beautiful girl who's into me but i'm just too busy on looking back....
and the way she looks into my eyes.. i'm pretty sure anyone would **** for that...
just not me..
because it's not you
i love her but i love you more...
ugh im so confused
Maddie Paige Sep 2016
My history of love kinda *****...
i've been abused
accused of things I didn't do
left in a mess
and broken that led me into loneliness

I've tried giving second chances for them to change
but I guess the thought of changing their ways, hurt their brains

Although once I became blind
they said they've changed and I believed
well stupid ******* me...
I should've known they'd leave me again all alone

I guess I should have listened when I was told..
I was told love can ruin your life....that love is a dangerous thing... and to be careful
well at the time I loved the sound of dangerous and I thought I was a daredevil
but now that i've become broken...
I hate it and i'm scared to fall in love again

Love is like the trust fall...
You fall in love with someone and you trust them
As you're falling you think they're going to catch you
but in reality they've turned around and ran and left you
but instead of falling and maybe laughing
You fall and shatter into tiny pieces that you can't put back....
Maddie Paige Sep 2016
Remember when you wrote that poem for me?
titled " My poem for her "
It says...
" From the beginning of time,
I was destined to fashion these lines into this cute little rhyme.
So my feelings for you can shine
No longer can I act like a mime
I am for you, like red is for wine."

and after all these months i've realized that red isn't the only color for wine... and that's what tears me up on the inside...
yeah, I tried making you jealous by getting with someone... it worked on you when I was with Jazmine but it didn't work when I told you I was dating Madison..
Instead of you being jealous, I got jealous
because you said you were talking with someone and it got me upset... i'm sorry... I just can't stand it..
and I can't help the fact i'm still deeply in love with you even though you don't want me to
I just want you back... really, really bad
Maddie Paige Sep 2016
I'm such a ******* ****** you say?
hahaha no.. i'm insane
Yeah i'll admit I got ****** up thoughts in my brain
Like for example my last writing I wrote 15 minutes ago
yeah, that's ****** up but I was sitting here doing it while writing about doing it...
I don't word things correctly, but who cares?
I sure as hell don't unless i'm giving a speech
If I don't word things correctly then, i'd freak
oh yeah did I mention I'm an idiot too?
My ex-girlfriend called me that and I agreed to that and also me being a fool
wait those are the same things, right?
Hahaha i'm out of my ******* mind
Maddie Paige Sep 2016
It's either cut and bleed and die quicker or use a sharp pencil and cut a little deeper, bleed a little and get led poisoning and slowly die...

I think I'll do the second one, It'll build in my body and make me sicker and sicker till I die...
yeah, second one.
  Sep 2016 Maddie Paige
I have a crush
What a rush
I can't push or feel
I just flow and kneel
Just surrender
To this ineffable splendor

Pause and breathe
cause I just have to release
That's the only way
I'll feel ease
It's my heart I want to please

Our eyes
pause on each other
Our mouths
are slightly gaping
I understand so much
in that moment
and know so little

All I can feel is
this rush,
I know this much:
I have a crush.
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