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Sep 2016
I'm such a ******* ****** you say?
hahaha no.. i'm insane
Yeah i'll admit I got ****** up thoughts in my brain
Like for example my last writing I wrote 15 minutes ago
yeah, that's ****** up but I was sitting here doing it while writing about doing it...
I don't word things correctly, but who cares?
I sure as hell don't unless i'm giving a speech
If I don't word things correctly then, i'd freak
oh yeah did I mention I'm an idiot too?
My ex-girlfriend called me that and I agreed to that and also me being a fool
wait those are the same things, right?
Hahaha i'm out of my ******* mind
Maddie Paige
Written by
Maddie Paige
     J Robert Fallon III
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