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Maddie Mar 2013
Something so serene about standing on the pier
While a beggin' street performer sang stairway to heaven.
Although not my favorite Zeppelin.
It was magic.
The wind carried the melodic tune.
That was it.
Everything and nothing.
One moment out of a million.

I hated the wind,
And the cold but,
In that moment I could see us there,
Growing old.

Your smile gave me warmth.
The closeness set me on fire.
In that instant,
I've never been higher.
No pipe, pill, or drink
Could make me feel,
Or make me think.
And I have to say.
It was one of my best days.
Maddie Mar 2013
When your affections were mine,
I drank it in like expensive wine.

I savored it.
Every moment.
With selfish intent.

You're hers now.
It doesn't matter.
You still have eyes for me.
But how...

How can you look into me.
Kiss my lips with ease.
**** in the air I breathe.
And tell me you love me,
But that we can't be.

After the deed was done.
You ran right back to her.
I want what we had,
But now,
Its gone.
Maddie Feb 2013
A boy.
A boy,
Who's love I need to feel.
I'm not his girl
He's the love I long to steal.
His voice is the sweetest,
My ears have ever heard.
For him,
I'd do anything,
Say anything
I'd give him the world.

Even with my best intent
I let him slip,
Melting to sloppy wet drips
And flowing straight,
Through my fingertips.
Even when I tried to grab hold,
I grabbed, I jabbed, and pricked,
Still away he had surely slipped.

Oceans apart
However, close we are.
There's still a spark,
It magnifies every emotion
Heightens every notion
And through all the dark,
There is still a shrill
A deep, deep, shrill,
The life-giving *****,
Beats out of turn,
Even still.

I look into those deep dark vessels,
The Windows to your soul.
They search my flesh
They cry out,
Our future clear as sunniest of skies.
Though it's not a happy ending,
What a surprise.

Reality the way it always does
Creeps close.
It's wrong we know very well
in the heat of the moment, passion swells
We're both thinking stop,
But onward we march
Into this terribly beautiful yet tragic arch,
Of love and lust that cuts so deep.
Our brains know better, but our hearts,
They are weak.

Then it hits.
In that instant a vivid dream
Comes to me lucid and not quite serene.
Your lips dancing in time
With mine closely behind


You look at me and remember her.
I'm sorry I say "I loved you first"
"Love me" I scream
Without a sound.
The words pouring out silently
My wide and weary eyes
Say it all as they cry.
Kiss me again
To send me away so abruptly.
Would surely begin,
**My end.
Maddie Feb 2013
Ill meet
When I'm dead.

I'll greet
Lying warm in bed.

My thoughts thick as led.

Wild notions in my head.

Problems my brain has bred.
Maddie Feb 2013
So young.
So eager to love.
So eager to be.
So eager to jump off and fly,
like a dove.

Don't go so fast.
No, stay right there.
Don't give your heart to someone
Who won't care.

The make-up you wear.
The way you fix your hair.
I still see the little girl in there.

Your eyes are alive.
They scream and fight.
But in the silence,
They're calm and bright.
Maddie Feb 2013
The almighty.
You have proven,
Love isn't flighty.

Sweet goddess,
your beauty isn't fleeting.
Even when,
You are *weeping

What a gift,
Your enchanting nature
You indeed,
Are lust's creator.

When you sleep,
Do you dream?
Do you wish away your beauty?
That is so supreme?

Do you ever wonder,
What its like,
Being goddess
Of dark or light?

Your curse is true.
Yet, no one knows of
Or remembers,
The pain that comes,
With love.

I see
Why you might
Wish to be
Goddess of air
Or of the trees.
Maddie Feb 2013
When I listen
My eyes glisten
My ears perk
My body jerks.
You make me smile
You make me sad
You make me dance
You make me mad.
Whenever I'm down
I plug you in
I'm found.
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