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Columbusphere Sep 29
Sometimes when sorrow sinks in
I worry a wailing might screech from my chest
And every person for miles might here it.
Or feel it shake the air, like hot flame
Ripples carrying my saddest indulgence
As the beast that weighs me down, croons.
So that people quaking, step out of the way
And we have room to sing the lonely wail, some more.
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Columbusphere Sep 22
As it turns out meditating is hard,
It turns out it’s hard to turn off the thinking
Reminiscing and ordering and feeling,
Trailing back to the breathing,
I itch and tingle, but I must keep breathing
It turns out it isn’t easy,
Isn’t easy to distract and control
Urges that need to be controlled
Thoughts that rumble ‘bout your skull,
Making you full, actually, over flowing
It isn’t easy, so keep breathing
Prominent than others
You know what you are but do you know why?
Keep breathing
Sound that knocks twice
I said keep breathing
Colour blooming under your eyes
Back to your breathing
Why do we do it
Keep breathing
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Columbusphere Sep 12
Every newspapers printing blocks
Bang out headlines; of out cries,
For. A. Thief.
He’***** five apartments
In under five weeks.

Wet newsprint and posters
Weighed damp to the ground,
Have been marked by the sole
Of this shadow walking man.

Cat burglar! He’s branded,
By the chimneys he’s a slave,
To the dark smeared night
And the jewels he craves,
Wake him up.

Astonished are the wealthy
Who are used to sleeping deep
Now find their efforts pimped
By the nocturnal thief.

Battling with the sunrise
He streaks atop the houses, holding fast
His takings,
Some are spilling out his trousers,
Gathering in the gutters.

Turning out of an alley
Into the opened street square,
Walking with the early workers
Discreet within their army.

Hunched over desk, peering intently
Through lenses, enlarging
Details magnificent!
Rocking back in his chair
Smiling. Ruffling fingers through his hair.
Might find myself altering this one to flow even smoother! Wanted it to feel like film noir.

© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
He sat slumped, in the corner of the sofa
Sinking slowly through the springs,
Clasping a bottle of Stella in one hand
And supple waist in the other.
The bottle was slipping
He steadied it, by simply placing it down.
Shuffling through positions of whim,
Sliding his hands over skin and shoulders rolling,
Weighing their movements from one place to another.
Slow, staggered breath meeting at the lips,
Lost they became, in all sense of each other
So sure of nothing.
They have this swallowed time.
Shortly it is sunk into the sofa completely.
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
As the shadows tick across the park
Sun stretching out with might
Reaching for an hour
It didn't have to fight

Many lounge about the grass
Let the sun sink their skin through
And crawl like hands, from quarter past
Into the warmth of quarter to

Imprisoned in the shine
These willing people stay
Moved slowly by a sun tide, until,
Dowsed by cloud, chill and grey.
I liked the idea of the people following the warmth of the sun as shade creeps around, like the hands of a clock. And days when the only notice you pay to the time, is through the sun fading into evening.

© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
You're beautiful, he said.
You're so beautiful, but why are you shaking your head?
And I too, breathing deeply, thought how
That you only, wanted me now,
We were drunk and lonely
And for me it was the moment only.
I didn't want what you couldn't mean
I wanted skin to be touched, not my self to be seen.
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Gargoyle faces, I'd like to be one
In some people I know, I frequently see them.
Gleeful and wicked breaks the skin on their face,
A brief encounter with the gargoyle
Makes adopting a grimace loudly appealing
The only down side, is being wedged to the ceiling
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
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