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lost cause Jan 2017
you are not mine,
but sometimes
i pretend that
you wish you were

i created this dream
that you secretly
wanted me

but i often forget
its just something
i've made up
lost cause Jan 2017
i look to the sky as if it has all my answers
the sunrise, the sunset, the stars
but what if it lays further then the eye
what if its what you feel when you look into the sky.
  Oct 2016 lost cause
Lost love
1000 nights of you
500 days without you
It only took one day to fall in love with you.
Im glad I share it with you.
I love you.
lost cause Mar 2016
to my beautiful mess -
you were my rock when I was weak, you were my anchor when I was crazy, you were my calm when I was wild.. but I never got to show you because my pride stood in my way. I look for you still, and hope one day to find you.. but until that day comes.. I wish you the best.. I love you
lost cause Mar 2016
today I sat in an empty parking lot listening to everyone of your favorite songs.. guess I'm not over you
lost cause Feb 2016
put me in your world so I can forget about mine
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