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Sep 2010 · 1.7k
A wandering gypsy love
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
A wandering, a wandering.
A gypsy feet lead her north and south,
east and west.
Wander as you will and love as thou shall..
For the swirl of her skirt, and a shake of a bangle.
She'll become just a dream to hold close for the night.
A gypsy heart might be consider fickle
but she loves with all she has.
For to have it but a moment is all the time in the world.
Aide-o a love for a moment, is worth a lifetime of gold.
To hold her a moment, is something a feat.
For you never know where her roaming feet may go.

A roaming wandering heart that no walls can hold,
a restless spirit for all to behold.
Wild comes a calling and she'll put her foot out the door
calling softly "My true love,my one love I come"
Sep 2010 · 529
Dying love
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Hidden in my soul,
lies a passion untold.
Buried deep for one
to unfold.
Yet hidden tight within a shell
it remains.
Trapped by the secular world,
to be deadened by his touch.
Longing for one,
yet chaining her mortal soul
to that which weighs it down
clipping wings no longer there
and causing blood to flow,
in sweet rivulets down the spine.
Now condemned to live her life
with the tolling of mockery
a soft smile and
simple sound is all that
needs to fool that careful eye.
As mind drifts to deeper things
and hope of love eternally...
Sep 2010 · 560
Not that long
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
O my fallen love
Slain by the assassin's arrow.
As I watched from afar,
Captured within my own war
against his deadly aim.
Knowing the arrow has hit true
within your still warmed chest.
Injured apparent upon your form,
humbles a warrior's soul.
Holding your cold body
within trembling arms,
bathing you with my own life's blood.
Hurt to know I'll never have
your warmth at my side,
or your sweet kisses upon my cheek.
I mourn your passing deeply
for the lost of body and half of a soul.
Though do not fret my love,
the Goddess' path we'll walk together soon
I feel myself grow weaker yet.
His aim truer than I thought,
Still there is penance that must be paid
for the sin of taking life.
Wait patiently...
I'll be in your arms soon again my love.
Sep 2010 · 490
Special house
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Those rocks that are thrown,
at my special house
you know that one?
Made out of transparent glass?
I see the tiny crack begin
to grow and grow.
Till bits and pieces do fall out
and memories begin to flow
into the world that is call home.
I warned you once
I told you twice
by the silence and solitude.
yet those stones you've cast,
have split the glass and
thus has set the inferno free,
and the devil torture me.
That simple seduction
and the beauty of your stone house
blown to the sky
to rain upon your crown.
Sep 2010 · 443
For the One
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Lost within your arms,
feeling the strength of security
wrapped tightly around my form.
Simple joy of feeling
lips brushed gently across my cheek.
Seeking nothing more
than my peace of mind.
Stirring passions
where words have failed
lips turned towards yours
in silent plead of need.
To catch a glimpse
of the stars
in your eyes this eve
Soaring at your touch
as I fly towards the sky
within your arms of hope.
Soaring as
I've only dreamed of
to find a gentle peace
to soothe a tatter soul
As I lie
in your arm tonight...
Sep 2010 · 5.4k
The simplest of seduction
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
A brush of lips,
a trace of fingers
against warm flesh,
The warmth of your eyes
The simplest of seduction.
A heated sigh against
a cheek of another,
the whisper of
'I love you'
and I'm yours
The simplest seductions.
A simple embrace
and the strength of
our ever long chats
The sight of your smile
sends a heart racing
The simplest of seduction.
The feel of your lips
upon the flesh,
a quick hug to
show that you care.
The simplest of seduction,
and forever I'm yours.
Sep 2010 · 472
Midnight tears
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
My soul cried out tonight
Trying to break through confines
placed by an iron will.
To tell of the wounds it holds
that will never heal
laid open by the knife at my back.
Of scars that have been laid
at an innocence's price.
The scabs that speak of tiny wounds,
that maybe forgiven but not forgotten.

My heart bleeds freely from
that one wound gained by stupidity,
the price of a newborn's chance.
Many a scars find there way,
all over a heart that has no cause.
Smaller wounds to bleed eternally,
from those who never listened.
The one scab attempting
to heal properly for
the one who did listen.

My body broken by life,
because no one would catch me,
when I fell from on high.
Scars earned by trials that
have come before me.
Some the price of extremes,
when no one heard my soul
shatter the first time.
Scabs from the times I was
left unprotected in the world again.

The tears that have been shed in a lifetime,
that was sworn never to start.
Some for those who've gone,
Some for those still alive but broken.
Others for those who walked away,
heading towards a life without me.
Many for the harden soul that refuses
to go to pieces after twenty years of building.
Very few in joy for those who've found
something worth life and soul.

The pints of blood given freely
in this lifetime and the next.
Given for those who could not
raise a hand to defend themselves.
Taken for those who vengeance
called the debt in,
the price of redemption between us.
Lost because of unseen trickery,
and the refusal to raise
one's hand ever again.

The life that seems so unreal,
and so lonely at times.
Gladly given to those few
who would ask the price of me.
Unwanted because of what the pain
has shaped the form into.
Yet for the scared soul I hold,
For the broken heart I hold,
For the tears and blood shed,
I live on because... need me still.
Sep 2010 · 3.3k
What a terrible thing
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Blind sighted was I as I traveled the darken roads,
walking within the confines of my mind.
Learning of the darker paths again,
trying to explore the things left unsaid.
Occasionally trailing off the path,
patching the wounds that still bled.

Such a fool to let your guard down,
Such a fool to leave the paths unguarded.
Such a fool to believe again
Such a fool to suffer in torment.

Only to learn of a new wound there,
close to the one left by authority figures.
Stepping closer to examine it and
wondering if it could honestly be true.
Poking at it to try and learn more,
finding it a wound that travels deep.

Such a fool to let your guard down,
Such a fool to leave the paths unguarded.
Such a fool to believe again
Such a fool to suffer in torment.

Morbid curiosity encouraging me further,
extending hand to learn of the depth it holds.
Finding it to be larger than my fist,
what a deep wound this doth be.

Such a fool to let your guard down,
Such a fool to leave the paths unguarded.
Such a fool to believe again
Such a fool to suffer in torment.

Pus and gross things spilling along side
of the blood that seeps out.
Deadly infection having set in,
where I thought healing had started.
Silly thing I have been when I thought it scabbed over,
and healing as it should've been..

Such a fool to bare this burden.
Such a fool to think it was gone.
Such a fool to believe in trust.
Such a fool deserves to suffer.
Sep 2010 · 553
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
He couldn't help but smile as
he watched the miracle of his,
come towards him in such gentle style.
Body holding the grace of a bard's tune,
with a smile that always melts his heart.

The Harper's tune is so sweet along side
the Heaven's Choir singing.
She does try so hard to hide,
yet he finds her wings.

Though some would call her flawed,
and others judge her not their time.
This woman is everything to him,
and a beauty none could find anywhere.
His love and life,
there an angel inside
if others would only take the time.
Loving the simple halo,
above that small horn.

He loves her simple touch,
and the special things she'll do.
From the smile "How are you?" to
having a hug ready when needed.
The support when he's down,
and the tenderness when he's hurt
Ah his special love of life.

Yet she has to learn that
that he cares for who she is,
whats deep inside besides
whats on the outside.
His golden beauty,
and his ever lasing soul mate.
Seeing her wings,
spread to the sky in glory.
Sep 2010 · 414
After all
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Sometimes in this fast pace world,
we lose sight of what should be important.
To often our work seems to catch up,
and we just don't have time for things.
Often times when something may dare to
interrupt our busy schedules we become angry,
wondering how dare they even think
to ruin our carefully laid plans.
Or even those things that we don't
quiet understand about are judged.
After all things are suppose to go one way,
and the only ways that it can go
is how we perceive it as.

Doesn't matter that we don't bother to stop
and think about what we see,
what it is that we might be doing.
To often we just act upon it and
believe ourselves to be within our rights.
After all whats the point of differences,
society should be straighten out
because we all know if its left to those,
of unique differences and such
well it will be a different type of hell.

Yet who really gives a care about that right,
life is just fine and there aren't problems.
Society is as it should be and
difference is dealt with as the judgment goes.
Is it just me or are we trying to hard
to make everything seem like its alright?
Oops don't make a ripple...
Sep 2010 · 347
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
You seem to watch the world from the box
you've placed around yourself to protect,
everything that seems so important in life.
That seat by the picture window seems
to have gained a well worn groove,
from the times you've watched the rain.
To all the times you watch people pass you
with much more important things to do,
things that will never be able to include you.
Feeling the emptiness as you let go,
of those who say they love you but inside
your heart is just to black to commit.
Watching the rain now as it falls
from the skies above and wonder at it's beauty.
Realizing that the those dreams you want,
are nothing but a fool's errant quest.
Soul scared forever and a day,
Soul wound from this time to eternity,
Soul lost,
its just better this way.
Sep 2010 · 771
When you earn your wings
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Often time we feel so alone in this world of ours,
that there isn't a chance that someone could
even begin to understand what you happen to feel.
Loosing sight of what we once thought was a dream,
sacrificing hope just to be able to smile for a time.
Scoffing at those who've gone before us,
when they offer sage advice that we refused to listen
to until we gain a slap upside the head
and put in our place so that we listen until
the giver of advice is satisfied that the message
had been driven home in the darken hour.
Offering insight that really if you pay close to,
will bring a whole new perception.
It lifts you up to reach for those stars you'd
been aiming for that had seem out of range.
Even when it doesn't hit at first,
one day you'll realize that
you've finally earned your wings.
A gift I made to a friend.
Sep 2010 · 431
Home of a Soul
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Everyone has there own special place to travel,
when the days are long and the nights hallow.
A place considered our sanctuary and
a place that is safe beyond all others known.
It sings to the heart and soul,
in ways that many could never comprehend,
a song of healing and
a land to call our own.
For myself its a remote part of land that eyes
often don't bother to see.
A realm of mystery and hope with a song all it's own,
a place where the nymphs play and sing all day
luring me from the lands that I have tried to stay.
Yet often over the years have I return
to that small little grove of trees
to watch the nymphs dance upon the petals and
to listen to the tune of my soul.
Glorious is the music that comes to help heal
what may have been done in my time gone,
Wonderful is the beauty that always unfolds
when I stop to let these eyes pause to watch.
Marvelous is the feeling of the solid earth
between naked toes that have longed for the touch.
Deep within the forest where
the sounds of the forest are told.
Was inspired by a talented lady,the link below goes to the picture that it was inspired from.
Sep 2010 · 1.0k
Self Doubt
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
When a question is asked people expect a response in return,
from having a simple answer to something that makes a head spin.
So why do people just laugh when I question them,
"Did you miss me?"
Any other time I'll get a snappy reply from you,
or some flippant remark that wasn't thought about.
So I have to question you because I can't read your mind,
I need to know the truth and push the limits for a time with
a simple "why?"

Would you miss me if I just up and left without any warning?
Would you even care if I just slipped away?
Would you even notice that I stopped talking,
for but one single day?

Don't you know better than to make the house rock and
leave me wondering that ugly age old question why.
I know you know better than you let on after all,
I did warn you when I got to know you better
I'm not always the most stable person around
specially when I'm within that dangerous question stage.
So why do I get laughter when I am within my self-doubt?
It causes the demons in my head to stir and
rear their ugly heads once more to make me wonder yet again.

Would you miss me if I just up and left without any warning?
Would you even care if I just slipped away?
Would you pay attention to the healing wounds within my mind,
forever there to torment me?

People seem to think how amusing that I would want to know this,
yet I get blamed for not knowing what the hell you seem to think
is so ******* wonderful about myself.
For but a moment I let you in beyond the shell of a thing,
that I've been told is called a body.
Allowing for you to see my insecurities and I can't get
just one lousy explanation to soothe the demons for a time?

Would you miss me if I just up and left without any warning?
Would you even care if I just slipped away?
Would you pay attention to the healing wounds upon my arm,
healing into lifetime scars?

I know that it gets annoying each time I might ask you why,
or even ask you to explain upon something that you let slip by.
Is it so hard to stop your busy life for just a single moment,
just to tell me what you think my worth is to thee?
I try to cry out when I feel so along and lost in this lifetime,
but I've just learned to muffle them,
after all you'll just get annoyed and walk away like every time.
So I'll just slip back into my veggie state of being there,
I'll offer words when you need them and hope that my heart
won't show itself upon the ground.

I know you'll never miss me if I left without a word,
your annoyed and I promise I understand.
Don't feel bad about not having answered those questions,
they weren't important I promise.
When you find this note don't mind the bloodstains upon the edge,
I couldn't wait a lifetime...
Bad time in life, not that bad but I do believe its one of my much better pieces.
Sep 2010 · 479
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Breathe deeply from the nose of the scents from the night,
so that the life all around can be tasted in the throat
against the tongue like some aged wine used to quench a thirst.
Body alive beneath the moon's full glow,
as senses sharpen upon the choices that lay
before the beauty who's body trembles to start.
The soft  pleading voice not her own rises from her feet,
the continuous plead crying so full of yearning need.
Warmed whiskey tone bade them to rise and gain the need,
helpless fool heads into arms that promise forever
though turning shy at the soft flesh that matches her own.
Yet the woman melt into each other arms with a  kiss
that promised so many things if they would yield.
Whiskey's kiss deepens yet against the gentle warmth
promising a consumption of flesh down to the bones,
in heated flames that promised desires of all types.
Needful body tensed as the other drew away,
whimpering swallowed up in the hidden shadows of the path.
Her eyes opening in time to see the flash of white
descend down upon suckling flesh of her own neck,
whiskey's arms bringing her closer yet as mouth works vigorously.
Lustful sounds of passion spill into night's silent air,
Needful body tensing tighter and quicker still as
the supplier worked over the vein before the body beneath go still,
That final cry of "I am yours" spill forth in confession of how far gone.
Whiskey's satisfied sigh stretches out like a lover's plead,
the other falls backward towards the ground as arms were released,
with whiskey's husky promise "Now and forever till death doth us part."
Cold distant eyes watching the form of Needful laying upon the ground,
fire returning slowly in them as hand wipes across her mouth.
The innocent lead forth to knock upon a door unknown to her,
drawn like a sheep to the pasture without knowing why.
Only to find death's grin beyond the threshold
with crimson life upon her pale amber lips
Sep 2010 · 498
Sweet Toxin
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Beautiful oblivion of the mind that hides the truth your mouth spews,
I don't want to hear the **** you say because of how you gained it.
Your just going to believe whatever the hell you want to because
after all if I say go ahead and do it that must mean there truth.
Poison of the soul are stirred fully to a boil through the blood stream
like the bite of a rattler that's almost to the critical position,
quick now,
drain the poison from your veins.

Oh but that poison is such a head rush of pure bliss like some drug
that you can become addicted to so easily mmm sweet venom for the soul.
Open your mouth and swallow it all let it run down your throat,
like the blood dripping from your veins.
You can't be free of this toxin of no,
it will come back every chance it can and offer you immortality.
**** the world with its hurt and pains why can't I be drained
down to the soul to nevermore face the toxins of your words.
quick now,
cut the emotions from your soul.

Can't get angry because of the toxin that slows the reflexes
draining the pleasure of feeling your blood heated enough to burn,
offering the ashes to the wind after words like some old ritual.
Yet this sweet toxin can't be freed of the blood so easily,
I've been drained to the soul and I can't bleed anymore.
Is that an angel upon the horizon oh crap no,
its the devil come to take me home once again.
quick now,
I'm heading to the light of hope.
Kinda dark,but fitting.
Sep 2010 · 502
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Hard concentration upon the naked flesh,
a yearning flaring at the core that
demanded sweet release from it's pours.
The cold caress of deaden materials traced upon it
like the uncertain touch of a tender lover.
Stirring a deeper ache yet from the core of hearts,
answering pain of solid cold releasing
shivers of bliss along trembling form.
Flow of life across the tanned flesh soothing and
draining crimson streams along the arm.
Angered freed to form patterns down the skin,
body spazzing as the emotions flow freely from the soul,
unwound into divinity and beyond.
Bright light flashing behind lidded eyes and
a heated whisper singing for all eternity...
Sep 2010 · 758
Stupid youth
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Lets take a seat now because we're going to start rocking the boat,
and you might not want to be on your feet.
Lord knows I knock people off them enough when I start taking swipes.
Someone has to shake society from the roots they've set,
and well why not a ****** white girl that thinks they've all got
sticks so far up there back if they were remove why they'd be croooked!

What in the name of something is with all these young folks
behind my generation that doesn't know what they've got?
Like they've been there,
Done that and done them?
I mean come on idiots who ***** like they're sixty years old,
your stilll in highschool thinking it so hard for you?!
You haven't open your eyes to the world yet and
you already want to say you hate it.
Lord I would love to go back to school again,
put the time I should've into school and
have a slightly easier life because my folks cared.

Don't you know that once you leave the nest
its going to be hard to have to return once again?
You have the ideal life already for yourself,
only having to worry about education and food..
When you get into this world let me tell you,
its not going to take it lightly just because your some rich *******'s get.
The world will eat you alive if you don't wake up soon my child,
so put up your knives and stop having your blood go to waist.
Mommy and Daddy are taking care of you
so ride the train for a little while longer as you can..
Sep 2010 · 436
You break me good
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Little tremors floating through the skin,
heart skipping a beat to see if breathe will come.
After all living is like breathing so they say,
but what happens when the will stops?

Quiet snap of a heart strings as they break from the heart,
those words used so unintentionally act.
Like the knife to slice through the veins,
didn't really need that did you?

Mind retreat behind the walls again after all,
its a fragile place to tred upon there paths.
Why would you want to think about it,
when all it does is make you cry.

Tears shed in heart shattering pain,
torn from the flesh because of what was said.
What can't accept that which the world is said wrong,
but its ok for females to be like you say it in a way that cuts......
Sep 2010 · 1.0k
Walk away
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
How would I ever know that I needed to make sure
that I told you of what I thought so soon?
How can I tell you that it feels like an amputee
an occasional tingle like its still attached to me?
When I never knew I would have to give you up.

Never knew I would have to say goodbye,
never got the chance to finish saying hello.
Watching your back turned towards me
heading towards something that doesn't seem
to include me anymore.
Feeling the earth rattle beneath my feet
shaking me down to the core of my soul.
Who would've known it would cost me you?
Who would've known you'd choose her over me?
Who would've known that's what your friendships mean?

I love you forever and a day,
after all friendship,love and hate are all so knife-sharp.
Hate you forever and a day
because I have to cut another part away,
betray does taste so like rot.

Go the hell away
I can't stand the hypocrisy that you've become.
wait where are you going?
Doesn't anything I've said means something to you?
***** it loose a friend and loose a lover
third strikes my limit for this lifetime.
God have mercy on your soul...
Sep 2010 · 315
I love you
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
You spoil me so much at times,
I can't believe the things that I have managed
to find in my relationship with you.
Each day I find myself thinking about how much I love you,
and what you mean to me.
There are times when I get asked what I want
from this relationship from others.
I get to thinking about how some girls ask there boyfriends
for the stars and the moon,
Yet I think about when your around,
and I see the stars in your eyes
why would I want more when yours are enough?
Then others ask for mountains to be moved in their names,
what hogwash is that?
When it comes down to it,
at the end of a long tiring day.
All I really ask dear one is,
that you come home safely to my arms.
I still need to tell you that I love you
at the end of the day,
because then I get to hear you say it.
Sep 2010 · 585
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Resounding clash  of blades ring through the trees,
disturbing the  night life from their perch.  
Noisy declarations spread out through the night,
even the sound of blades meeting once again.
A figure of shadow faces a creature of fire,
each  circling the other in the well marked grounds.
Silver lines mark the cuts upon the black,
while the other a vivid blue for his blood.
Continuous circles made round and around
each other both trying to win what that small circle represented.  
A last desperate ****** of blades together,
one is victorious consuming the fire being.
A fortnight of eternal darkness and cold,
as the shadow uses the fire for his fuel.
A soul left for no redemption,
and feelings gone to the shadows till
when again they'll duel.
Sep 2010 · 628
Softly,Softly now..
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Softly softly now as you walk,
listen carefully for the sounds to come.
Keep your eyes opened wide
so no surprises will be done.

Softly softly now as you talk,
bite your tongue when it wiggles.
Mind your lips as they open
so no anger shall be caused.

Softly softly now as you breathe,
keep it simple to exhale.
Mind your breathing as it comes
so no infections shall be done.

Softly softly now as you sleep,
mind your dreams so not to wake.
Keep it simple if you can
so no danger shall be known.

Softly softly now as you love,
for its a deep thing to easily given.
Mind your heart as it given,
so no scars will be done again.

Softly softly now as you hope,
its such a simple thing to do.
Mind your limits as you stretch,
so no one falls again.
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Silver loops pieced together carefully link by link,
each link seeming stronger than the last.
Poison dripped steadily upon the weakest link,
and no one heard the final snap that tore it all anew.

Broken chains and silver blades,
done in such moments of hate.
Broken chains and silver blades,
used to destroy so simply.
Broken chains and silver blades,
to bleed the poison until you scream.

Silver blade honed so well its a warrior's blade,
keen edge so sharp it'd slice upon first simple touch.  
Dancing done so carefully that naked feet don't slip,
and no one heard the silent scream from a broken soul.

Broken chains and silver blades,
done in the name of *******.
Broken chains and silver blades,
broken so completely there no dust.
Broken chains and silver blades,
used for own personal gain to freely blame.

Broken things for a broken soul that no more,
everything done in the name of trying to help.
The lies,deception,and pain are all imagined.

After all when there power to walk away,
there should be blood upon the walls...

— The End —