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Sep 2010
O my fallen love
Slain by the assassin's arrow.
As I watched from afar,
Captured within my own war
against his deadly aim.
Knowing the arrow has hit true
within your still warmed chest.
Injured apparent upon your form,
humbles a warrior's soul.
Holding your cold body
within trembling arms,
bathing you with my own life's blood.
Hurt to know I'll never have
your warmth at my side,
or your sweet kisses upon my cheek.
I mourn your passing deeply
for the lost of body and half of a soul.
Though do not fret my love,
the Goddess' path we'll walk together soon
I feel myself grow weaker yet.
His aim truer than I thought,
Still there is penance that must be paid
for the sin of taking life.
Wait patiently...
I'll be in your arms soon again my love.
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