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Sep 2010
A wandering, a wandering.
A gypsy feet lead her north and south,
east and west.
Wander as you will and love as thou shall..
For the swirl of her skirt, and a shake of a bangle.
She'll become just a dream to hold close for the night.
A gypsy heart might be consider fickle
but she loves with all she has.
For to have it but a moment is all the time in the world.
Aide-o a love for a moment, is worth a lifetime of gold.
To hold her a moment, is something a feat.
For you never know where her roaming feet may go.

A roaming wandering heart that no walls can hold,
a restless spirit for all to behold.
Wild comes a calling and she'll put her foot out the door
calling softly "My true love,my one love I come"
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