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Leyla Jude Aug 2017
There's a hole in my heart
It makes breathing so hard

You were so young it's so unfair
All I'm feeling is despair

You left me with no warnings
To deal alone with my mourning

You were my father, my hero
You helped me with my sorrows

Tell me who will teach me now
All about life, just tell me how

How can I go on with my life
When in my chest there's a knife

You were my everything
Now I'm just nothing
Leyla Jude Aug 2015
I've always been the good pal
not the one you take to the bal
I'll never be girly and cheesy
people'll maybe say I'm freaky
I'd rather wear snickers and jeans
than wait for the charming prince
I'm the one who likes junk food
not the girl this guy finds cute
I thought I was fine with that
but now I'm feeling kinda sad
I know I'm more like a dude
I hope that's just the prelude
Leyla Jude Aug 2015
Life is just unfair
I've always known that
First you lost your hair
Then you left too fast

You were **** strong
But still it wasn't enough
Anyway it couldn't last long
I know we never survive that stuff

I'll forever think you were too young
To leave us here with a fragile memory
You'll never see my sister have a son
Or assist to her wedding ceremony

I won't share anything more with you
Because of that stupid cancer
Grandma you know I love you
Yet I should have told you before
Leyla Jude Aug 2015
How did it feel ?
It hurt...

It hurt so much my heart broke
And my chest implodeĀ 
It hurt so bad it made me sick
Now I just want to sleep

It hurt like it never had
I know my words sound sad
It hurt because it was real
And at first that wasn't the deal

It hurt just to think of it
Even for a little bit
It hurt to know I was wrong
To think it would last long

It hurt 'cause it had to
I just need to go through
It hurt but one day it won't
Since someone will heal my wound
Leyla Jude Aug 2015
I keep making mistakes all the time
Without even learning my lesson
To me, life seems just so unkind
I often wish I was still seven

I regret pretty much everything
What I did and what I couldn't do
I'm not even good at forgetting
Even though I'd really like to
Leyla Jude Aug 2015
As soon as you allow yourself to love someone, you allow them to hurt you.

Maybe I just didn't want to be hurt...
Leyla Jude Aug 2015
I don't care we're not together anymore
I don't care I may hurt sometimes
And I'm probably full of remorses
But that's not what makes me rhyme

I understand I didn't act the right way
And I know I'm hardly lovable
So I don't hate you for what you say
I just some times feel uncomfortable

I don't cry because you're definitely gone
I can imagine what you were thinking
But no, the worst is that you moved on
And I'm here in my bed, ...sinking.
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