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61 · Jun 9
There are many things in this world
I like to believe they all have colors
One example is music
Music is the color blue
Blue is the color of clear skies, of hope, peacefulness
The color of seas, of the tides wish-washing back and forth
The smell of sea salt on a hot summer’s day
Hate is red. Red is the color of passion, resentment, anger
The color of red roses rising above the skies
Red is the color of your mom’s lipstick
Red is the color of cool cherry kool-aid on a steaming hot day
Yellow is joy. The sound of happiness, hope, excitement.
Yellow is the color of your mom’s warm, soothing hugs
Yellow is the feeling of love.
Yellow is the feeling, “everything’s gonna be okay.”
Last but not least, black.
Black is the color of despair, of sadness, of hopelessness.
But it's also the color of strength and power
Black is the dark thoughts you have from time to time
Black is the feeling of sinking deeper and deeper into a hole of depression
That you can't escape from
Black is the feeling of a mob of anxiety
That consumes you more and more each day
The feeling of drowning in a sea of your own thoughts
These colors are what I call the colors of emotion
We might hate them; we may love them
But we can't escape our DNA
Because they make us human
We are the human race.
Hey, this is my first poem I've sent out into the world, so tell me what you think!

— The End —