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  Sep 2015 Leo Cunio
I know this is a place for poems, but I believe the 22nd will be my last day on here for awhile..
Leo Cunio Sep 2015
YOU have no clue how it feels to get thrown down like I did this morning.
Seeing that ******* date on your kik name..
**** everything that I felt last night.
Don't ask to talk to me.
I may be a monster but YOU are something else.
and I cant understand why I'm still attached to you.
  Aug 2015 Leo Cunio
"I'm saying you need to find your happiness."
she said..

"You were my ******* happiness"
I replied..

she said..

"That's because there is NO US and that was my happiness so I guess this is me until I die.."*
I replied..
Leo Cunio Jun 2015
Just..I'm done..
  May 2015 Leo Cunio
_ _
They say things get better,
but they don't you just,
get use to it.
  May 2015 Leo Cunio
i dont really understand,
why this happens to me.
why my father doesn't truly care.
why my mother is in prison.
why i cant help but want to die,
or try and fly away.
everytime nana is near,
i feel my eyes pleading with her.
she once told me
'just wait, your time will come.'
but im sure thats just what she tells herself
so she doesn't go insane.
  May 2015 Leo Cunio
too bad, i'm too close to stop.
the crazy train skipped my stop
and is plunging me through hell.
nothing about me is right, or okay, i wont get well.
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