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Leelan Farhan Mar 2014
I should have known
that it would amount to nothing.

- you wanted to dig for diamonds
but I could only ever give you gold
© Leelan Farhan
   March 5 2014
Leelan Farhan Mar 2014
Life. Eyes. Skin and blood.
Just a little pain
There are always walls
Time. Flesh and tongue.
Voice broken open
Veins bleed
Face away
Hands break
Head drowning
They’ll smile, maybe
He’s oxygen
Black sweat
They die like God
© Leelan Farhan
   March 9 2014
   Just a little something I threw together using the word's page - the abandoned town of my mind.
Leelan Farhan Feb 2014
Vulnerability is crying in public on the bus ride home,
trying desperately to avoid the wandering eyes
only to end up sitting beside a fellow apartment tenant.
Vulnerability is crying hard in front of a (stranger),
only to see them again.
-- that uncontrollable nakedness
Vulnerability is getting your rose-tinted glasses forcefully ripped off your face, exposed,
for what we truly are:
-- human

© Leelan Farhan
   (date unknown, found on a sheet of paper in the bottom of my bag...)
Leelan Farhan Jan 2014
Fantasy swirls --
taking over my mind.
I see desire caressing my small silhouette,
except I’m no longer so
s m a l l
I’m larger than life --
larger than the hands of the men
that push me into the earth.

The dreams of my desire grow like moss
all over the stinging thorns of reality.
Circuitry constructs happier versions
of the sad souls that I know --  
the dullness that fills my day with black and white
At night,
my mind comes alive with technicolor brilliance.
But I’m afraid I’m aging in front of desire--
laying myself naked, body wrinkled and deteriorating
in front of dreams that cannot be sparked.
And no matter how hard I try
to ignite reality,
my fantasies have used up all my oxygen, and factuality
has choked itself to death.

© Leelan Farhan
   January 31, 2014
Leelan Farhan Jan 2014
They like the curve of my hips,
But not the melody of my voice
God why doesn't she ever shut up.

Love the glow of my face
But not the aura of my mind
She's so **** intimidating.

They like the lines of my lips,
But not my sharpness of tongue.
Does she think she's being funny?

Love the scent of my perfume
But not the courage behind honesty.
One of these days.
One of these **** days.
She's bound to shut up.

They like the curves
They love the lines
Admire every inch of my body.
But they never, ever
Pay attention to my eyes.

(C) Leelan Farhan
       January 27, 2014
Leelan Farhan Jan 2014
I'm lack-lustre.

I'm the disappointment that emerges from the transformation of a book
that should have been kept confined to print but was forced onto the silver screen anyway.

I lose my shine when I come to life.

©    Leelan Farhan
       January 19, 2013
Leelan Farhan Dec 2013
Ribs rattling against lungs like skeleton hands
attempting to stop angry ghouls from leaving their
deep & dark place.
But it's no use.
When darkness wants out, darkness will push and
push and push until it's convinced you to let it see the
light of day.
Manipulative, darkness is.
Tries to bargain with you:
"Just a peak - Just a taste and I promise I'll let the
daylight have you."
But it's a graduate from the school of greed and knows
how to pull your ribs open just a little
Just enough for it to crawl up to your throat and
never let go
Not until everything around you is the
mere absence of light

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