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Blue eyes and broad shoulders,
a sailor at the bar.
They stare at each other
He smiles shyly at her
She shyly smiles back.

He has company with him.
She eats alone and practice a song
somewhere in Town it’s Karaoke night!
He plays the drum while sipping a bubba tea.

Her fiend and her drink and laugh showing their pearly white teeth.
Long Island Ice Tea and pizza please”
The bartender leaves the bongos alone
and says my name is Mr. T. give me your digits for a free drink!
A couple dancing a tango
to the right beat
he has two left feet
She dances like a Queen
and plays the banjo
with her tongue and her teeth.

Foreigners in a Foreign land
He studies math
She pretends to study computer-art.
They make a fine couple
people will whisper and gasp.

But she can’t do math
And he doesn’t know how to dance.
20 years is to long to wait.
Such a long wait.
You said, you got to wait for me!
And in a way I believed
That's how it ought to be.
But No. It isn't
20 years is to long to wait.
A year maybe,
Because one year don't last forever
As we both have learned.
But sorry my dear
Twenty years
it's such a long wait.
I’ve cried a lot inside
since we said our last good-bys.
I couldn’t believe my eyes
and my ears but this was our very last round.

You drank your usual beer
I took four more shots of my favorite tequila.
“I don’t want you to cry; you love crying it seems, but time will pass.”
You said with a forced smile
and falling tears.

My own falling tears, that I tried to hide,
were tiny sharp pieces of shattered glass
inside my heart.
But I know we had to say it,
our last “Good bye!
And for the rest of our lives...

I knew it would happen that way;
My inevitably bad fate!
So I bowl my eyes out from day one;
There was no way out...

But even when we are apart,
together this far,
I will never forget you!
I will always forgive you
for not loving me enough
or maybe loving me too much.

I'll never know for sure
If I was just a price to win
the one thing  
you couldn't have,
"The one that got away"
or if I really was
your first true love, the One
and only true love of your life...

I am crossing the oceans not knowing the answers of what love was?
I thought you had all the answers
but you didn’t know how to love either.
We were to young souls swimming in an idle  loveless lustful lost world.

But I made my bed and my final choice.
I had to say goodbye forever,
to my first love!  
It was time to let go
and finally grow up!
Adios Amor!
Today he said "Te Amo" ( I love you)
Hearing those words
my heart was beating fast,
and it began to hurt.
I didn't know what to say
or believe then from all of that.
He said I love you,
and that was that!
My heart and body melted away...

All I know now is  that I wanted
and needed to believe in him.
I wanted to run and jump into his arms
And let him held me tight,
Oh so tight, right there.
And I didn't  care
it everything was a lie and a game to him.
If it was true o not had no importance then, early today, when he gently caressed my face and said “ I Love You!” the fact that he uttered those word gaslighted me!
I became blind of love and hopes,
then nothing else mattered...

“I love you” felt great!
“Te amo!” felt even better.
It was all I needed today.
You were all I wanted and needed today!
Remore Distant, Remorse
Distante Amor, Amore

There's not even one hour of the day,
one cold morning,
or one warm sunny evening
that I don't miss your raspy voice,
your coloquial laughing eyes
and your soft hands caressing mine,
tussling with my arms, my legs, and my hair.

There's not a moment when I do not feel you near....
My body aches
is not a physical pain is more than that
an invisible neverending pain.
I'm rendered to it.  
I lay on the couch
I give myself to it
I become a mommie
A catacomb
of silent resonant thoughts
as my body frozes in pain and dies

Mi mind becomes numb.
I imagine that's how Dexter's or Lex Lutor's mind
ought of feel,
if they ever had any feelings.
But I am feeling nothing but numbness
and this neverending pain.
I try to bit my pillow and cry out my soul
but no tears run down my face
like peaceful streams...
There are no longer tears of Pain
Tears I could not refrain.

There is only a hollow cave in my eyes,
my heart, and my chest.
This never ending Pain!
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