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20 years is to long to wait.
Such a long wait.
You said, you got to wait for me!
And in a way I believed
That's how it ought to be.
But No. It isn't
20 years is to long to wait.
A year maybe,
Because one year don't last forever
As we both have learned.
But sorry my dear
Twenty years
it's such a long wait.
I cried a lot inside
and my tears were like sharp
pieces of a shattered glass
inside my heart.
But I had to say, "Good bye"
for the rest of my life.

I will never forget you.
I will always forgive you
for not loving me enough
or loving me too much.

I'll never know for sure
If I was just that thing  
you couldn't have,
"The one
that got away"
Or if I trully was
The love of your life.
But today, I made my choice.
I have to say forever my love, Good bye!
Today he said "Te Amo" ( I love you)
And my heart was beating so fast
That it began to hurt.
I didn't know what to say
Or what to believe from all of this.

All I know is
that I wanted to run into his arms
And let him held me tight there
I didn't  care
If it was true o not
But the fact that he uttered those word
"Te Amo" felt great; it meant the world
To me!
Remore Distant, Remorse
Distante Amor, Amore

There's not even one hour of the day,
one cold morning,
or one warm sunny evening
that I don't miss your raspy voice,
your coloquial laughing eyes
and your soft hands caressing mine,
tussling with my arms, my legs, and my hair.

There's not a moment when I do not feel you near....
My body aches
is not a physical pain is more than that
an invisible neverending pain.
I'm rendered to it.  
I lay on the couch
I give myself to it
I become a mommie
A catacomb
of silent resonant thoughts
as my body frozes in pain and dies

Mi mind becomes numb.
I imagine that's how Dexter's or Lex Lutor's mind
ought of feel,
if they ever had any feelings.
But I am feeling nothing but numbness
and this neverending pain.
I try to bit my pillow and cry out my soul
but no tears run down my face
like peaceful streams...
There are no longer tears of Pain
Tears I could not refrain.

There is only a hollow cave in my eyes,
my heart, and my chest.
This never ending Pain!
Blood running from my veins
Onto the beige old carpet
Rubi red
My lips
My wine
My chicks
The sheets
Laying over my unmade
naked bed.

My body
My soul
In this poem.

In the hallow cave
Between my legs
Since the day you left.

All over my throat
For biting my lips
So hard
So I would not cry.
While listening classical music the muse came to me and gifted us with this poem. Enjoy it. Eva
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