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Sep 2015
I’ve cried a lot inside
since we said our last good-bys.
I couldn’t believe my eyes
and my ears but this was our very last round.

You drank your usual beer
I took four more shots of my favorite tequila.
“I don’t want you to cry; you love crying it seems, but time will pass.”
You said with a forced smile
and falling tears.

My own falling tears, that I tried to hide,
were tiny sharp pieces of shattered glass
inside my heart.
But I know we had to say it,
our last “Good bye!
And for the rest of our lives...

I knew it would happen that way;
My inevitably bad fate!
So I bowl my eyes out from day one;
There was no way out...

But even when we are apart,
together this far,
I will never forget you!
I will always forgive you
for not loving me enough
or maybe loving me too much.

I'll never know for sure
If I was just a price to win
the one thing  
you couldn't have,
"The one that got away"
or if I really was
your first true love, the One
and only true love of your life...

I am crossing the oceans not knowing the answers of what love was?
I thought you had all the answers
but you didn’t know how to love either.
We were to young souls swimming in an idle  loveless lustful lost world.

But I made my bed and my final choice.
I had to say goodbye forever,
to my first love!  
It was time to let go
and finally grow up!
Adios Amor!
Latin Gypsy - Eva
Written by
Latin Gypsy - Eva  Florida
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