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Sep 2015
Today he said "Te Amo" ( I love you)
Hearing those words
my heart was beating fast,
and it began to hurt.
I didn't know what to say
or believe then from all of that.
He said I love you,
and that was that!
My heart and body melted away...

All I know now is  that I wanted
and needed to believe in him.
I wanted to run and jump into his arms
And let him held me tight,
Oh so tight, right there.
And I didn't  care
it everything was a lie and a game to him.
If it was true o not had no importance then, early today, when he gently caressed my face and said “ I Love You!” the fact that he uttered those word gaslighted me!
I became blind of love and hopes,
then nothing else mattered...

“I love you” felt great!
“Te amo!” felt even better.
It was all I needed today.
You were all I wanted and needed today!
Latin Gypsy - Eva
Written by
Latin Gypsy - Eva  Florida
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