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Feb 2015
My body aches
is not a physical pain is more than that
an invisible neverending pain.
I'm rendered to it.  
I lay on the couch
I give myself to it
I become a mommie
A catacomb
of silent resonant thoughts
as my body frozes in pain and dies

Mi mind becomes numb.
I imagine that's how Dexter's or Lex Lutor's mind
ought of feel,
if they ever had any feelings.
But I am feeling nothing but numbness
and this neverending pain.
I try to bit my pillow and cry out my soul
but no tears run down my face
like peaceful streams...
There are no longer tears of Pain
Tears I could not refrain.

There is only a hollow cave in my eyes,
my heart, and my chest.
This never ending Pain!
Latin Gypsy - Eva
Written by
Latin Gypsy - Eva  Florida
     Earl Jane, anu, WS Warner and Arcassin B
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