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Kurt Philip Behm Mar 2019
  an ungrateful heir

Disowning all memory
  —with your ashes still warm

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2016)
Kurt Philip Behm Jul 2018
  an ungrateful heir

Disowning all memory
—with your ashes still warm

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2016)
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Kurt Philip Behm Mar 2023
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Stating a positive
about a negative
Knowing nothing
—and sure of the fact

(Dreamsleep: March, 2023)
Kurt Philip Behm May 2019
Poetry 101:
“Write what you know—write what you feel”

Poetry 401:
“Write what you know—write what you feel”

(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2016)
Kurt Philip Behm Apr 2021
1: Be Yourself
2: Be Cheerful
3: Be Consistent
4: Be Spontaneous
5: Be Loyal
6: Be Courageous
7:  Be Grateful
8: Be Tolerant
9: Be Open Minded
10: Be A Friend

(The New Room: April, 2021)
Kurt Philip Behm Oct 2017

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2107)
Kurt Philip Behm Nov 2023
Viewed from a distance
—we all fade to insignificance

(Dreamsleep: November. 2023)
Kurt Philip Behm Apr 2019
   truth here and truth there

Unmeasured duality,
  a mirror contraire

Whose message lies distant,
  whose message lies near

A Siamese phantom,
  both fronts facing rear

The sublime contradiction,
  one plus one equals one

Their natures poetic
  —each truth zero sum

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2019)
Kurt Philip Behm Dec 2021
From the beginning
we shake hands with death
At first as a stranger
when caught in its net

And last as a friend
bearing gifts from beyond
A bridge for one crossing
past futures begone

While leaving behind
the measure of fate
Transcending tomorrow
  we unlock its gate

What’s last becomes first
closing open interred
a singular journey
—not shaken but stirred

(Watching 14 Peaks: December, 2021)
Kurt Philip Behm Jun 2022
I remember the smell of beer
going down the back steps
The keg under the dartboard
the men in long sleeves
Being carried by my grandfather
and each uncle one by one
Old Spice and English Lavender
as hugs and kisses were exchanged
The garage door open to the back yard
where music was playing
The bride throwing her bouquet
girls screaming with glee
I was six years old when they married
Eisenhower’s picture in the hall
The smell of the fresh cut grass
and cigarette smoke mixing freely outside
It was the best of all possible times
God and country held us tight
The best of all possible times
—as hope and laughter filled the air

(Family Wedding: June, 1954)
Kurt Philip Behm Sep 2023
the bear
a square

a rainbow
the clowns
getting down

the moment
that fly
of love

in the rhythms

(The New Room: September, 2023)
Kurt Philip Behm Jun 2022
California Dreamin…
Momma Told Me Not To Come
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Will Anybody Really Know What Time Has Spun

Hotel California…
Its Chain Gang wearing thin
Searching for an American Woman
Blowin In The Wind

Bill Bojangles Robinson…
preaching Fire And Rain
New York’s A Lonely Lonely Town
dragging Ball And Chain

Summertime Blues and Porgy’s drowning…
Riders On The Storm
Layla kisses Judy Blue Eyes
Stairway To Heaven scorned

Woodstock and a Big Bear Scrambler…
Who’ll Stop The Rain
Don’t Think Twice this Hard Day’s Night
Eli’s Comin again

Hey Jude, Moondance is calling…
It’s Too Late says Ms. King
Yesterday’s Hound Dog barking Crazy
—the Purple Haze begins

(Rosemont College: June, 2022)
Kurt Philip Behm Jul 2017
Dancing to the music
  inside a mountain garage
   —Laura became my partner

Lost within her melody
  found within her words
   —never to be alone again

(Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2014)
Kurt Philip Behm Oct 2022
Can God pass judgment
against himself

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed
their essence the same

Faith in the vision, truth at the core
a Trinity expanded

Tomato, tomatto, all roads lead to Rome
—His joy forever proclaimed

(Dreamsleep: October, 2022)
Kurt Philip Behm Jun 2017
The fabric is torn
  all beds are unmade

The sheets have been soiled,
—the bugs to invade

(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2017)
Kurt Philip Behm May 2020
When you’re out of options
—it’s no time to make a choice

(Dreamsleep: May, 2020)
Kurt Philip Behm Feb 2022
Christened in the night
by rain
at the crossroads
Kissing each memory
that burns
—breathing his words again

(Hazlehurst Mississippi: October, 1975)
Kurt Philip Behm May 2022
Raging flashes
time on fire
seconds flaming
moments pyre

Burning scepters
light betrays
torches fury
embers pray

Blind inception
blistered tongues
motion melting
boiled young

Bars of silver
chains of gold
locks of platinum
ingots stole

30 pieces
forged in lies
minted falsehoods
struck alive

Nights of crimson
skies of red
life has moltened
—ashes dead

(Dreamsleep: May, 2022)
Kurt Philip Behm May 2023
Gather your false prophets
and sycophants
Bury your heads
in the deepest sand

Tell the same lies
as you sing to the choir
Slave to the mirror
—and sleight of hand

(Dreamsleep: May, 2023)
Kurt Philip Behm Apr 2023
The end of my life
brings newfound freedom
wrapping around me
like the wings of a dream

Lifting me off
and carrying me selfward
dropping me prescient
—to depths once unseen

(Dreamsleep: March, 2023)
Kurt Philip Behm Oct 2017
Live hard,
—write easy

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2017)
Kurt Philip Behm Aug 2023
I could write a sonnet
or maybe a play
I could have gone epic
in hopes to relay
What snippets say better
in stations of rhyme
And carry within them
—a power sublime

(Dreamsleep: August, 2023)
Kurt Philip Behm Apr 2019
Extinction probability,
  ninety nine point nine

History’s infinitive,
  the graveyard of time

Cosmology winning out
  in the end

The hourglass draining
  —last thought to befriend

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2019)
Kurt Philip Behm Jan 2020
(short version)

Science wants to father
—what nature mothers best

(long version)

Atoms in the void,
voices in the wind

Long to be connected,
where do we begin

Science wants to father,
what nature mothers best

A baby born beyond their reach
—the Muse to then contest

(St. David’s Pennsylvania: January, 2020)
Kurt Philip Behm Mar 2020
The bike broke down,
my money gone,
Beale Street calling
—Memphis in my dreams

The diner’s empty,
last quarter found,
the jukebox playing
—Memphis in my dreams

The waitress smiles,
she’s off at six,
her place a walk
—Memphis in my dreams

The kindness of strangers,
a baby cries,
the sun’s come up
—Memphis in my dreams

(Dreamsleep: March, 2020)
Kurt Philip Behm Jul 2019
We’ve popularized everything,
from the classic to the crass

In doing so, we’ve lost ourselves,
neck deep in the morass

If everything is AOK,
then what the hell is wrong

Those standards that we’ve built upon
—abandoned and now gone

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2017)
Kurt Philip Behm May 2020
I can’t cry anymore,
or mention your name

I can’t sleep through the night
with fury and shame

I can’t give anymore,
stakes gone from my claim

I can’t cry anymore
—tears salting the blame

(Dreamsleep: May, 2020)
Kurt Philip Behm Jun 2023
Dylan got bitten
hard by fame
and though wounded
continues to tour

A thundering
in makeup and veils
jesters by the score

Divorced from
his wandering
a pilgrim of dreams
the past too great a cost

A caricature
of genius gone
eyes clouded over
—Camelot lost

(The New Room: June, 2023)
Running off with tomorrow
divorcing today
The moment left orphaned
— all time astray

(Dreamsleep: February, 2024)
Kurt Philip Behm Oct 2020
the sum of like judgment

the tool of conjecture

opined observation

Happening quite often
—with eyes closed

(Eastern College: October, 2020)
Kurt Philip Behm Oct 2020
My last attempt
to circle the square
anger takes the throne

no longer to share
servitude alone

Wandering unsure
things left unsaid
words to disappear

Into the dark
deserted forlorn
heightening my fear

The ladder broken
every rung
unable now to climb

Direction gone
a beggar’s song
—with nothing left to find

(Valley Forge Pennsylvania: October, 2020)
Kurt Philip Behm Jun 2017
How do you reclaim
  thoughts that have gone

How do you say something
  you can’t

How do you breathe new life
  in your song

With words now escaped,

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2017)
your heart
emotion unspun

the right feeling
the words
lie unsung

the right words
verse to abate

The reader
in Limbo
—his fate

(Dreamsleep: January, 2024)
Kurt Philip Behm Jun 2022
Biting my tongue
the words choke inside me

Moments digested
—unable to rise

(Deamsleep: June, 2022)
Kurt Philip Behm Aug 2021
More pressing matters call…
time enough for the truth

(The New Room: August, 2021)
Kurt Philip Behm Jun 2022
Today is the gift
that tomorrow hides
Alive in the moment
that scripture describes

To live deep inside it
a blessing ordained
To capture this instant
—forever proclaimed

(Radnor Pennsylvania: June, 2022)
Kurt Philip Behm Sep 2019
If you don’t write
everything down

Then at least take
everything in

Seeds once planted,
ripen and grow

A blind eye
—the killer within

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)
Suffering fools
comes with the territory
— any true writer to know

(Dreamsleep: April, 2024)
Kurt Philip Behm Apr 2017
If you don’t write
  everything down

Then at least take
  everything in

Seeds once planted,
ripen and grow

A blind eye,
—the killer within

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)
Kurt Philip Behm May 2022
Tuning letters like strings
the words are reformed
The rhyme and the meter
the rhythm reborn

Each vowel and each consonant
together in line
No commas or periods
to block or confine

The meaning inherent
and left unexplained
restated once over
a blinding refrain

To put in the file
the future in bold
the verses in couplets
—the reading on hold

(Dreamsleep: May, 2022)
Kurt Philip Behm Jan 2020
If consciousness is emergent,
where is it emerging from

The dualists say… the naturalists say…
but answers just won’t come

As the blue hour seeds the dawn,
before the new arriving sun

One question hard, the self must ask
—how consciousness becomes

(Dreamsleep: January, 2020)
Kurt Philip Behm May 2019
Your love to bathe
  in words rephrased

With hearts not young
  —or old

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2019)
Kurt Philip Behm Mar 2021
I had you
before I lost you in a dream
A dream that I woke up
where you stayed beyond my grasp

Visiting me each
in the bartered hours of my sleep
Holding me beyond
ever cradling my fear

Lending me back to
inside this borrowed joy
Until the dawn reminds
—I had you once

(To Laura Nyro: March, 2021)
Kurt Philip Behm Apr 2023
The mirror calling deepest
is the one that you avoid
Images run left then right
your back turned paranoid

Unwillingness to turn around
in fear of what you’ll see
Illusion as your proffered choice
—reflection waits unseen

(Dreamsleep: April, 2023)
Kurt Philip Behm Oct 2020
Can our spirits pray
without God at the center

Can worship pay homage
to self

Can divinity reign
in each person ordained

Revering what’s hidden

(Dreamsleep: October, 2020)
Kurt Philip Behm Feb 2018
Never thinking about you,
  I think about us

Never thinking about then,
  I think about now

Never thinking about blame,
  I think about loss

Never thinking about you
—I think about us

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2018)
Kurt Philip Behm Sep 2021
Music is the highest art,
eternity its host

Time enraptured note by note,
transcendence dose by dose

Calling out and drawing in,
beyond all paint and stone

The minstrel frees the poet’s words
—and drives the feelings home

(Listening To Bohemian Rhapsody: September, 2021)
Kurt Philip Behm Jan 2022
Somewhere West of where he was,
and East of where he’d been
The mountains called their distant cry,
a pleading heard within
The alpine air, the red-tailed hawk,
their spirits hail his name
To thence return, the past on fire
—his freedom to reclaim

(Chief Joseph Highway: September, 2021)
Kurt Philip Behm Dec 2019
Mountains make poor receptacles
for dreams

Oceans are better at that

The elevation reminding of all
that’s forbidden

Primordial—the higher you climb

(Dreamsleep: December, 2019)
Kurt Philip Behm Jun 2018
Not only did the words come,
  they brought their friends along

They pitched their tent—built their fire
  and began to sing their songs

The sparks flew as memory rose
  good tidings in the air

Phrases birthed, new families penned
—brotherhood to share

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2016)
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