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Poet’s see beyond the cosmos
that’s why they’re revered
Poet’s leave the final time zone
past and future cleared
Poet’s bow to one volition
high above the clouds
Poet’s live in love’s reflection
— beauty to enshroud

(Dreamsleep: February, 2024)
One choice and circumstance
set us apart
Forever divergent
forever two hearts

One lasting reminder
of what can’t be fixed
The eggshells lay scattered
the pieces all nixed

In less than an instant
the future was charred  
Most scarlet of letters
forgiveness stays barred

And now to requestion
the maybe’s and why’s
The Stone of Excalibur
— an easier try

(Dreamsleep: February, 2024)
Touching beauty
if just for an instant
if caught by its magic
— if only just once

(Moran Junction Wyoming: August, 2021)
Like a boy in the wild
raised by wolves
my poetry is sired
Tracking the scent
of each hunted word
traps set for me most dire
Uncaught or caged
by academia
my trail still honor bound
To wander freely
beyond the wind
— alone to stand my ground

(Ronald McDonald House: February, 2024)
I have no regard
for other poets
how could it be other

As they conscript
the words away
of which I’ve not discovered

A battle royal
zero sum
as phrases block and parry

The winner left
his voice reclaimed
— the loser most disparaged

(The New Room: February, 2024)
Signs that might be seen as omens
send me on my way
the daylight waning for today
and luck still ****** on display
flying close to danger’s coven

The wind blows fortune’s empty cast
as trackless dreams setout
dispelling hope and bringing doubt
without a name to even tout
caught within tomorrows fast

I see each warning clearly now
they speak much like a friend
whose words as tokens try to bend
rushing blindly toward the end
captured voices left to bow

Those signs that led me all point down
the road is changing fast
no clear distinction first from last
my future ****** to be my past
— the devils fiddle calling loud

(Saint David’s Pennsylvania: February, 2024)
Were I to explain
what then would I say …
That the moon loves its axis
that each dog has its day
That the question unanswered
most answered indeed
That each start an enigma
and truth often bleeds
That the mind unexplored
without mention at all
That from season to season
time stumbles and falls
Against my better nature
I’ll place this one bet
The answer you hoped for
— you’re never to get

(Dreamsleep: February, 2024)
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