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K Lupus Nov 2019
You'll fly away from me,
out of my hands...
And I,
stricken with grief,
will venture out into the world
In search of a new vestige of you.

That is the happy ending to our story
O maidens in your savage season
K Lupus Sep 2019
Whenever the dark curtain of my eyes
fails to serve me right

or whenever the numbness
felt from rubbing my hands
against my lap no longer
ease the tremors

I lose myself
in thought

how much more
must I endure

how many more times
must they
steal the minuscule grit
I had pondered

- the person that will
always be
my breather
I guess I kinda liked the way how you became my breather
K Lupus Aug 2019
A feeling acquired from the ravine of Icarian desires
never an impulse, nor half-bloomed
influenced by the geminus cases that love him,
as to leave him breathless

He was subjected to the duality
that was meant to delude the senses
while being comforted by views that was always meant
to give favor to the most convenient
and utopian perspective by ear,
imposing a better version of reality
forcing the idea of being gifted, being special

It continued to haunt the victim
stirring a morose persona into blend

Was ostracized before he was able to express
was rejected due to his impairment

Clouded and deterred
he became the living portrait of pain
well passed the limits of being

Knees rooted on the ground
with weeds surrounding him
he pluck and blew with fingers crossed
how wonderful it could have been
to have lived normally like the rest of them
-Neil Fred-
K Lupus Aug 2019
Astounding as the orchestrated rain,
oceans flow from abysmal sacs,
brought about by the emptiness within.
Shorts #1
K Lupus Dec 2017
The night is dry and dull as the youth
Of spring sprouts upon the wind,
Blowing a whole season;
Killing a whole stock of time.

Dumb do tell about the past.
Recollecting the sudden dash of love
Younger than that of the face lit by the moon.

Man do tell how it went
And accepted thy fate as if it ended in accord to his plan.

Defiling the surreal emotions
With forced lies so obvious, so surfaced.

Man do tell the play best set on
New Years Day- a front, an excuse for an elusive okay.
Florian illness spiked in the crib of nonsense.
K Lupus Oct 2017
Something I barely remember
grating my insides
Kept wringing my heart
As if never lost

Memories that I selfishly treasure
left none for me to recall
Braided cords
with ends unraveling

Traversing with emptiness
searching for someone
I so wish to ever find
Your name engraved in my mind
Kimi no Na wa
K Lupus Oct 2017
Create something out of madness,
 you might find yourself an ingenious
  loop of pain able to cloud-past the very reason for trying.
Incinerating even the innermost fundament of living into ashes.
Suffocating out of boredom, begging for salvation.

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