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Jun 2022 · 54
My Person
Leila The Kiwi Jun 2022
We're all aware
That we shouldn't
Hold anyone captive

But people choose to
For their personal gain
I won't be one of them

At times,
I wish I was

To have security
In the knowledge
That you can't leave

But you're not
Planning to go
Nor am I

You're my person
And I'm yours.

Jun 2022 · 52
Leila The Kiwi Jun 2022
Getting through each day
With my watered-down hope

Watching as it falls into pieces
Then trying to reassemble it

But I can't seem to escape
The damp phase

So I continue
This paper mache.

May 2022 · 164
Leila The Kiwi May 2022
This life has lead me to believe
Not everyone is going to stay
That I have to be ready
For when they leave

Take what people say
With a grain of salt
Because blind belief
And vulnerability
Could lead to assault

Prepare myself for all outcomes
Especially the unsavory kind
Maybe that's why I lost
My sweet tooth
Because I'm often
Left with a bitter taste

You've reawakened
My curiosity and innocence
When it comes to connection

Making up a bed of warm blankets
Soft words and support
You give me somewhere to lay down

I think this is a safe place
To stay.

May 2022 · 50
Ups and Downs
Leila The Kiwi May 2022
We're driving on a gravel road
With a few dips in the dirt,
Bouncing around
And holding on for support.

Once we hit the pavement again,
Our shoulders drop in relief
And we laugh together
About the bumpy ride.

Is this what healthy love feels like?
Apr 2022 · 45
Hop Scotch
Leila The Kiwi Apr 2022
You're watching over me
As I leap and bound
From one square to the next

Smiling and laughing
Along with me
As I step on the lines
But never cross them

Hip hop
I hope this doesn't stop.

Mar 2022 · 60
My Reflection
Leila The Kiwi Mar 2022
Similarities between
Myself and yourself

Yet there are unique touches
And personalized embellishments
To call ourselves home

I think,
You're my second home.

Feb 2022 · 67
Counting Steps
Leila The Kiwi Feb 2022
One, two, three, four
I want to see you more

Five, six, seven, eight
Wouldn't that be great?

Nine, ten
I hope this never ends.

Though sometimes I may lose count,
There will never be a shred of doubt,
That what we have is something so different.
And it's just so appealing.

l.v.s and IM
Feb 2022 · 215
Fast Car
Leila The Kiwi Feb 2022
Let's take this slow
We've got no where to go

I feel like I belong
With you by my side
We can go far and wide.

No distance too great,
and we're never late.
Always at the right moment,
almost as if it were fate.

l.v.s and IM
Feb 2022 · 47
Leila The Kiwi Feb 2022
Being smothered in barbs and thorns
Tends to discourage passersby
From your flourishing leaves and fruits

Instead of grabbing for the bounty
You uncovered the roots
And nurtured them
To outgrow the defenses.

Feb 2022 · 246
Leila The Kiwi Feb 2022
You say if I had just told you,
None of this would have happened

When your anger weighs down the room
There's no space for my words

All that escapes is a silent scream
But you don't hear me

Not even for a second
Do you cast your gaze in my direction.

Jan 2022 · 217
Move Through
Leila The Kiwi Jan 2022
Reach outward toward me
Let the wind take your hand
Twirl through our story

Lay breathless beneath
A blanket of stars
The possibilities will
Keep you warm.

Jan 2022 · 63
Leila The Kiwi Jan 2022
I'm already the rainshine,
I come to our connection with my light
And dark coexisting.

I share myself without fear
Because I've learnt how to feel safe here.

But you're not quite there,
You're becoming.

You're beginning to realize
That blinding sunlight does not
Give the opportunity to see.

Through our collision
Perhaps you'll let some
Drops pitter patter and
Understand the magnificence
It can create.

Jan 2022 · 41
How Could You?
Leila The Kiwi Jan 2022
I thought we felt the same
But, how could you?

How could you,
When the things I say are just spun to fit your game
You watch me come undone as I feel I'm the one to blame

I thought you were telling the truth
But, how could you?

How could you,
When your words are a distorted mirror of what I wanted to hear
You read me so well

You expect me to be proud of you
But, how could I?

How could I,
Enjoy watching my character die?

How could you?

Jan 2022 · 59
Leila The Kiwi Jan 2022
Bringing me back
To a time long ago

Before rubbled remnants
Of destruction scattered my mind

Childlike and carefree
Without a thought about what awaits me

A gift I couldn't
Have imagined to receive.

After realizing I'd shared the childlike wonder of affection I started to cry. It's been years since I let my guard down to this point and just let things flow so naturally. Getting lost in the moment and another person. Past relationships made me think it wasn't possible anymore... But it is.
Dec 2021 · 38
Leila The Kiwi Dec 2021
From here to there
And back again

The birth
Of something new

Is the evolution
Of oneself.

This poem just came out and it reminds me of my flatmate's descriptions of reincarnation.
Dec 2021 · 328
Leila The Kiwi Dec 2021
Share a moment with me
Sit and take my hand in yours

You needn't say a word
Or utter a sound

Share your soul with me
Show me what our minds
Couldn't comprehend.

Dec 2021 · 804
Leila The Kiwi Dec 2021
That which once glistened
and glimmered
now digs into my skin
leaving me breathless.

The marks of you left behind on me
forming scars, bruises and blisters.

I used to be enamored with the shine of you,
when I first came to know you, to learn of you.

But all that glitters is not gold
and I knew that you had no value
just another cheap imitation.

Something so far from the real thing
but desperately trying its hardest to be.

l.v.s and IM
Jul 2021 · 545
Pinky Promise
Leila The Kiwi Jul 2021
You can only promise
The present.

Jun 2021 · 381
Leila The Kiwi Jun 2021
We can deconstruct it
It's not a castle
It's just sand.

Mar 2021 · 77
Not for Sale
Leila The Kiwi Mar 2021
What say you, traveler?
You come baring
Gold and jewels
Hoping to lure me in
With their luxury

What say you, traveler?
I'd prefer your thoughts and emotions
That are buried out of fear
May I see those rarities?

What say you, traveler?
You keep those
Behind lock and key

I say to you, traveler
That's quite a tragedy.

Sleepless poetry
Mar 2021 · 311
Promise of Poetry
Leila The Kiwi Mar 2021
Through poetry
I've come to find
And communication

He allows me to be
Vulnerable yet safe

Poetry promised to
Never leave my side
He's the only
Heart aching lover
That's kept his word.

Sleepless poetry
Mar 2021 · 69
Leila The Kiwi Mar 2021
Tis not a thing
Not a thing
In this world
That can
Stop me
From believing
In myself

I have to
Be there
To hold
My hand
To cheer
Myself on

That is
The only thing
The single
Most important thing.

Sleepless poetry
Mar 2021 · 111
Leila The Kiwi Mar 2021
Such a delicate
Man you are

Sobbing at the sight
Of scuffed skin

As if you've never
Seen blood before

As if we weren't
Born within it

As if women haven't
Bled for thousands of years

A woman's blood
Is bountiful

A man's blood
Is brutal

But you're the one complaining?

Word generator poems
Mar 2021 · 736
Wild Flowers
Leila The Kiwi Mar 2021
I left a trail
Of seeds behind
Hoping that
You'd follow them

Left untouched
They bloomed
In your absence

Looking back
Is a reminder
That I've grown
That it's best
Not to root oneself
Where the soil
Is dry.

Mar 2021 · 57
Leila The Kiwi Mar 2021
You're a masterpiece to me.

Each piece of art isn't for everyone
There are no flawless artworks
Because there'll always be someone
That thinks it could be different.

Come to me with jagged paint strokes
I'll still appreciate you regardless.

I come here to see you
If I wanted to put that energy
Towards something else,
I would.

But I choose to look at you
Because you're beautiful
Even with your imperfections.

Jan 2021 · 245
Leila The Kiwi Jan 2021
If you
Look at these
Handfuls of
What I have
To give
But your own
Palms are empty
Please, don't

If I'm willing
To give myself
Entirely to you
But you'll only
Take what
You can get
Please, don't

I want to save
My enegry
For better things
Please, be honest.

Jan 2021 · 311
Leila The Kiwi Jan 2021
Don't reach for me
With your
Quicksand hands

That is to say,
I look at you
And I can see
My time
Slipping away

You'll take
From me
Till there's
No grain

Till I've
No place
To land
But the

Jan 2021 · 597
Leila The Kiwi Jan 2021
You provide
The illusion
Of shelter

But without
A solid foundation

I can only
Stand this
For so long.

Jan 2021 · 68
Russian Roulette
Leila The Kiwi Jan 2021
There I was
Trusting my mind
And having faith
In you holding on
Having hope for us

Here I am
Crushed by realization
My intuition and heart
Knew better
I ignored the signs
Now I'm hopeless

I guess you
Won the wager

Maybe from
Now on
I'll stop
Betting myself
On the odds
Of others.

Dec 2020 · 79
Burning Light
Leila The Kiwi Dec 2020
At times
I look at
These small hands
Delicate and pale
With such an instinct
To hold something

Other times
I'm reminded of
My soft heart
When I reach
Towards someone
The scars screech
Still feeling the blade
In my back
From a lost love

Some times
I'm surprised
By my hair
Its magnificent magnitude
Its daring defiance
The presence it has
Within a room

This mane has a voice
It speaks of my
Strength and resilience
When my hands are small
When my heart is soft
When I forget.

Dec 2020 · 77
Leila The Kiwi Dec 2020
These unspoken words
Do not rhyme
The desire to
Share them with you
Would be a
Waste of my time

So I keep them
Locked up
Rattling around
In this mind
Of mine

I know what
We are
I know what
We aren't

Don't you worry
I won't cross a line

Even if I wish
I could hold you
In my arms tonight

Even if I wish
To fall asleep
With my head
On your chest

These thoughts
Won't utter
A sound.

Dec 2020 · 71
Haunted Heart
Leila The Kiwi Dec 2020
I've found
Myself in
This place

It's a deserted space
Such an
Unruly wilderness

I can sense
That you're here
I feel your
Presence is near

Then reality strikes
Sending a shiver
Down my spine

It's just myself
Alone in my
Haunted heart

I'd invite you in
But once you're
Wrapped within
Its walls
You won't be
Getting out

I'll hear your whispers
And feel your fingers
Clawing to escape
For years to come

I'm afraid
I must
The locks

Inspired by life events and "haunted house" by Christina Aguilera
Nov 2020 · 80
Leila The Kiwi Nov 2020
I'll stand between you
And your thoughts

You've convinced yourself
That you deserve
Devastation and destruction

I dare you
To direct
Your thoughts
At me

You're letting
Those filthy thoughts
Feed off you

I'll drag away
That parasitic voice

Let me
Protect you
From yourself.

Nov 2020 · 272
Leila The Kiwi Nov 2020
You're a
Bottomless bucket
I keep pouring
And pouring
And pouring

Hoping that
If I keep trying
It'll work
But it
Won't ever
Be enough

I guess
We were

Nov 2020 · 76
Sigh of Relief
Leila The Kiwi Nov 2020
I gasped for air
When you came near
For I had
Held my breath
A while

I braced myself
For when
You'd disappear

But instead,
You chose
To care.

Nov 2020 · 60
Leila The Kiwi Nov 2020
I've let you go
Regardless of
How you reach
For me
And remind
Me of
Moments past
The thought
Of you
Has left
My mind

We crumbled
To ruin
From neglect

It's too late
To apologize
It's too late
To go back

It's too late
For us.

Inspired by Apologize by One Republic
Nov 2020 · 68
Leila The Kiwi Nov 2020
You chose
To leave
Your mark
On me

Without a
Second thought
Or asking
For my consent

You branded
Your name
In the scattered
Shadows of my mind

Perhaps you hoped
I'd hold a flame
For you
But I'm
Burnt out.

Inspired by Burning by Sam Smith
Oct 2020 · 91
Leila The Kiwi Oct 2020
I can't promise you a thing
I can't promise you me
I can't promise you us
I can't promise this will work
I can't promise you that I'll stay

For promises are no more
Than a delusion

Nothing is guaranteed
Nothing is written in stone

But I can hope

I hope I get to talk to you
I hope you're here tomorrow
I hope that you care
I hope that we smile
I hope we create memories

I hope if we part ways
That we're glad
We met each other

I hope
We don't
Regret a thing

Oct 2020 · 72
Bite the Bullet
Leila The Kiwi Oct 2020
I find myself here
Next to you

It's been some time now
It's hard to say
But it's true
Things between us
Are through.

Sep 2020 · 61
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
Right through the heart,
that's where you should aim.

A piercing shot,
You won't get the blame.

I'll set up the weapon,
with the sharpest arrow I can find.

I'll let you take the shot,
from in front or behind.

It's lined up properly,
so make no mistakes.

But this isn't the first time
that you have harmed me.

Why must I return to you,
Time and time again?

Take your terrible treatment,
As if it's something I deserve.

Soon I won't stand the sight of you,
Eventually, you'll get on my last nerve.

l.v.s and IM
Sep 2020 · 48
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
Why do you try
To find a purpose
From people?

Are you not able
To appreciate
The energy and emotion
People bring
To your life?

Why must people be useful?
Why can't they be themselves?
Isn't that enough?

Or is it perhaps too much?
Given the circumstances, I can understand the use.

A functional robot, comes equipped with a noose.

I can perform all these actions, even put on a face,
I can save you from yourself, but I am far from grace.

I do not have a purpose, and thus cannot help,
sorry but I'm leaving, this is all for myself.

l.v.s and IM
Sep 2020 · 84
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
It is my sole obligation,
to make sure that you get the utmost protection.

A fractured soul,
with a broken heart,
surely you need some mending.

Listen here, sweetheart
I appreciate the thought
But I will not be a burden
I'm not here to weigh you down
I can protect and take care of myself
Do not underestimate me

If you're willing to take my hand
And join me on the journey
You're more than welcome to

Just don't come to me
Thinking that I need help
When all I want
Is support

l.v.s and IM
Sep 2020 · 64
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
I snap a shot at what I feel is perfection,
walking down the road called life
losing track of my directions.

my photography stuck with me,
but I somehow failed to mention,
That I don't need a camera
To keep the memory of you
Crystal clear

l.v.s and IM
Sep 2020 · 723
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
I might sing off tune
I might stumble on words
I might forget lyrics

I'm trying
My best

It's touching
That you're
Still listening
To me.

Sep 2020 · 185
Dangerous Dance
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
Take my hand
And come closer
Twirl me around
Your finger

But please
Don't let me fall
Unless you're
Coming down
With me

Dizzy and giddy
Laughing at our luck

On the floor.

Sep 2020 · 75
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
I'm pulling
Your strings
Making you twirl
From my touch

The effect of
A slight stroke
Is tantalizing

I hope you
How my
Play with

Sep 2020 · 64
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
My sterling starling
You're not the one
To spread your wings
At a great speed

You'd much rather
Settle down
In the shelter
Of your nest

I see the comfort
And familiarity there
I'm much like that

However, I do hope
We get a chance
To soar
To new heights.

A play on words - Trust fall
Sep 2020 · 57
Gentle Goodbye
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
Sometimes you can't
Burn bridges

Sometimes you choose
To dismantle them

Piece by piece
Word by word
Thought by thought

Sometimes you want
It to be pain-free

Oftentimes you try
Your best

Oftentimes that's
All you can do.

Sep 2020 · 66
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
Such a mess
That's been
Left behind

An endless expanse
Of exposed emotions
And discarded devotion

As usual,
I pick up
The pieces
And put things
Back together

But unlike before
You're not welcome
Back here

Sep 2020 · 52
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2020
Choosing to overwhelm yourself
With neglect and negativity
Has left a mark on your soul

I reach out my hand
I offer my arms

But nothing gets through to you anymore
You stare through me
Like stained glass
I'm simply more emotions
That blur your view.

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