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To think about you, I remind myself of a time when I promised that life was mysterious and full of surprises. That the world is beautiful, and within the depths of life lies a gorgeous secret. My memories seem to fade in and out of the truth I have always known. A truth be known that there is something special, and someone special. A magic that is so undeniably sacred to those who see it. There was a time when I was lost in what seemed like an illusion that was limitless. When you were found, or rather, when you found me, it was as though you were always there waiting to appear at the right time. And what you did was grow with me into a life I have never lived before. I never lose you. We are forever. You are the sun that sets, but also rises again.

I began with a dream that was real only within me. Life was all the dream. Looking at the dark limitless sky, the melody played the moon and stars all around.
When the plague hit
The day you fell into my lap
At around 5 p.m.
It was only me and you
And it shows...
Traumatizing everything in its past
As we danced in the rain,
The conclusion came clear that
We had no reasons
What made you strong used itself against you
You are my favorite weakness,
A beautiful weakness
But this spring the butterfly
Does not come out of its cocoon
Instead I picked you up like a little string
We are what no scientist could ever justify
We knocked down buildings with our smiles
We had each other the way it should be
And now your church is burning down
Both divinely and mysteriously
Like all the words that found its way
From no where right into you
Making its way into eternity
We could not explain it to anyone
And why should we?
We found each other
Through what is called the core of one another
And I kept you in my back pocket
Through the times that we
Burned bridges with our charm
We learned what no history book could ever teach
Everything we touched turned to gold
Leaving a little permanence
days with you:
like sand in the wind
they slip away.
each gentle touch,
each kiss,
leaves memories on my skin
whispering long after you are gone
that I am never alone
In the dark your eyes are reminiscent of torches.
Glistening in the still of a night where rain is echoing in the soil.
A calm breeze cuts through my frail skin.
Oh, how it's calling out my name, calling to me like the ground calls out to the sky where they meet at the horizon.
My attention belongs to you, just like it has all along.
Hesitant I am to reach out to you, for fear of being burned.
Hold my hands here, until the time is right.
Shimmer and glisten with fire glistening off of my skin.
I am right next to you, so don't shelter your light
Holding closer now, closer than ever.
Still, my hands, are not.
Hope is closer now, closer than ever.
Still my hands are trembling.
I remember the first time
I thought you were beautiful.
I also remember
the first time I told you so.
You looked at my crazy,
said, "Jo,
that's not something
you tell your boyfriend."
But what you didn't get
was that I wasn't talking
about your face.
I was talking about
remember when you told me
you didn't believe
in souls?
And I thought
How strange,
for him not to believe
in the masterpiece
he contains.

But I didn't say so.
Instead we talked about
the god you don't
fully believe in
and the hell
I don't think exists.
How could something
who made us out of love
condemn us, especially those
with such beautiful
remember when I told you
I was going to leave?
You sat down
and cried with me,
showing the emotion
I rarely saw.
And I'll admit,
I still don't feel
like "here" is "home."
And you still question God
and I still dismiss Hell
and you still
don't believe in souls.
But I do.
And God knows
that I'd go through
Hell and back
for yours.
I see you each night.
We sit cross-legged and wide-eyed
Staring into each other's souls.
You're so close I can feel your warmth.
I hear your breathing-
Calm and comforting.
I feel my heartbeat connect with yours.
I reach out to touch you,
I need to feel the electricity.
But you vanish-
I open my eyes to reality,
And you're still 600 miles away.
Would you ever hold the night
With just a single hand?
Would you ever let me go,
And make me understand?

Would you ever kiss me softly,
As if that kiss meant good-bye?
Would you hold me, oh so closely,
If I was to start to cry?

Would the tears I cried for you
Make you feel my pain?
Or would you not care for me one bit,
And my hurt would be in vain?

Would a simple question,
Remain unanswered?
Or if you were asked who you love,
Would I be your answer?

Would you keep your word
Of being always together?
Or would this lonely life of mine
Last forever?

If I told you I felt sad
Would you come be by my side?
If I was to get you mad,
Would it hurt you deep inside?

Don't ever tell me you don't care
Because I just know that isn't true.
If your heart decided to love someone,
   ...Would I be the one for you?
Unknown Poet
Sit and stay
Talk to me on this restless night
I know not your sorrow,
But trust me, dear,
I know mine
A few cuts, a few scars.
So, sit and stay
Let's whisper in this dusty car.

— The End —