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1.5k · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
She's very special to me
She always knows
I'm really here
For her and for myself
Once I first saw her
In that shop
My heart knew
I was sceptical at first
But quickly came around
Now we're closer
Than ever
1.2k · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
When you reach a new level
You feel joy
All the work you did
Finally showed through
And now you're on a new level
But now that you moved up
You don't see the tiny steps
You make anymore
You only see the floors
Going by one after another
But you got more joy
Out of all the little steps
Than all the floors combined
It's not like you don't want
To see them
It's  that you can't
1.2k · Mar 2015
My Little Ghost Cat
Kevin Haack Mar 2015
She just lays in my lap
Most of the time
When she doesn't
She plays with my hair
Bating it back and forth
She looks at me with her
Big hazel eyes
Her fur so soft
And pure
I'll never let her go
955 · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
He's usually so peaceful
But everyone has there
Breaking point
He snaps so quickly
Everyone stops
As he lets all the
Molten lava that has
Been eating at him
From within
But as quickly as he
Snaps he pulls himself
Back together
Back to the peaceful
Mr.Volcano we know
785 · May 2015
Missing Knight
Kevin Haack May 2015
No one likes a
Knight who returns
On time but they sure
Love one who's
They were both there
But one had to go back
The one that was sent
Home had to go through
The feeling of
Not being there
This knight began
To hate themselves
While the other
Was left there protecting
Their prize
They waited and waited
For the other knight
Rarely did they show
On the day of return
Everyone loved the
Missing knight
Though the knight
Had returned the other
Knight hate for themselve
Did not end
675 · Dec 2014
The Team
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
I was once proud
To be apart of it
It was something
I tried to promote
But that was when
I first joined
We weren't the best
But we had a blast
Over the years we become
Better and better
As a team but
At a coast
Our spirit seemed
To fade
Many were my
Friends but now
They dwindle in
What happened to
The Team?
667 · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
Such a weird combination
A demon and ghost
I flow by with a trail
of ice following behind
She flies through the
Air leaving a trace
Of her spirit
Our paths met
She didn't freeze
She could be see
We didn't trust
Each other
She had her
Throwing knives
I had my
Now we're inseparable
This is to us
558 · Jan 2015
Broken Mirror
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
They don't sew me
They only see the me
They want to see
They see do things
That seem bizarre
They can't figure it out
That I'm all the things
They see and more
514 · Dec 2014
She Calls
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
She calls me Mr.Demon
She calls me alot of things
I try to tend to her needs
But I seem to still fail
I welcomed her into
My frozen home
Yet she still cries
Her tears
Are the coldest thing
To ever touch me
Yet she still calls me
Over to be
By her side
494 · Feb 2015
Second Place
Kevin Haack Feb 2015
You'll get them next time
They always say that
I know its not true
no matter what
There's at least one
I could go the extra
Mile and some went
The extra two
Just knowing you are
Every single time
Is too much
463 · Apr 2015
My Team
Kevin Haack Apr 2015
I was always told
That being apart of a
Was the greatest thing
But when I look at
This one
I feel like we hold
Ourselves back
We manage to
Accomplish our goals
But time is never
In our favor
440 · Jan 2015
Wounded Healer
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
How did it all
Come back to this
Everything I tried
To escape my pain
Fails I'm bounded
To it all
Arrows shot by haters
Find there home
Inside my heart
All I can do is
Lick my wounds
The only thing is
I help ease others pain
439 · Nov 2015
Have you ever?
Kevin Haack Nov 2015
have you ever been told you're Gods gift
then right after be called a Devil's child?
have you ever ripped off someones Wings
because someone ripped yours off?
have you ever tried to clean your Wrapper
because yours wasn't the same Color?
I have
Now I hate myself forever
435 · Dec 2014
Grilled Cheese
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
It's amazing
How people take things
For granite
Some people don't see
The luxury of having
Some one cook for you
A minute ago
I was cooking
And the smell brought
A tear to my eye
Because it smelled
Just like the one
They never made
430 · Feb 2015
Mr.Volcano's Wall
Kevin Haack Feb 2015
We're his best class
Grade wise
That's it
Everytime he blows up
It only last a few minutes
At worst
His feeling running
Wild outside of him
For such a short time
Obsidian surrounds us
Trying to straighten us
Back into order
It only last the day
Before someone breaks
417 · Jan 2015
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
No not right
Maybe more light
No still not right
Something more flashy
More makeup
New pose
There now I can just barely
See the real you
412 · Jan 2015
Expect Failure
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
I've lived most of my life
Trying to meet others
Trying to do something
I know I can't
But they thinks it's
I'm forced to be
Reminded of my failures
For they are everywhere
397 · Jun 2015
Kights Oath
Kevin Haack Jun 2015
I may be afraid
But I'm strong
And bounded
By my oath
To protect
My Queen
388 · Jul 2015
Kevin Haack Jul 2015
I was once a strong
Smart even
I'm not as sharp
As I once was
My armor grows
But I can't bring
Myself to take it off
382 · Dec 2014
Closed Door
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
The door was made
To keep them away
And to keep me in
But a door is a door
It will soon
Crack  open or just
Fall apart
Once I saw it
The door started
To crack
I did everything
To reinforce it
But it started
Swinging an ax
slowly the door
Crumble into pieces
I knew every door
Will one day open
Now it holds out
It's hand and says
Come with us
But I'm not
Allowed to leave
It just nods
And sits down
The door maybe
In piece but
It still remains
Only one will like because only one knows
380 · Feb 2015
Kevin Haack Feb 2015
I put my
Heart and soul
Into it everyday
But they think it's
All a ******* joke
All the sweat and
I put into it
And they don't
Want to even make
An attempt besides
Showing up
360 · Feb 2015
Kevin Haack Feb 2015
I was once the best
I was always first
Everything was so easy
Understanding and
Prier knowledge
Helped me
But it soon caught me
Something similar
But all different
I began to fall
From my throne
But I will earn
My place at the top
349 · Jan 2015
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
Some people say I don't
Care about most things
They're half right
They say I have no
Thats true
I gave it to someone
They say I'm never happy
But they never  seen
Me witb her
340 · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
I am accused
Of being a fraud
In a world were you can be
Whatever you want
And yet
I try to impress them
Writing whatever I feel
So someone will see
My true intentions
I only started this
Because they said
it could that I
could be happy
But it only seems
looking at the number
Stay the same causes
An absents of feeling
I could sit down
And think for
Or even the rest of
My life
And I would be able to
Make a piece of work
Worthy for them
337 · Feb 2015
Lock Picker
Kevin Haack Feb 2015
She keeps trying
Each time she fails
In her mind
Why doesn't she see
That they've became
Apart of me?
She didn't even see them
Until I pointed them out
She tries too much
She needs to stop
And rest
311 · Dec 2014
Escaped Emotion
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
Everything seems to go so well
But then I do something to *****
It all up
Envy is such a strong feeling
It makes you do things
You wouldn't normally
I just can't help it
It all just comes out before
I have the time to think
And disaster stacks
I'm pretty good at keeping
My emotions in check
But that one
Because of this I hurt people
I love and then I start
Hating myself and
Imagine if was never here
308 · Jan 2015
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
Why would anyone
Want the knockoff
When they could have
Something better
They ignore me
Only noticing when
They want something
Being a knockoff *****
You're alway compared
To the original
306 · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
We all have our prisons
But whats the worse?
I don't know for sure
But I would have to say
Your own body
Sometimes I can feel
The harsh reality of me
Most of my emotion at times
Are locked away
No matter how much I try
I still act the same but just
With no emotion
But I think one day
I'll be released from this
305 · May 2015
Kevin Haack May 2015
I sleep alot
I don't mean to
I hate sleeping
When its not time
Everytime I wake
The feeling comes
My heart slowly
Pumps faster and then
I realize
I would never know
If my heart had
304 · Jan 2015
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
She just so
Her hair so calm
And steady
Her eyes so
Full of compassion
Now she does
Have her flaws
But my love for her
Is strong enough
To overlook those
301 · Dec 2014
What If?
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
What if everything would
Stop without the
Of someone?
What if all the wars
All the people who fought
In them were just
Pawns of pawns
for something
But even a pawn
Is important
They're always
Which makes them strong
But what if there was
A pawn that was nothing
More than just a
Or what if this is
All just in our heads?
300 · May 2015
They Lied
Kevin Haack May 2015
They said I could
Be anything
They said I could
Do anything
They were wrong
I try so hard
And what am I?
Only third rate
I could never be
The one they wanted
298 · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
They ask for so much
I always give
When I ask
And yet
They keep asking
Why do I help
When they don't
I guess I'm just
Hardwired that way
296 · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
I called her that
Mainly as a joke
But it seems
I've become a
She blamed herself
For something
I did
I told her
I'm  fine
Yet she still blames
I just don't know
How to help
My Master
287 · Feb 2015
Kevin Haack Feb 2015
I always seem to
Be there when they
They never notice
I always get the
Gossip of the day
They make the
Of gossiping in front
Of me
The gossip some how
Gets passed along
285 · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
Is that all we are
Numbers, a percentage
We're judge by that
Either the one we're
Born wih or the one
We created to
Define us
285 · Mar 2015
My Queen
Kevin Haack Mar 2015
As a knight
I must protect
My Queen
I'll be her servant
Until she no longer
Needs me
She'll never know
The sight of sorrow
Upon my face
Only the reassuring
Hope that everything
Will be ok
285 · Dec 2014
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
So fragile it can be
I'm often forget
How much it
Can take before
It breaks
It goes through
Years of abuse
For it's user
And repairs itself
To go through
It all again
282 · Mar 2015
Kevin Haack Mar 2015
They're all better
I can think of the most
Of thinks
But thats where they remade
As thoughts
Never to be seen
For I don't have the talent
But they do
282 · May 2015
Kevin Haack May 2015
Not until my Queen
Is truly happy
Will my armor
Come off
280 · Jul 2015
Ice Demon's Flames
Kevin Haack Jul 2015
I'm so filled with rage
I can barely control it
Sometimes I just want to
Explode from my ice body
I can make myself as cold
As I want but
You can still see the fire
In my eyes
280 · Feb 2015
Kevin Haack Feb 2015
Even thougb they aren't there
I can still feel them
The dead cold grip
Digging into my skin
Restricting my movement
Some see that I'm bounded
And ask
Why do I stil wear them
I tell them
If i take them off
New ones will take there place
The links may be broken
But I'm still bounded
276 · Jan 2015
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
It's one of the
Most beautiful
Things I've
It's so rich
And vibrant
I makes me
Want it
But it's bad
To have outside
Of it's holder
273 · Dec 2014
Middle Man
Kevin Haack Dec 2014
I'm not really the
Leader type
But people say I am
All I see myself as
Theone wh does all
The work some how
No matter what
It's me
Not even my group
That I choose
It's me
They all just sit there
And watch me
I'm never in the best
Of health but I
Never stop
I  have  to  keep  going
I tell myself
Never really resting
Always thinking
272 · Nov 2014
Demon of Ice
Kevin Haack Nov 2014
forced in isolation
freezing everything
but the wounded
yet they still run
it's cold claws
cutting through like a blade
but it's skin
protecting there host
268 · Feb 2015
Game Over
Kevin Haack Feb 2015
Its just so easy
Why do I try so hard
When I cos end it all
Its only a bit away
Ready to do the job
If I let it
Eyes turn into
Then it's over
266 · Jun 2015
Kevin Haack Jun 2015
My Queen has became
Afraid of this monster
I stood my ground
And fought it off
I didn't defeat it
She became
My sword
Cracked and chipped
My shield
Scratched and dented
As long as my
Was fine she wouldn't
Know that I was
Terrified of this monster
264 · Jan 2015
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
Everywhere you look
There's an infinite
Combination of colors
I want people to be hooked
But their gaze never last
I slave away with my knit
Of needles and thread
Trying to fix the torn
Blanket that our mothers
Worked so *******
piece by piece
260 · Jan 2015
She Saw
Kevin Haack Jan 2015
She saw me
She sees me
All the time but
Not like this
She saw me
In a weaken state
My shell
Was no more
260 · Jun 2015
Kevin Haack Jun 2015
You seek for a king
But all I am is a
A king no more
I've failed once before
So I made myself
Stronger but gave up
My crown
For my armor
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