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Kevin Haack Nov 2015
have you ever been told you're Gods gift
then right after be called a Devil's child?
have you ever ripped off someones Wings
because someone ripped yours off?
have you ever tried to clean your Wrapper
because yours wasn't the same Color?
I have
Now I hate myself forever
Kevin Haack Oct 2015
She does this all the time
Focusing on her on pain
She makes for herself
I go through so much
To make her happy but nothing
I've given up so many things
Made my body go through
So much pain and it's
No use
Kevin Haack Jul 2015
I'm so filled with rage
I can barely control it
Sometimes I just want to
Explode from my ice body
I can make myself as cold
As I want but
You can still see the fire
In my eyes
Kevin Haack Jul 2015
I was once a strong
Smart even
I'm not as sharp
As I once was
My armor grows
But I can't bring
Myself to take it off
Kevin Haack Jun 2015
I may be afraid
But I'm strong
And bounded
By my oath
To protect
My Queen
Kevin Haack Jun 2015
My Queen has became
Afraid of this monster
I stood my ground
And fought it off
I didn't defeat it
She became
My sword
Cracked and chipped
My shield
Scratched and dented
As long as my
Was fine she wouldn't
Know that I was
Terrified of this monster
Kevin Haack Jun 2015
You seek for a king
But all I am is a
A king no more
I've failed once before
So I made myself
Stronger but gave up
My crown
For my armor
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