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Keva Minus Jun 2015
I met love one summer that felt like spring.
When honey was sweet and all the honey bees lurked.
The butterflies would flutter and the birds would sing.
What were the odds of a love that could have worked?
I loved him that summer, a subtle love it was.
We blew like the breeze going our separate ways.
Like the wind summer was gone, just because…
The years went by, there remained the summer days.
I went through the years falling in lust.
Oblivious, Love was left in the summer breeze.
My heart was left in the rain to rust.
The rain rusted my heart with ease.
Broken like the wings of a dove.
Like a slaughtered sheep, I was thrown aside.
I never knew you, I never knew love.
Until I fell by the shore and was swept by the tide.
I was swept in your arms, you swept me away.
I fell back to the summer I always knew.
This summer love was here to stay.
Somehow I have always loved you.
The rust melted off my broken heart like butter.
You mended my heart with gentle fingertips.
I felt the breeze and loves sweet mutter.
Summer is here, sweet honey drips.
I met love one summer, and left it behind.
How could I search for love elsewhere?
I searched for love, and still I did not find.
Love was waiting for me in the summer air.
He always loved me, and he loves me still.
God created a love that I could not imagine.
I give you all of me, I love you until.
Until I die in the summer garden.

A poem I wrote a while back. This remains close to my heart always.

By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus Jun 2015
To him,

She was the sun☼

that covered his sky.

And that's the story behind his darkness❤
By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus Jun 2015
No one wants
the bitter truth!
And so we savor the lies
that drain from their lips like syrup.
Even syrup has that bitter taste at the end!

❁   ❁   ❁   ❁   ❁
By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus May 2015
We are at the tip of lust.
Trying not to fall in the arms of love.
And so we dangle!
When Lust becomes Love
By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus May 2015
Can I wear your heart?
Maybe I'll just try it on.
If it fits, it's mine!
Open up your heart to me.  Maybe we belong together....Maybe.
Love is such a gamble, you win some you lose some.
If you find a love that fits you perfect, try not to let it go!

By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus May 2015
We took a dive in the stars.
I made a wish, just one.
I begged the moon, just one more dance,
before we faced the morning sun.

Moonlight lovers, that's what we are.
We ache to be covered in the moon.
The lambency impels us to stay,
until the sunlight compels you home.

Last night rest on my lips, it throbs my pelvis.
You are the star covering my sky.
For we are lovers of the fervor night,
the owls awake and birds no longer fly.

We thirst for the passion that the moon brings forth.
We pine at the thought of the time that's left.
We don't want this to end ever,
and so we count the hours until sunset.

We are moonlight lovers,
We dance in the moon.
We are moonlight lovers,
Until your sunlight love comes home.
This poem is about the other woman/man that is in love/lust with a person that is committed to someone else.  

By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus May 2015
God will kiss away those silent tears.
He will embrace you with his promise.
And in this time of trouble, He is the arms that cradle your heart. He is the breeze that will cool your soul and bring you peace.

Your prayers have been answered before they left the earth. He hears the broken you. Your heart is heavy, it will dance like a feather. You will see! You'll be light as a feather!

God Knows,
God Knows,
And he shall fix it Darling.
My Mom Had a stroke, I'm praying for her recovery. My heart is heavy.
By: Keva Minus ©
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