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Mar 1 · 186
What's It All About?
Keith Wilson Mar 1
What's a cup of coffee?
'Nana' is it's name
They used to call me 'grandma'
but now it's not the same
Now I'm having a refill
I think it's coming now
So Sheila, take a bow
Jan 26 · 594
Keith Wilson Jan 26
I dropped my wifi
on the blackbird
and it didn't feel so good
I was worried about him
in the present climate
I thought I would leave the door open
so he could call anytime
Happy days!
Mar 2021 · 251
British Summer Time
Keith Wilson Mar 2021
British Summer Time

British summer time has begun
Clock’s gone forward forward one hour
It’s supposed to create more daylight
They won’t have to go to school in the dark
I remember during the second world war
putting them forward two hours
I keep one clock on the old time
and one on the new
and go by the sun
Mar 2021 · 212
Keith Wilson Mar 2021
The birds are flocking together
looking for a mate wherever
looking to build nests
then they can sit and rest
Soon they will have new chicks
then they’ll be chuffed to bits
Soon the chicks will fly away
and will be saying a goodbye to go to stay
It’s the same for us humans, you see
our families grow up and flee
Feb 2021 · 225
Keith Wilson Feb 2021
Is it a jumble of words
or a Haiku?
It could be a villanelle
or just plain verse
Perhaps it’s a ten-word poem
or a short short
It could be a short story
or the start of a novel
Does it have to rhyme?
poetry seems very popular
for reader and writer

Dec 2020 · 231
Keith Wilson Dec 2020
The storm was raging
Unsubtle changes!
The circumference of the area
was lit up by lightning
flashing down
in the blink of an eye.
All the birds were clustered together
It was quite scary
Dec 2020 · 187
Keith Wilson Dec 2020
The neighbours were organizing a street party
right in the middle
of Covid 19
Their closeness took my breath away
and my skin crawled
I had a word with one of them
but they were acting strange
forming a triangle across the street
I finally left
and went back indoors
Nov 2020 · 173
Keith Wilson Nov 2020
After going to the store for some greens
I took a walk up Farlton Knot
I needed a guide
The sky was was  a bright red flame colour
Probably some rain on the way
I didn’t stay long
I came down
and made my way home
Nov 2020 · 658
Dark Days
Keith Wilson Nov 2020
Dark days, it’s never light
I have the lights on all day
Night is starting to close in at four pm
At least it’s a quiet time of year
Nothing is stirring
Typical November
No sun, no moon, no stars
Nov 2020 · 118
In The Garden
Keith Wilson Nov 2020
I stood on the steps of our mansion
Hazel was busy doing the garden
She found a bird’s nest in the bushes
She finished folding the groundsheet
which was a relief to one and all
Nov 2020 · 170
A Close Call
Keith Wilson Nov 2020
I was stood by the window
feeling very brave at the fireworks
when  a flare etched into the stonework
close to the cinnamon ***
Oct 2020 · 282
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
Every line of this artful picture
showing smoke
rising from the floor
stealing to the surface
Oct 2020 · 268
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
I went to the bank
It was misty and raining
I arrived
needing some money
I had forgotten my pin number
probably stemming from the lockdown
Eventually I got it right
took my money
and went home
Oct 2020 · 208
It’s Over
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
I tossed a silver coin
which spilled across the floor
into the speck of dust
I told my lover
it was over
Oct 2020 · 185
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
A full screen of starlings
flew overhead
curling ‘round
then they melted
into the distance
It made my pulse race
for a few seconds
Oct 2020 · 945
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
The Covid here again, see
affecting both you and me
I think it will stay
and we all will pay
Aug 2020 · 415
Keith Wilson Aug 2020
I went to the bank
It was misty and raining
I arrived
needing some money
I had forgotten my pin number
probably stemming from the lockdown
Eventually I got it right
took my money
and went home
Jun 2020 · 155
Distant Fox
Keith Wilson Jun 2020
I was just coming out
of the glass house
when a fox came
from behind
the distant ash tree
I thought
he was wanting to bond
but hearing me
he ran off at high speed
Jun 2020 · 340
Keith Wilson Jun 2020
She looks through me
never seeing the love
I’m feeling for her
She’s tall and slim
with hair of sun
Her face, perfection
skin of rare complexion
that mouth unique
that will never speak to me
Jun 2020 · 216
Keith Wilson Jun 2020
I  was  stood  on  the  edge
of  a  precipice.
When  a  loud  clap  of  thunder
came  down  from  a  red  sky.
Then  it  turned  black
black  as  the  night.
There  was  certainly
a  lack  of  oxygen  in  the  air.
So  i  made  my  way  home
in  the  driving  rain.
Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.
Apr 2020 · 306
High Spring
Keith Wilson Apr 2020
Its a high spring

summer morning

the Daffodils  have been nice

now its the blossom

that's lighting up the countryside

I've been for an operation

so I must take it easy

in the coming weeks

The garden will soon be in full bloom

as summer comes

Mar 2020 · 446
Spring (10 word poem)
Keith Wilson Mar 2020
It's a lovely spring morning
good to be alive today
Keith Wilson Mar 2020
I went to the doctor today
and he wasn't in
Mar 2020 · 223
Keith Wilson Mar 2020
New locks at Birthwaite
Are we in or are we out?
We're never 'in there with a shout'
Builders working in the rain
wishing it was fine again
They are actually working very hard
Should be finished by end of March
Mar 2020 · 347
Keith Wilson Mar 2020
It's a nice fine morning
Could make a nice day
Feb 2020 · 189
Real or Fake?
Keith Wilson Feb 2020
is it real or is it fake?
Tommy Handley, four hundred pounds
How do we know it's authentic?
I suppose we will never know
They sign one card
then there's a big print-off
Feb 2020 · 205
No Gain
Keith Wilson Feb 2020
Poetry is a pain
there is little gain

We sit there for hours
talking about the flowers

When all is said and done
winter has not gone
Feb 2020 · 175
Keith Wilson Feb 2020
It's dark and dismal outside
as behind my window I hide
The rain comes down far and wide
nothing stops it, there is no guide
Rivers burst in their banks
Tidal waves all around
There's no boundaries, there's no thanks
water covering all the ground
People flooded in their homes
mopping up all alone
wading through the swirling foam
getting frozen to the bone
It will stop one day
but it seems we've all to pay
Feb 2020 · 767
Valentine's Day
Keith Wilson Feb 2020
Love is in the air
It's Valentine's Day
The day Saint Valentine
lost his life
Feb 2020 · 162
This Winter
Keith Wilson Feb 2020
It's still a relatively mild winter
I wonder what's to come?
February can be harsh in this part of the world
still night frosts though
Signs at the moment- it will stay mild
though we'll be lucky to escape the snow
Snow on the mountain tops
Feb 2020 · 415
Haiku (Wet)
Keith Wilson Feb 2020
Really wet morning
rain very heavy today
maybe dry later
Feb 2020 · 169
Haiku (Forecast)
Keith Wilson Feb 2020
Nice frosty morning
All the grass is very white
Should make a nice day
Jan 2020 · 417
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
The roofers are banging up above
making it stressful for the poets
We tremble with all the kerfuffle

As the roofers trail through the muddy garden
we wonder when they will be finished
As of now it is indefinite
Jan 2020 · 329
Haiku (Healing)
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
I fell through the hedge
I hurt my knees quite a bit
I'll soon be better
Jan 2020 · 283
Haiku (Spring)
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
Tree stands very tall
the leaves now in full blossom
waiting for summer
Jan 2020 · 158
The Football Club
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
The football club were ****** new talent!

One day the manager burst into the dressing room
"Where's young Todd" he said
he's gone missing again;
pity, he's such a cool player"

My friend turned to me saying
it was an enigma
Jan 2020 · 112
Horror (Haiku)
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
Burst into the room  
cool blood dripping from the vein
friend said: "Enigma"
This Haiku was written as a response to the weekly 'Obheal' Five-Word poetry challenge.  This last week's words were:  friend enigma blood burst cool
Jan 2020 · 97
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
On my holiday
I went to visit a cave

I was a bit apprehensive
but, tongue in cheek, I went inside

It was a large cave,
you almost needed a map

Feeling my way
I just hoped I wouldn't fall

It turned out ok
Jan 2020 · 382
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
I found out
my football coupon was void

There was me
thinking I had won

and going out
in a blaze of glory

For a few minutes
I wanted to sing

My head was in a spin
Jan 2020 · 239
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
I was busy
gluing pictures
into my scrapbook
when I came across
a lovely one
of a blackbird

I pasted it
in an instant

I found out that
was on January sixth

I also made a tryst
with the girl next door
Jan 2020 · 543
Win Win (Haiku)
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
I am wondering
a biscuit or a blueberry
Very tasty too
Jan 2020 · 299
Winter Garden (Haiku)
Keith Wilson Jan 2020
The garden's dormant
'til another springtime comes
which soon will be here
Dec 2019 · 441
Keith Wilson Dec 2019
As it was coming in dark
just in a moment
the starling flew into orbit
I think I will delete this page
Dec 2019 · 395
Christmas (Haiku) 01
Keith Wilson Dec 2019
A peaceful Christmas
All the best for the New Year
Keep safe 'til we meet
Nov 2019 · 669
Keith Wilson Nov 2019
I was reading this book
Was it an illusion?
I was drawn like a magnet;
I couldn not stop reading
I was bound to finish sometime
there was a problem
with the Quantum
Nov 2019 · 302
Keith Wilson Nov 2019
Dark days again
Noisy in here today
resting on the spine of my book
my head's in a spin
making things impossible
Nov 2019 · 309
Keith Wilson Nov 2019
Nice drop of rain Wednesday evening
will help the garden flourish
nice crop of Red Skin potatoes
No leeks this year to nourish
Nov 2019 · 454
In The Moon's Shadow
Keith Wilson Nov 2019
The old barn owl was on the wing
in line with the moon's shadow

I followed without a whisper
until he settled, in a nearby tree
Nov 2019 · 499
Keith Wilson Nov 2019
A large sycamore
stands tall
like a guardsman
on parade
Nov 2019 · 202
Mixed Feelings
Keith Wilson Nov 2019
I went to mingle at coffee morning
with mixed feelings
All I could hear were voices
echoing along the passageway

There was nothing really of note
We seem to be going through
an unsettled spell
at the moment
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