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Keith Wilson Nov 2020
I was stood by the window
feeling very brave at the fireworks
when  a flare etched into the stonework
close to the cinnamon ***
Keith Wilson Jul 2018
I was walking leisurely
one fine day
I found a shortcut
on the way
but it wasn't to be
I landed up under a tree
grazed my arm
and my knee
The root of the tree
I didn't see

A young lass lifted me
up from the grass
She was half my age
so I didn't mind
the fall
Shaking, she took me
home for tea
All because of the root
that I couldn't see
Keith Wilson Mar 2019
Time flies
In forty three days
I'll be eighty five
but I've been feeling old
since I was seventy nine
It's hard to concentrate
all the time
with this mind of mine
Keith Wilson May 2018
I met a man
with a bike
but he seemed to want
to hike
The road too dangerous to ride
the bike stayed by his side
The very sociable man
couldn't carry on with his plan
Keith Wilson May 2019
All my wrinkles will be gone
when I'm dead
free from worry
warm at last
Keith Wilson Nov 2018
Dinners doctors
and the
Social whirl
No time
for rhyme
Keith Wilson Mar 2019
Would we get away with anything?
I don't think so
we are all quite creative
Keith Wilson Apr 2019
Heavy rain
this morning
which is
very welcome
after a dry spell
Flowers standing up well
trees are lovely
shades of green
across the far lawn
Keith Wilson Sep 2019
The pigeons out in the open
taking a big risk
with sparrowhawks all around
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
Every line of this artful picture
showing smoke
rising from the floor
stealing to the surface
Keith Wilson Aug 2019
Death of my favorite Ash tree
Three men came and cut it down
with ropes and pulleys
they risked life and limb
A perfectly healthy tree
What is going on?
It has changed my view completely
Keith Wilson Nov 2018
Headlines in the news today
"Vicar robbed while away at prayer"
His wife had gone to visit their neices
while the burglars nicked their bits and pieces

As he preached peace and understanding
his house was stripped up to the landing
He was said to be sad and disappointed
his service on Christianity disjointed

The masked thugs are now long gone
as police have words with everyone
It really is a sign of the times
they get away with all these crimes
Keith Wilson Aug 2018
Autumn is just around the corner
quite a lot of rain
Some flowers starting to die back
Birds seem quieter now
The breeding season is over
Keith Wilson Sep 2018
The first day
of autumn
a cold dark
dank morn

a distant memory
and winter's
becoming born
Keith Wilson Sep 2019
Autumn is just around
the corner
quite a lot of rain

The flowers
to die back

Birds sing
quieter now

The breeding season
is over
Keith Wilson Aug 2016
Some  places  call  it
In  the  Autumn.

Some  places  call  it
in  the  Fall.

In  Cumbria  UK  we  say
in  the  Back  End.

Meaning  the  Back  End
of  the  year.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
Keith Wilson Feb 2017
I was sad  so sad
To see you go
Sad to hear
That whistle blow

I saw you sadly to the train
Knowing I'd never see you again

Another Lost love
Another Lost love
No farewell kiss
No tender hug
Just a heart of pain
And a waiting train

Lost Love Lost Love
Love Lost Lost Love

We hadn't long together
We changed just like the weather

As your train speeds away
There's nothing more to say

Another Lost love
Another Lost love
No farewell kiss
No tender hug
Just a heart of pain
And a waiting train

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere. UK  2017.
This is a re-write of an older poem and will become a song lyric
Keith Wilson Feb 2017
The  early  Azaleaus    are  blooming
in  the  garden.

A  rich  deep  purple  color.

Quite early in  late  February

But  we  have  had  a  very  mild  winter
here  in  the  Lake  District.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere. UK. 2017.
Keith Wilson Apr 2019
Two baby squirrels
bathing in the water fountain
in the early morning
Nature has its own way of keeping clean
then they ran off looking for food
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
I went to the bank
It was misty and raining
I arrived
needing some money
I had forgotten my pin number
probably stemming from the lockdown
Eventually I got it right
took my money
and went home
Keith Wilson Aug 2020
I went to the bank
It was misty and raining
I arrived
needing some money
I had forgotten my pin number
probably stemming from the lockdown
Eventually I got it right
took my money
and went home
Keith Wilson May 2018
Door opened
"Beg pardon"
said the lady
looking quite embarrassed
as she quietly
closed the door
Keith Wilson Aug 2019
I sat in my garden
having my effervescent
The supercilious lady
"Why weren't you at Bingo?"
I said
"It was nonsense"
Keith Wilson Nov 2017
In the early morning
sitting on our bench
a tiny willow warbler
comes around
very tame
hunting for food
Keith Wilson Apr 2018
I saw
the other side
of nature
A sparrow hawk
swooped down
took out
a pigeon
ate it all up
There were feathers
That was the cruel side
of nature
Keith Wilson Mar 2021
The birds are flocking together
looking for a mate wherever
looking to build nests
then they can sit and rest
Soon they will have new chicks
then they’ll be chuffed to bits
Soon the chicks will fly away
and will be saying a goodbye to go to stay
It’s the same for us humans, you see
our families grow up and flee
Keith Wilson Apr 2017
The rooks
Up the roof tiles
Like drunken men

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK  2017.
Keith Wilson Feb 2019
Everyone sat quiet
around the table
about death
or whatever
Keith Wilson Aug 2019
The pretty blackbird
foraging for food
on the big lawn
Keith Wilson Nov 2019
I was reading this book
Was it an illusion?
I was drawn like a magnet;
I couldn not stop reading
I was bound to finish sometime
there was a problem
with the Quantum
Keith Wilson Feb 2016
Autumn  leaves  bade  farewell
To  the  trees  they  have  adorned  so  well.

The  proud  trees  stood  with  all  their  colors
Now  all  hopes  dashed  by  autumn  weather.

The  leaves  now  blow  about  in  piles
Telling  us  that  winter's  nigh.

They'll  come  again  another  spring
New  hope  to  all  of  us  will  bring.

It's  the  same  in  human  life  you  see
New  babies  to  replace  you  and  me.

Nothing  or  nobody  lasts  forever
It  has  to  be  replaced.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
Keith Wilson May 2017
A  stiff  breeze
blowing  the  cherry  blossoms  away.
Petals  floating  into  space
like  tiny  butterflies.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK  2017.
Keith Wilson Mar 2021
British Summer Time

British summer time has begun
Clock’s gone forward forward one hour
It’s supposed to create more daylight
They won’t have to go to school in the dark
I remember during the second world war
putting them forward two hours
I keep one clock on the old time
and one on the new
and go by the sun
Keith Wilson May 2018
BT telephoned
six times at home
to sell me
a mobile phone

They wore me down
and then they charged
fourteen pounds

Now I've put it
back in the box
I'll send it as a gift
Pre postage paid
and even weighed
BT will pay for it
Keith Wilson Feb 2019
But why are we here on this earth
so full of greed
and money mad
Constant rumours of war
seem to keep things quiet
but I suppose
we'll put up with it
because there's never no solution
Keith Wilson Jun 2019
I'm stepping out
with the ladies
We'll make it
to the post office
We will!

I hope this stick
won't give out
because I'll be falling
all about

Got back
in a sweat
It's not time
to give up
on me

There were ladies
on my door
They thought
they'd find me
on the floor

I hadn't answered
the weekly call
I had a better offer
That's all!
Keith Wilson Mar 2020
New locks at Birthwaite
Are we in or are we out?
We're never 'in there with a shout'
Builders working in the rain
wishing it was fine again
They are actually working very hard
Should be finished by end of March
Keith Wilson Jan 2016
I  walked  past  my  old  house  today
it  had  changed -  new  modern  windows
And  doors.

The  garden  looked  the  same
Although  it  wasn't  as  well  kept  as  I  remembered  it.

I  passed  the  old  Co-op  shop
Where  I  started  work  at  fifteen.
Sadly  it  is  now  an  antique  shop.

I  climbed  Woodbank,  a  steep  hill  in   the  village
The  landscape  had  changed  little
Except  for  a  motorway  cutting  through  it.

The  old  canteen- where  I  used  to  deliver  groceries-
Had  disappeared  without  trace.

Also  the  indoor  tennis  courts  had  gone
Replaced  by  new  bungalows.

Yes,  a  lot  of  changes  have  taken  place
Since  I  left  in  1957.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.  

Keith Wilson Oct 2016
There,s  a  chill  in  the  air.
I  just  felt  it  out  there.
Autumn  introducing  Itself.
The  sun  came  out
for  a  fleeting  moment.
Then  it  turned
suddenly  chilly  again.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
Keith Wilson Dec 2016
Home is the place where all hearts turn
When Christmas comes again

The place that draws you through the fog
The snow the wind and rain

To take your place beside the fire
Wherever it may be

And hope for peace, and good cheer
And gay festivity

Year by year the same old words
Of greetings we repeat

But never seem to tire
When friends and families meet

So rejoice right through to Christmas night
And  over the world's dark shadows
Cast some some heavenly light

Keith Wilson. Windermere, UK 2016
Keith Wilson Dec 2019
A peaceful Christmas
All the best for the New Year
Keep safe 'til we meet
Keith Wilson Mar 2019
The Birthwaite Bards
Are we clever?
Or is it all in the mind?
People seem to like it online
but little response by the locals
Keith Wilson Jun 2019
"There is
a hole in the ozone layer"
they say
Sunshine in the spring
followed by
storms and high humidity
in July and August
Plants are blooming much earlier
Ice is melting
in the Antarctic
Keith Wilson Jul 2019
They say
"Climbing is the spice of life"
It would be
if we hadn't to carry
all this weight
It seems to be the trend
We will have to wait and see
There seems to be
a fair chance
Keith Wilson Jul 2019
I suppose they still do it
eight o'clock sharp
stamp your card
8:02 you are still alright
8:03 stamped in red
lost fifteen minutes pay
and so on
and so on

A regular 8:03
will have you in the office
for a good telling off
Keith Wilson Jan 2016
Clouds bring beauty to our skies
Causing brilliance at sunrise

White wispy clouds are very nice
Containing rain has solid ice

Lots of them can form a  sheet
To develop some storms that just might meet

Clouds make beauty at sunset time
Developing silver linings fine

Clouds are very important to us
Saving us from sunburn and skin cancers

Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson Mar 2016
We  had  a  strange  coffee  morning  today.
Instead  of  coffee  and  biscuits.
We  had  coffee  and  buttered  toast.
It  went  down  well  with  the  people.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
Keith Wilson Mar 2019
What is common land?
Owned by few
or an organisation
Permission to graze cattle
and the use of public footpaths
Not sure about tents and camping
One may need to ask some where
Boundaries by wall or fencing
I'd say a park is common land
you are allowed in it but don't own it
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
The Covid here again, see
affecting both you and me
I think it will stay
and we all will pay
Keith Wilson Dec 2020
The neighbours were organizing a street party
right in the middle
of Covid 19
Their closeness took my breath away
and my skin crawled
I had a word with one of them
but they were acting strange
forming a triangle across the street
I finally left
and went back indoors
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