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9.1k · Mar 2017
Keith Wilson Mar 2017
A lone tree stands out
Against the stormy sky

On the far side of
The lawn in our garden

Surrounded by snowdrops
Quite a pretty picture!

Keith Wilson March 2017
8.9k · Aug 2016
Keith Wilson Aug 2016
Passed  a  neglected  garden  of  late.
It  seemed  in  quite  a ­­ sorry  state.
Some  men  came  to  make  some  notes.
But  seem­ed  to  give  it  little  thought.
Up  on  high  the  grasses  gr­ow.
Beneath  the  windows  row  by  row.
The  other  plants  just­ ­ cry  with  pain.
I  guess  we'll  never  grow  again.
They  ha­ve­  taken  up  our  space  on  the  ground
Like  an  advancing  ­army  I'll  be  bound.
They  are  taking  our  water  Oh  my.
As ­ they  journey  to  the  sky.
Perhaps  it  soon will  be  resolved.­
And  peace  will  reign.
Once again

Keith  Wilson    Windermere.  UK.  2016­.
Some revisons
6.5k · Oct 2018
The Pessimist's Poem
Keith Wilson Oct 2018
If everything is going well
then something must be wrong
5.3k · Jul 2018
Keith's Rain Dance
Keith Wilson Jul 2018
Keith has done his rain dance
No more fun in the sun
Too much time in Egypt
until the war was done

Rain rain rain aplenty
all the drains are running empty
Like Santa's Rudolph always prancing
I will keep on rain dancing
5.0k · Aug 2017
Keith Wilson Aug 2017
When  you  are  young.
The  village  seems  only
one  field  away.
You  can  skip  it  in  no  time.

Middle  aged  it  feels
two  fields  away.
And  is  getting  a  bit  
of  a  bore.

When  you  are  old
it  seems  like  three  fields
Almost  Impossible  to  walk.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2017.
4.4k · Mar 2018
Keith Wilson Mar 2018
It's a dull cold March morning
No sign of spring
3.9k · May 2016
Keith Wilson May 2016
The  cherry  blossom  is
beautiful  this  year.

Thick  pink  clumps  covering
all  the  trees.

Should  stay  nice  for  awhile
If  the  weather  remains  calm.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK  2016.
3.6k · Mar 2017
My Garden Prayer
Keith Wilson Mar 2017
I love my little garden Lord
Which you have given me
I thank you for this heaven
Where I can feel so free

I pray each night to give me strength
To sow more wondrous seeds
And for you to bless the birds
Who fly right in to feed

I bless you for my sight and smell
To enjoy the flowers so
And all the bees and butterflies
Who gently come and go

So bless my little garden Lord
It gives me peace and joy
For I have prayed each night to you
Since I was just a boy

Keith Wilson  Windermere. UK.  2017.
This is a rewrite of an older poem
from  Jan 1st  2016.
3.1k · May 2017
Keith Wilson May 2017
A  stiff  breeze
blowing  the  cherry  blossoms  away.
Petals  floating  into  space
like  tiny  butterflies.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK  2017.
3.0k · Apr 2016
Keith Wilson Apr 2016
He  stays  with  us  in  winter  storms
And  when  the  garden's  bleak
He  hops  around  in  sleet  and  hail
Appearing  pale  and  weak.

But  once  the  days  begin  to  lengthen
And  the  worst  of  winter's  gone
He  perches  high  up  in  a  tree
And  begins  his  joyful  song.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
2.6k · Oct 2016
The Stream
Keith Wilson Oct 2016
I walked along the mountain stream
Where dancing sunbeams shone and gleamed

It was such a peaceful place
The gentle breeze carressed my face

I came across a country stile
Where I could sit and think awhile

Far  away  from  this  dangerous  world
The  natural  beauty  just  unfurled.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK  2016.
2.5k · May 2016
Keith Wilson May 2016
A  beautiful  laburnum  tree
as  just  come  into  flower
outside  my  window.
Drooping  clusters  of
yellow  flowers.
Hanging  down  like  jewels
on  a  chain.
Truly  beautiful.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
2.4k · Jun 2016
Keith Wilson Jun 2016
A  flock  of  wild  geese
have  just  flown  by.

Very  pleasing  
to  the  eye.

I'm  in  the  heart
of  nature  here.

Quite  content
with  little  fear.

Mother  nature  works  away
something  new  turns  up  each  day.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK. 2016.
2.4k · May 2016
Keith Wilson May 2016
Went  down  to  the  lake  today.
The  vast  expanse  of  water
shimmering  under  the  baking  sun.
Had  some  food  and  drink
sat  on  a  bench.
The  swans  came  up  from  the
water  begging  for  food.
Truly  amazing  how  they
cope  on  dry  land.
. Slender  legs  supporting
a  bulky  body  mass.
They  certainly  belong  
in  the  water.
Crowds  of  people  about
mainly  Chinese  tourists.
Really  warm  day.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
2.3k · Mar 2017
Me The Pen
Keith Wilson Mar 2017
I am a pen
Safe in a warm hand
I can write poetry short stories
Even novels
And I am always put away safely
Ready for the next time.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2017.
Inanimate object poem...... I like to write these
2.3k · May 2017
The Creeper
Keith Wilson May 2017
A creeper once was planted,
On a cold North-facing wall,
The gardener wanted her to spread,
To cover the bricks and all.

In the weeks that followed,
She strove her best to grow,
But the sun was so unkindly
And the frost so cruel so.

Alas, one day a child at play
Broke off her slender stem.
'It's no use' she cried
'I'll never grow again.'

But she was so courageous,
A brave, hidden spirit she found
And started sending up new shoots,
Directly from the ground.

One day she got her just rewards,
For all her courage and strife,
The gardener came and transplanted her,
To start a brand-new life.

Now on a warm, South-facing wall,
Where the sun kissed her all day
And the gentle breeze caressed her,
She grew and grew away.

She grew so strong and beautiful
And when the tale is told.
Her crown of joy was autumn,
With her leaves tinged red and gold.

Keith Wilson . Windermere  UK  2017.
2.3k · Aug 2016
Keith Wilson Aug 2016
Zopiclone is a marvellous
Take one then get down
Wake refreshed for another
Keep the gremlins far
The doctor says “You’ll get no
His message now is in

Keith Wilson  August 2016
2.3k · Nov 2017
Keith Wilson Nov 2017
It was a lovely frosty morning
especially fine
for November
2.2k · Sep 2016
Our Poetry Group Birthwaite
Keith Wilson Sep 2016
Only four of us today
We can have some tea and don't have to pay

Poems are ready to display
Who will start to read today

Poems on love, poems on war
Poems on strangers at the door

Minds are working oh so fast
From the first poem to the last

We put them up on a screen
Where all our poems can be seen
2.2k · Dec 2016
Keith Wilson Dec 2016
Passed  the  lake  last  evening.
It  looked  dark,dank  and  threatening.
In  the  fast  fading  light.
The  moody  mountains  stood  tall.
With  thick  mist  swirling  across.
In  ghostly  fashion.
A  complete  contrast  to  the  summer  view.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.

2.1k · May 2016
Keith Wilson May 2016
A  pheasant  is  strutting
around  my  garden  today.

He's  a  very  beautiful  bird
and  he  knows  it.

Strutting  around  as  if
he's  the  king.

Calling  out  now  and  again
disregarding  all  the  other  birds.

I  must  be  close  to  nature
with  him  in  the  garden.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
2.0k · Jul 2016
Keith Wilson Jul 2016
And  when  his  usefulness  had  gone.
They  just  cast  him  aside.
And  on  the  final  downhill.
He  began  to  slide.

Rejected  after  all  his  work.
Visions  now  all  gone.
He  knew  full  well  his  time  was  near.
He  knew  he  had  not  long.

As  an  old  man  disillusioned.
And  weary  from  his  fight.
He  spent  in  sad  remembrance.
His  final  lonely  night.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
2.0k · Sep 2016
The Lie
Keith Wilson Sep 2016
Everywhere I go
Everybody wants to know
"Where's the lady"
They all ask
I answer, hiding behind a mask
Of smiles and laughs,
And say to them:
"She's gone, she won't be back again;
I don't care"
And shrug my shoulders.
But now my life is so much colder
I walk alone, the crowded streets
And tell my tale to friends I meet
Then I turn, walk on with the truth
With tear-filled eyes
I think of you
2.0k · Apr 2017
Keith Wilson Apr 2017
The  tulips  lift
smiling  faces
To  the  afternoon  sun.

­Keith  Wilson  Windermere  UK  2017.
10  words.
2.0k · Dec 2015
Keith Wilson Dec 2015
friendship  buds  and  blossoms.
just  like  a  summer  rose.
friendship  brings  an  abundance.
of  happiness  and  joy.
friendship  cant  be  stored  away.
with  being  shared  it  grows.
friendship  is  sustaining  .
as  autumne  leaves  do  fall.
nurse  that  friendship  gently.
its  worth  its  weight  in  gold.
keith Wilson 2015
2.0k · Jul 2016
Keith Wilson Jul 2016
The  Deluge

Heavy  thundery  rain
Cascading  down  from  the  heavens.

The  sheer  volume  of  water
Causing  a  sinister  mist  across  the  rooftops.

A  waterfall  suddenly  fell
In  front  of  my  window.

The  gutters  unable  to  cope.

For  a  few  moments
It  felt  like  the  end  of  the  world.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
1.9k · Jul 2016
Keith Wilson Jul 2016
Another  day  is  over.
Another  day  is  done.
This  week  went  past  so  quickly.
This  week  went  by  so  fast.
My  life  has  gone  so  quickly.
Old  men  told  me  so.
And  now  I  tell  the  young  men.
That  life  to  quickly  goes.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
1.8k · May 2016
Keith Wilson May 2016
The  large  Ash  tree  in  my  garden.
I  thought  it  was  dead.
I  told  everyone  it  was  dead.
Now  It's  suddenly  sprang  to  life.
Very  late  though  nearly  end  of  May.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
1.8k · Jun 2016
Keith Wilson Jun 2016
Is it true what the scientists say
That life on earth will end one day?

I guess that they are probably right
There'll be no day, there'll be no night

The ozone layer is full of holes
Rising temperatures melting ice floes

Will we perish in enormous Floods?
The thought of it just chills the blood

Or will earthquakes bury us out of sight
Will fire devour us without a fight?

Storm and tempest, some folk say
Will make us kneel in final prayer

The forecast? Now  I'll give you mine:
It will end in two thousand and seventy nine

Keith Wilson            June 25 2016
1.8k · Apr 2017
Keith Wilson Apr 2017
The sun set beautiful
Red and orange
Mixed across the sky

Keith Wilson April 2017
1.8k · Feb 2019
Keith Wilson Feb 2019
But why are we here on this earth
so full of greed
and money mad
Constant rumours of war
seem to keep things quiet
but I suppose
we'll put up with it
because there's never no solution
1.8k · Dec 2016
Christmas At Home
Keith Wilson Dec 2016
Home is the place where all hearts turn
When Christmas comes again

The place that draws you through the fog
The snow the wind and rain

To take your place beside the fire
Wherever it may be

And hope for peace, and good cheer
And gay festivity

Year by year the same old words
Of greetings we repeat

But never seem to tire
When friends and families meet

So rejoice right through to Christmas night
And  over the world's dark shadows
Cast some some heavenly light

Keith Wilson. Windermere, UK 2016
1.8k · Apr 2017
Valley Of A Thousand Hills
Keith Wilson Apr 2017
There is a truly magical valley
Up to the north part of the Lakes District
As you pass through
Each side seems to have individual mountains
As the sun filters and dazzles
With swirling mists
That move around in ghostly fashion
Perhaps we could call it
The  valley of a thousand Hills
Keith  Wilson.  Windermere. UK  2017.
1.8k · Jun 2017
Keith Wilson Jun 2017
The  daises  within  the  grass  are  sleeping.
While  slight  fr­osts  up  above  are  seeping .

They  are  waiting  for  the  new  born  sun.
Then  they  will­  arise  and  have  some  fun.

They  shine  and sparkle  all  day  long.
Till  the  departing  sun  has  gone.

A­s  the  day  has  run  its  course.
They  settle  down  without  ­remorse.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2017.
1.7k · May 2016
Keith Wilson May 2016
My  next  door  neighbor
as  just  died.
I  knew  he  was  dying.
But  it  still  came  as  a  big  shock.
I  was  just  thinking.
Life  is  so  fragile.
You  can  be  snuffed  out
at  any  given  moment.
R.I.P.  Norman.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016
1.7k · Apr 2016
Keith Wilson Apr 2016
While I was asleep last night
Someone's painted the whole world white
They've turned the raindrops into ice
Like pretty jewels they look so nice

Pretty patterns on my windowpane
Perhaps the fairies have been again
Icy flowers and ferns are there
Fairy foliage everywhere

The dormant garden sprang to life
A pretty picture overnight
See the trees and bushes all
Decked as for a fairy ball

Daddy says it isn't so
Fairies disappeared years ago
If they were ever here at all
It's just the harsh winter weather, that's all

Mummy says “They may have been”
But I shouldn't delve into things unseen
I'll be watching out for them all right
They may return in dead of night

Keith Wilson
1.7k · Aug 2016
Keith Wilson Aug 2016
The  first  signs  of  autumn
are  appearing  this  morning.

The­  sky  is  a  paler  blue
with  ominous  dark  clouds  all  aroun­d.

The  birds  are  much  quieter  too.
although  I  did  hear  ­a  pair  of  mallard  ducks  crying  out.

The fleeting sun across the lawn
Is quite pleasant

The  Invasion  of  house  flies
seem  to  have  subside­d.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
1.7k · Aug 2018
Maggie's Blueberries
Keith Wilson Aug 2018
Blueberries on the table stand
waiting for some hungry hands
One by one they disappear
There must be more than this here

Maggie's handing them around
They disappear without a sound
Some eat them one at a time
Others three or four or nine

The plastic bottom is starting to show
as Maggie takes another row
They didn't last all that long
and we'll be sorry when they're gone
1.7k · Jan 2016
Keith Wilson Jan 2016
It's  a  nice  crisp  frosty  morning.
All  is  still, no  wind.
Trees  and  bushes  motionless.
Birds  rushing  around  hunting  for  food.
Sky  clear  with  a  hint  of  sunshine.
We  must  make  the  most  of  it.
Rain  and  wind  is  waiting  in  the  wings.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK  2016.
1.7k · Jul 2018
War Story
Keith Wilson Jul 2018
It's ok to grow a beard
these days
It's all the fashion
I remember a chap in the army
put on a charge
for missing one whisker
while shaving
My how things have changed
1.7k · Aug 2016
Keith Wilson Aug 2016
Thanks  everyone  for  all  your  support.
I  cannot  keep  up  with  all  the
It,s  truly  wonderful.
Thanks  very  much  again..

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
1.7k · Mar 2017
Keith Wilson Mar 2017
A little man sat by my bed
As I lay there full of dread
I said "Do you ever sleep?"
The sight of him just made me weep

He lifted up his little cap
Then asked me what I thought of that
I said "Why don't you go away
And not come back another day"

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK  2017.
1.6k · Jun 2016
Keith Wilson Jun 2016
It's  raining.
What  a  lovely  morning
after  all  that  sun.
The  Mallard  ducks  are  out.
I  can  breathe  again..
It  became  too  warm.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
1.6k · Dec 2016
Keith Wilson Dec 2016
Happy  Xmas. Everyone.
And  best  wishes
for  the  New  Year.
Many  thanks  for  all  your  support.
Take  care.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
1.6k · Nov 2016
Keith Wilson Nov 2016
A  group  of  maples
stand  proudly  in  the  village.

A  vivid  deep  scarlet  in  color
truly  magnificent  trees.

Very  pleasing  to  the  eye.
You  have  to  catch  the  moment  though
Sadly  the  beauty  soon  fades.

As  seen  in  October.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK  2016.
1.6k · Mar 2017
Keith Wilson Mar 2017
When  you  go  down  there.
The  settings  so  grand.
And  you  might  see  my  friend  there.
Playing  in  his  band.

The  sun  minting  coins
on  the  surface  is  grand.
Casting  shadows
across  on  the  land.

The  setting  so  grand  there.
And  fills  you  with  hope.
In  this  mad  world.
It  helps  you  to  cope.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK. 2017.
1.6k · Oct 2016
Keith Wilson Oct 2016
Water  rushing  down  the  drains.
And  through  windswept  country  lanes.

Trees  brushing  water  away  with  their  leaves.
Birds  sheltering  under  the  eaves.

Pools  on  the  lawn  appear.
It,s  a  dreadful  night  I  fear.

Pitch  black  little  to  see.
A  new  day  may  set  us  free.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
1.6k · Jan 2016
My Garden Prayer
Keith Wilson Jan 2016
I love my little garden, Lord
Which you have given to me
I thank you for this haven
Where you can set me free

I pray each night to give me strength
To sow more wondrous seed
And for you to bless the pretty birds
Who fly right in to feed

I bless you for my sight and smell
To enjoy the flowers so
And all the bees and butterflies
Who gently come and go

So bless my little garden Lord
It gives me peace and joy
For I have prayed each night to you
Since I was just a boy

Keith Wilson
Windermere, UK 2016
1.6k · Aug 2016
Pedal Power
Keith Wilson Aug 2016
As I strolled through the park
A very small boy was having a lark

A very small boy on a very small bike
Flying past nearly in the ****

As I came back from the store
He was going faster more and more

He flew past me like a bat out of hell
I jumped off the path and nearly fell

As he disappeared from sight
I wondered would he be all right
1.6k · May 2016
Keith Wilson May 2016
I  love  to  walk  the  garden  long.
When  all  the  winter  storms  are  gone.

Yes,  snowdrops  are  the  first  to  show.
Majestic  heads  come  with  the  thaw.

Blankets  of  crocus  are  quite  a  sight.
Pushing  upwards  towards  the  light.

Colorful  daffodils  like  soldiers  stand.
The  finest  regiment  in  the  land.

In  June  the  roses  in  fancy  dress.
Reveal  their  splendor  for  the  sun  to  caress.

Dewdrops  form  as  summer  fades.
As  sharp  east  winds  sweep  up  the  glade.

The  flowers  then  close  their  weary  eyes.
And  sleep  once  more  till  spring  arrives.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
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