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kfaye Mar 28
keep me_

meat-space pilgrim, i.
kfaye Mar 28
counting the world on your fingers
kfaye Mar 27
The ultimate thing?

You use what ever you have
You do what ever you can
You artifice Art

No more -no less
Nothing better has ever been attempted.
Attempt it.
Every single second. The world needs it
kfaye Mar 27
the roadrash of the path ahead
mars the viable skin graft of
her tender side-
haunch forward,
too towards the future to care and
kfaye Mar 27
And what I have seen is that it is always exactly what it has always looked like

Gut get good and go do some
We need it.
kfaye Mar 27
31 is the new dead
I’ve had a glas of *****
And the only promise I’ll ever ask of you
Is to play iron and wine - trapeze *******
At my funeral if I die before you

Promise 1.5 :
Slap anyone who is not listening and just talking, right in their useless open eyeballs

Until next time,
Signing out-

The bad good kid,
The one who almost found home
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