Keasbey May 29

We've shared many goodbyes.
Some that we thought was the end.
We've thought that this was it.
Many tears were shed.
The same hearts broken over and over.

When will our goodbyes mean something?
When will I see you again?
When will we depart from each other?
When will our lips meet again?

I can't help but miss you every day.
You dream of my arms around you again.
I listen for the softness of your voice.
You call and I come.

I can't help but noticed this last time,
Our last words,
We never once said goodbye,
Instead exchanged "I love you's."

Maybe I'm looking too much into it,
Maybe I'm staying far too hopeful. My clothes still smell like you.
My biggest regret is leaving when you asked me to stay.

Keasbey Apr 20

Feel good movies only last two hours,
What else are you going to do with the rest of your waking hours?
Deep cuts deep thoughts.
Fill my time up with unproductive shit.
I can't hate myself,
But I can't look at myself in the mirror either.
I remind me of you.

Keasbey Apr 18

No boy will ever love you like I do,
Your every interest is my own.
No one will ever care for you as much as I do.
I'll always carry you back home.

I'll never love anyone more.
You trump all who stand in my way,
For you find your strength in me,
And I in the Lord our God.

You're the first thought when I wake,
The last when I sleep.
You're the why in my stake,
You're the thorn in my heart so deep.

No matter the life you lead,
No matter the mistakes you make,
No matter what happens to you,
No matter what you do,
Love knows nothing greater.

Anything I make,
It's for you.
Anything that I am,
It's for you.
Anything that I've been blessed with,
It's all for you.

My dawn and my morning dew.
My early Christmas morning.
My love I thought I knew.
You are mine, and I am yours.

You're the love of my life.
I'm the protector of your soul.
You're the pride in my labor.
I am your love eternal.
Your father, forevermore.

A love letter to my daughter
Keasbey Apr 9

Sunlight bleeds through misty cloud,
Your love shines through and goes abound.
Your mercy reigns like drops of water,
Your love for me burns all the hotter.

My heart does cry for you aloud,
In you my hope and dreams are found.
The LORD my God's name do I praise,
Dear Christ my king show me your ways.


Christ is my only need.
Keasbey Apr 6

Friend of a friend, on the television
You came over the house
In a pretty looking' blouse
Looking around, Humming Joy Division.
You looked so harmless
With your hands in your pockets
Smiling at me
While you laugh in the darkness.

Keasbey Apr 5

Paint and water,
To a faulter.
Naked before me,
Hard to capture.

Canvas lines,
Put in time.
Turn around,
Beckon me now.

Charcoal and pencil,
They're my utensils.
Your form on my page,
Love shines through.

Kiss your forehead,
You blush in your bed.
I tuck you in,
Love knows no bounds.
Turn around.

Just a poem about an artist and his wife.
Keasbey Apr 5

Lost in a vacuum of space.
I reach out but I grasp at air.
My feet dangle in the free fall,
At the mercy a motionless suspension.
Someone once told me these are how dreams are achieved.
I am, however, tempted to panic.

There's only the glimmer of faith that my feet will find solid ground.
I hold onto that faith that sustains me through the seasons of unrest.
Take heart,
It's not over.

This is the Lord's standard procedures.
In order to shape you,
You must be beaten soft.
He gave me the cup,
I might as well drink.
After all,
I take it knowing it just might have a sweet aftertaste.

The Lord lead me to it, He'll take me through it.

It's hard to have faith when you're in the thick of emotional distress, but like being the leader of a rowboat, you can't see what's ahead of you, only where you've been.

Then you can see all of his Blessings in retrospect.
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