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Kaylee Duquette Jul 2015
The sound of the wind as it hit your face
It was that sound that left me to waste
Away in the silence of my heart
Never to open up and tear my thoughts apart
For my friends and family have no delay
I will not make them stay
And waste away their lives
They will not shout out any cries
For they have done nothing to me
All they've done is make me happy
I should be thankful
But I thrive in the sinister hope that they'll miss me
That the image of my face will buzz like a bee
In the craziness of their minds
And they will soon realize
That they've lived a life of lies
Kaylee Duquette Jul 2015
I hate you, I hate him
Loving you must have been a sin.
It's killed me, but cured me,
How could that be?
Your lips were the perfect dose of love,
Your words were the knives that cursed our fate.
Your eyes, your face, I would soon learn to hate.
You promised you'd never leave,
Now I'm here,
wiping tears on my sleeve.
Hoping that one day,
I'll wake up,
And it'll all just be a dream.

— The End —