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Feb 2017 · 408
My Sun
Kate R Urse Feb 2017
You are the sun
You shine brilliantly
And steal the gaze of everyone on this Earth

You give warmth, you allow beauty to be beholded
And are a beauty to behold in yourself

You, the sun, are the center of our universe,
Gravitating everything towards you

But you burn my eyes.
Your light and goodness glares into them
Blinding me at times

I attempt to wear shades, I attempt
I attempt to look away

But as soon as I do you’re reflected in a window
Your light, the sun’s light, pierces my gaze, Burning my eyes.

And yes, you are the center of our universe, my universe
But why is that a good thing?

You, the sun, get to shine and share your brilliance,
You get to make people happy

All people, except for me
I stand, with your light shining in my eyes, burning them
Blinding them, making it impossible to see anything else
Making me love the darkness of the nights.
The nights where I steal your glory temporarily as a star.
No one may notice, and no one may stay to watch,
But those nights are glorious, allowing me to glow bright, something you, the sun, taught me to do

But you soon rise from the other side of the Earth
Covering my light once again.

Did you know that stars never really disappear, you just can’t see them because of the sun?
I did.

— The End —