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Kassana May 2016
The noise we make
the shrieks remain timeless
forever ringing my ears
the silence is deafening

The skin we shred
nails tearing into flesh
breaking it into clay
for a new birth

The world we destroyed
drowning our eyes
killing our reflections
breaking our coiled nature

The love we had
I want all our pieces together
I want us to burn ourselves
wear the earths ashes as crowns

The heaven we created
the sand dunes of hell
will know your name
as I extinguish it with your memory
Kassana May 2016
it is hard to search for you amidst straws
broken flowers and burnt wood
charred hands and worn face

how does a man know he's alive mother?

we fight and die
we rise and lay our swords
we hurt and give birth

how does a man know he's loved mother?

through her eyes
her whisper
her healing touch

how does man know he loves mother?

by tearing out his eyes
cutting his torso
let the world know you're defeated

I have loved her mother

I have loved to the peaks of ecstasy
til my self was sand
til my heart became an ember

mother, take me back

you will be born again
in her womb
with eyes that know her like you did before
Kassana Aug 2014
I am sorry for all the hurt
The drama
I should have just let us be
The place where it just is
And where we truly belong
Things should follow their natural course
I believe they will
I have to
As that saturday just came into being
Magically and mystically
My faith is based on that
Not muslim
But my faith is now called Saturday
Whatever that divine bolt of lightening was
And whatever will happen
Will happen
When it needs to
Leave it be

We love
Love of things
Hearts and minds
Looks and common characters
Similar passions and likes
Someone may like her smile
Her humour
Or just the way she looks
All of these things make us fall in love
How they make us laugh
How they make us cry
How we enjoy their company
How we enjoy the same likes and dislikes
Love of their families
Love their money
And dreams and words
But they will all one day fade
Money will
Looks will
Similar hobbies will
Friendship will

Even Love will.

But then I ponder at you
It was never a love for any of these things
And paradoxically it became love of all these things
You exist without me and with me
And I without you and with you
But as imperfect as we both are
Together we are perfectly imperfect
People find each other
Bump into each other
And make each other fit
Like puzzles
Sometimes force each other to fit
But as the universe was created
And gases formed
And worlds created
At the first existence of consciousness
You were there
And so was I
There's something I know when I'm with you
But forget when you're not here

I don't love you for anything other than just you existing
However you are
Whoever you are
Just be
Only then the puzzle settles
And you and me become
The rustle and tussle
Of our tormented beings
Is a fire burning
But I know one thing
You are the coolness of my soul
And the demons who howl within
Quieten and dampen
When we're together
This conflict will anger the world
Us being together
May not happen
Cannot happen
Or may happen
Will happen
Either way
I know this
Gods finger comes down
He himself forces all his energy
Like magnets forcing us together
A presence so strong, saying
A bolt of lightening saying
"I am here"
Must have been what Jesus felt like
When he got revelation
Knowing nobody would believe him
Who would believe us?
That is what I know
The rest is not our fault
All I can do is love you
And know what we both know
I don't expect anything
Just that I love you
That the revelation is real
The rest is not our fault
I know what I want
But in the end
There is one truth
The rest is lies
The rest is not our fault
I. Am. Here. Now.
I exist in that breath
I exist in that sigh
You walk that razor
Walk the water with me
Like we used to
Like we do
When we remember
The rest is not our fault
Forgive me
Hate me
Leave me
But know when you're away
We'll both be walking that razor
When you're here
There's something we both know
But for now, let it be
Let's just see
Kassana Jun 2014
There was a memory
Where I thought I knew you
We were lovers
Swimming in each others souls
Your skin melted into mine
Your eyes scorched into mine
My dearest and only love
If only you knew of our memory
The long walks
Time stopping
Hearts beating as one
Your touch
Your kiss
Where your arms stopped and mine began
Entangled hair
Sweaty skin
Breathing sighs
If only you were someone else
Then I wouldn’t write this
The blood that runs through this city ours
The rain tastes salty because of us
Each night the sun is gone
But now the moon reminds us of something forgotten
I am now your barren moon
I beg you for your sunlight
Waiting to die
Oh my heart
I will wait and die
With my eyes wide open
Kassana Nov 2013
And it's over
I have killed it
I have taken the heart out
and placed it between the darkness and the hate

I remember our dance
breaking time
the floors we sprayed blood on
and the corners we cried in

we have drunk up all the oceans
ruptured all our vessels

I will never cry for you
for if I did
I would burn every poem ever written
every word of love that ever blossomed

to see you in others arms.
I know how the desert feels to water
oceans will dry my love
and the earth will be scorched

my death will be sung
birds will cry in the sky
shadows will die
clouds will vanish

and we will lay there
like we did always
as if forever


— The End —