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May 2017
I shriek her name
At the loudest part of my soul
Hoping time will reverberate my echo
So she hears it
The same way it flows through me

Shadows of the past
Fragmented memories of torture
Burn me whole
The way we looked at each other
Strands of hair
The smell of lips
The taste of wine
That cursed alley we walked
These cursed streets that haunt our feet

I drank from that cup
That only the wretched truthful ones drink
I saw the earth shake
Time standing still
All our demons vanish
A perfect solitude
A strife so venomous
That walking away
Would be heresy

I now curse all the angels
And all those who utter gods name
You have not seen the divine
I have
I know what the devil feels
How dare God show himself to me

Burn me
So my embers
Become a crown on her head
So that she remembers that once
She kissed the devil
Written by
Kassana  London
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