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Kaila George Sep 2016
Christmas as come and gone
Recovering from all that
Lovely food and wine
And every year
The board game comes out
Love those board games
Dont you just love Christmas

I MAY NOT know
Anyone here
But I do wish you
Christmas cheer
And a wonderful New Year
Written last year
Kaila George Sep 2016
I'm ******* with whats happened

I want to scream I want to shout

I have lost my parents but to lose one of my siblings

Its to close for thing we will be thinking...whos next...gah

Her and I have this love hate all siblings do....smiles

We yell and scream at each other....but we always sit and talking things out

She is the one that I have always had difficulty talking to

perhapes thats why I write....smiles

I just dont know what to think right head is in a whirl...its confusing...why her...sigh

Dear God...

I ask you to watch over her
Protect her...make sure she is ok
bring her back home...if not then...sigh
Gawd hate to think like this but its possiable
Guide her to my parents arms...sigh!!!!!!


Night all.
I wrote this when my sister was in hospital she passed away over two years
Kaila George Sep 2016
This poem was written when my sisters passed away one year apart sigh. REPOSTING

I cant think
I cant breath
I cry at night
Were no one can see
I feel like a part of me is no more I look around and I cant see you're smiling faces
Were is that....


Were is the one who
Spoke from the heart

RIP dear sister's

NB: Tai was always able to write from her heart that brigtened our lives will miss you both my dear sisters

Rei was my other sister name.
Kaila George Sep 2016
Lost in thought
I wonder around
Thinking to myself
Will they notice if I die

I wave at friends with vacant looks
Then as if in after thought
They smile and wave
Confused as they walk away
Thinking.....Who was that?

My mind roams along
The path of time
When did I become
Just another face in the crowd

You have those days
Were you think
No one can see you
But their so busy
With there own lifes
They often forget
You were once
Part of their world

Which brings me back
To my thoughts
Yes absence dose
Make those in the know
Of how they have missed you so...
Kaila George Sep 2016
The reality of the world
Stays blissfully
Outside my door

As it taps away
At the normality of life

The mundane voices
That whisper forget
Your fears as you
Face challenges
That are stewn
Along the forgotten path

You evade the dark pools
That appear from no where
In the shadows of you're mind

With tenacity you defy all odds
You smile knowingly to yourself
Take that you shadow from hell

You threw the gauntlet
And with each passing dream
The realitys that may be
Makes you all that you can be

The hero from your dreams
Kaila George Sep 2016
Words are my imagination
As it fills the book of life
They are the history
Of humanity as we tell  
The story of life

It breathes life into a future of yesteryear and gives us the meaning of how to build our dreams on the parchment of life

As we hold it now and forever in our hearts to defend it from the pergatory of our past
Kaila George Aug 2016
Colors splash into life
As the pen boldly flows
And bring a poet's words to life

The sun rises into the early morning sky as the breeze blows dead leaves from autumn trees

The river flows its Cristal clear waters as it cascading down the mountain side

Birds fly in a deep blue sky as they escape the bitter winter chills

Alone figure stands in awe of the beauty of mother nature and her wonderful scenes
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