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Oct 2016
I sit alone in my room
And morn the loss
Of both my Parents and sisters

Mum and dad 10 years now
My sisters only recently
One year apart

I can understand my parents
I mean its just a part of life

But siblings is another thing
It tears you're world apart

Their the ones that you look to
For advice and to mend your hearts

So whom do you turn too
When they are no longer in your life

Who's the one you talk too
About that witch just down the road

Who's the one you confide in
When she no longer is in your life

I sit alone in my room
As tears begin to fall
As I try to understand
Why they are no longer
With us no more

Even finding the words
To tell you how I fell
Leaves me totally and
Utterly speechless
As I cry alone in my room
Kaila George
Written by
Kaila George  New Zealand
(New Zealand)   
   Doug Potter
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