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I don’t think I love you anymore.
I give up on trying
I can’t bring myself down enough for you
I am already nothing

My heart is a piece of paper, crumpled again and again
There are only so many times you can look passed the wear and tear
The water stains from the words you say
The small rips, with no intentions of destroying me completely..
but doing it ever so slowly..

What was once written upon it is no longer legible
No longer easily seen
Maybe the words have already faded
Maybe I can’t get them back

And I have already forgotten what was once written there
 Dec 2013 Kacie Michel
you could say the problem was
race; half white half japanese
you could say the problem was
passion; which never aligned
you could say the problem was
distance; a desert too vast to cross
but i say the problem was
love; because i loved you more
than i loved myself.
 Dec 2013 Kacie Michel
i love a moose
he's a perfect moose
with the perfect amount of flaws
i was wrong when i said i didn't love him
i do.

i'll keep
 Dec 2013 Kacie Michel
To the young lady that tends to lose her track;
Your eyes are not for tears,
Your eyes are to open portals for my thoughts
To transcend their limitations
And step into your worlds of wonder.
Your face is not to frown,
It is for the people like me
To find the clarity they once lost,
The warmth they crave,
And just the glow they need to light their way into a better perhaps.
Your hands are not for clutching,
Not for
Creating wide spaces to cover the diameter of your face;
Your hands, are to wave in between threads of air that
Hold my love and send it to you;
Your fingers are to unleash the senses
Of those whos bodies are numb
Those who have never experienced your touch.
Your soul is never for anger
Your hatred is untrue
Your energy lies within
You just have to extract it.
You are not to cry,
You are to set free torrents of emotions
Trapped inside a cage with golden bars
A brunette with beautiful wide eyes;
You are not to breakdown
You are to dissect your existence and reshape it
To better represent
Your essence.
You are the gem that loses its spark
When the dust becomes so heavy on your soul
Until it starts burning your eyes;
But shake the dust.
Shake the dust and rise
Be the young lady I know you keep inside, the young lady I love.
Be the savior,
For you do not want saving
Be the hero,
For strength is dormant in between your eye lashes
Be the elevating voice,
That rescues us from our pits
Be the young lady I know you keep inside, the young lady I love.
From where we're standing now in life
we looked back
at all the steps we've climbed.
The past left us standing
with cracks.
We would remember all the salty pools we wept.
Disappointment after another
Mockery after the first one.
Failure felt like a bonus treatment
We would hop and fall
people would watch and laugh.
No arm stretched
No one wanted to touch our ***** bodies.

Hours past
Days past
Weeks past
Months past
Years past
We would dream of a place;
where we would be welcomed,
where we would be allowed to be us
and where we would be able to help people like us.

Walking along the road,
the sun mercilessly beat us.
We walked down-cast
We would dream.
We didnt seek glory or fortune.
All we wanted is to be acknowledged

August 1, 2010
we would not forget.
The day she came to us.
Very un-real and impossible to believe.
She came and sat beside us.
We were uncomfortably embarrassed by our odoured bodies.
We tried walking away
then she stopped us with the most beautiful smile.
She pleaded with us
to give her an audience.
She then offered to buy us drinks and food.
We wouldnt deny we wanted to be filled, badly.

Fortunately, a restaurant was near by
she walked with us down there.
The guy at the door waved and shouted us away from the premises.
She insisted and told him we accompanied her.
Reluctantly, he let us in.
The waiters and people in the restaurant froze in disguist.
The owner in no time came
and begged her to take us out
so that we dont irritate his customers.

One of us was almost in tears.
She pleaded with us not to be offended by their actions.
She led us out through the door
and begged us to await her return.

Minutes later
she came with lots of bags in hand.
She spotted a shed and we walked towards it.
We settled
then she gave us a bag each.
She encouraged us to eat.
She watched us relish the meal.
She smiled
and opened her bottle of soda.
She sipped it.

Moments later
we were done.
Then she asked to talk with us.
We responded to her every question.
She was impressed
This went on for a while.
We enjoyed her presence and softness.

The day was aging.
She baded us goodbye
and told us she would return some other time.
We were enchanted
Oh! We were visited by an angel.

Few days later
she came again.
We ate and talked.
This went on for a week.
In one of our conversations with her,
she invited us over to the company she worked for.
Of course, Our clothes were taken care of.

When we arrived the company
we were ushered in.
We sat before a number of judges.
They were also impressed.
The said our talent and intelligence is un-equal,
one they have never come across before.
We were employed
and given a place to stay in.
It was quite comforable
because we were just three.
Our lives changed.

Now i am old.
When i sit back on my dock chair,
i would smile
and look to the skies
and say,
" truly there is a GOD. "
God will definately get to us
He is working on our greatness.
Believe and Have Faith
Your desires will actualize
 Dec 2013 Kacie Michel
If you were to put my body to words,
You'd start with my feet:
Scarred and bruised,
From the miles I've tread,
To have gotten as far as I have.

Feet covered in colors so brilliant,
Even the blind could get a glimpse.
You'd look back on my trail,
To see the grass,
The trees,
The flowers,
Illuminated in what I've left behind.

My legs:
Covered in words,
And many faces
Of those I've tread this arduous grove with:
From the past,
And future.

Legs scattered with bite marks
From the sweet animals that flock to my side;
During the night,
I lay helplessly
Tied to the bed,
While they gnaw at my ankles.

Legs polluted with holes in my thighs
From where people came into my life,
And abruptly left;
Burning holes into my flesh
With their absence.

My hips:
Knives jutting out cleanly,
Entwined in bounteous amounts of ivy.

Hips wrapped in lace,
Pleading release,
Appealing as a ripened peach;
Ready to be bite into.

Hips touched by so many eager hands,
It no longer gives the rush
Of a sports car speeding past
After a warm Summers rain--
It leaves only the feeling of remorse.
 Dec 2013 Kacie Michel
 Dec 2013 Kacie Michel
The smoke entwines itself around and through your soft hair
It circles around your small nose
It traces the outline of your gentle facade
It laces through your fingertips
It makes a nest on your t-shirt, and rests there for the night
It cuddles up close to your smooth, pale skin
It warms you up on a chilly November evening
It makes you feel loved.

Oh, how I wish I were smoke.

Maybe then,
I could entwine
And circle
And trace
And lace
And nest
And cuddle
And warm
And love
You too.

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