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jules Jul 2020
you are beautiful to me
a soul crafted
made of symphonies

although you hurt me
i am lucky to have met you
it was meant to be
jules Jul 2020
i never thought i could love again
i never thought i would open up
and trust someone with my heart
but you took away the fear,
helped me strip away the walls

i opened my heart to you
i bore my soul
completely and fully
i trusted you to not break it
and i trusted you to stay
even when things got hard

10 months later
you broke it
into pieces
you broke my heart
and didn’t even
******* ask
if i was okay
jules Jul 2020
i don’t want to leave
i gave so much of myself to you
i don’t know what’s left
of me and
i need to find
myself again.
thank you for ending us when i didn't have the courage to.
jules Jul 2020
we touched each other delicately
exploring every inch
of our hearts and the way
they would beat in sync
jules Jul 2020
the song came on and i thought of you
and our first time together in the tent
and those first few times at your house
when we were first getting to know
each other's bodies and souls

my hands would trail up your bare chest
my lips pressed against yours delicately
i was exploring your body yet
i wanted to get to know
every inch of you:
your heart, mind and soul
jules Jul 2020
we’re going to be okay
that i know
within my heart
beating slow
the pace quickens
as i think of you and
i don’t want to be alone
jules Jul 2020
her anchor at rest,
the wind calm;
settling the turn
of the tide.

the beginning 
of the sea
and the sky 
welded together
in luminous space.

we affectionately 
the waves that

between us was
the bond of the sea,
holding our hearts
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