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(Follow my cue)
(I’ll tell you when you speed it up)
(Then when to read me slow)

I laugh at the idea of love
this sentimental feeling we urge to
convince us that we’re not just little ants
scattering over mother earth’s back

As if we’re trying to convince our
frightened youth within
that there’s a happier ending
to this tragedy we’re all casted in

your fears to the wind
as your eyes run out of breath
keeping up my my poetic prose
my repetition is your oblivion,
and you’ll see that we are in fact

scattering down her spine
she doesn’t even squirm
Giggles at our insignificance
we are alone

(Just Fast)
Isn’t that the truth behind
it all
that we’re alone
that eventually we’ll
fall into an eternal rest

(Slow it down for me )
I am the child of the most HIGH
why should I fear loneliness?
He is no kin of mind
Isn’t my present a gift
within myself
I don’t need more!

I don’t need my hands to wrinkle
entwined with another?
don’t need to run them
through the silver hair of my lover?
Why should an earthly Love be a goal of min(d/e)?
I welcome the opportunity of Love into my life readily; it won't be my greatest venture.
  Jul 2014 Julieta Aurelio
Ofentse Tsie
Giving off pieces of myself to complete you
You're a mess, but I can fix you
Allow me to take you around the globe and let the world stare
I wanna make you sure of your beauty, let's ride together
And be like the '03 Bonnie & Clyde
O'er the moon like the shining star No clouds can block our shine
No sun can outshine us. Hand in hand we'll patch up to be imperfectly perfect, for me. The piece that will set my world in motion,my motivation. Tattooed into my spirit, you'll have a huge chunk of my heart to keep in yours. Capture a shot of you smiling, heaven never looked so beautiful. My kind of forever.

By: @OfentseTsie & @_Dvniel
This is the brighter side of our previous piece titled: Grey Skies. We hope you enjoy, and thanks for the love. It's appreciated. Peace

— The End —