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Juliann Mar 2021
Splendour, opulence, fortune, glory,
All these things the world covets,
But the richest man in all the land
won’t have that which he begets

For he secured the hand of her;
A maiden purer than first snow!
He rode in on the stallion’s back
to take his gift - unblemished glow

She gave it up, without a sigh,
She let him in where no man went,
Where chaos lived inside her core;
Infiltrated, savoured, spent.
Juliann Nov 2020
This morning, at 8:51am, on a blustery, rainy island off the Danish coast, I said yes.

I said yes to all of you,
to the vast unknown,
to the brimming anxiety
and the overflowing happiness

Because you showed me how it is to really feel.
Juliann Nov 2020
Sunday soul,
You took my hand,
And twirled me ‘round the lounge
I shut my eyes,
And off we went;
to the place that’s only ours

Sunday soul,
You laid me down,
And I took in your vista
I melted down,
And breathed in;
Your mystery, Enigma

Sunday soul,
We travel back,
What untethered frisson!
Hard to fathom,
Such a moment,
Took place in our kitchen (!)
Juliann Jul 2017
How hard can it really be
God knows I'm trying
To find someone who actually wants to listen
Who doesn't just want to talk endlessly about themselves
Then ask a question
Here's my window
I answer
A full and deep and heartfelt answer
"Yes but did I tell you about the time..."
Can it really be that hard
God knows I'm trying
Juliann Apr 2017
Trust is like a flower;
Every time you break it
You rip off a petal and stamp it into the concrete

Trust is like a butterfly;
Every time you betray it
You break a wing and render it flightless

Trust is like a brick wall;
Every time you crush it
You chip away at the cement
You knock out the cornerstone

I still have petals
I still have wings
I still have mortar
I still have bricks
And here I stand
Albeit unsteady
But I am ready
Yes, I am ready.
Juliann Apr 2017
All that's left are your little remnants;
The tea stain where you left your cup,
A tshirt in my chest of drawers,
A sock that you did not pick up.
Your toothbrush leaning against mine,
Your imprint on the eiderdown,
The faint smell of your cigarette,
That lingers like a cloud around.

Now it's just me with all your remnants,
And the one wish I want so much,
To find the glue to mend my heart
And all the shards that felt your touch.
Juliann Apr 2017
The first and last tears cried for you
Still etched clear in memories blue
The morning chest ache weighing down
My veins all fashioned in a frown

Still each and every moment counts
As something rising up my fount
And all I want or ever will
Please save me from this bitter pill

So fight for me
Just let me know
I mattered once
Or helped you glow
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