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Judex Banzuela Sep 2014
From what I see,
you are better off
without me.
Judex Banzuela Sep 2014
I want a morning,
A golden glowing sunrise
Where we sit,
Just me and you.

I want coffee,
And words,
And oxygen
To be shared by our lips;
And electric currents
to synchronize our pulses.

I want mornings,
Not the kind where you wake up
sleepy eyed and still tired,
I want the kind where you haven’t gone to bed
yet and couldn’t be more awake.

I want the most catastrophic love story,
The kind that cannot be told;
The kind that cannot be imagined or thought up.

Simply because there were no words,
None which were ever invented,
That could be so impeccably bold.
Judex Banzuela Sep 2014
I look into your eyes
And I think of
Poetry filled lines
And your voice has me on
My tippy toes.
You have  n o   i d e a  what your voice
Does to me.
I felt b r o k e n,
Until I met **you.
Judex Banzuela Aug 2014
You are loved. I know you agree with me that 9 out of 10 girls, seek attention from the opposite ***. Who wouldn't want the feeling of being liked back? No one, right? However, asking for it can be too much. Sometimes you begin to start looking so desperate. And you wouldn't like people judging you as a flirt. Always remember that you are loved no matter what and you don't need a male specie to prove you that you are loved.
2. You are of worth. Your worth cannot be measured by the circumference of your waist or the width of your delicate hips. You are worth more than the holes in your walls and the crumpled up papers from words you just couldn't write down the right way. You are the sun and the moon and hold all the stars in your eyes. You are worth falling in love in a street corner coffee shop. You are worth more than all of this. You are you, and there is no one worth more.
3. You are beautiful. I don't understand why you don't like what you see in front of the mirror. There's an air about you, that sets off a certain glow. Like a painting hanging on display, you are a wonderful piece of art. You are unbearably beautiful, the blackness of your iris and the curl on your smile, the smoothness of your skin, every feature about you captivates. You are beautiful.
Judex Banzuela Aug 2014
For the first five minutes
of every morning,
I forget you exist.

Then I stumble upon
something that
reminds me of you.

I'm back to being miserable.
Judex Banzuela Aug 2014
The silence still kills
It’s too

to fill.
All I can think is,
does he love me still?
Judex Banzuela Aug 2014
I love seeing a faith that’s so raw
real and beautiful
that enlarges my faith too.

No magic tricks or fireworks:
just the slow-burning
smolder of a steady glow.

I want to be that person
for someone else too.
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