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 Jul 2014 Jordan Fidalgo
 Jul 2014 Jordan Fidalgo
My finger in my mouth
Nail between my teeth.
It may seem gross to you
But its sanity to me.
A nibble calms my nerves.
A bite distracts my brain.
Keeps me focused elsewhere
So my thoughts don't go insane.
Over the past few months
I've realized where my home is
My home is in your arms
Safe and secure
Guarded by your warmth
Home is where the heart is
And my heart is with you.
 Jul 2014 Jordan Fidalgo
Can't think.
My brain is pacing back and forth inside my skull.
Can't talk.
My mouth lacks the words my brain can't conjure.
Can't sleep.
My thoughts blow through my mind like a storm.
Can't believe
I let you create this disaster.

— The End —