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Jordan Fidalgo Jul 2014
The thunder is loud because it demands to be heard,
the lightening flashes to get peoples attention
and when no one hears it it cries because it's being ignored.
  Jul 2014 Jordan Fidalgo
My finger in my mouth
Nail between my teeth.
It may seem gross to you
But its sanity to me.
A nibble calms my nerves.
A bite distracts my brain.
Keeps me focused elsewhere
So my thoughts don't go insane.
Jordan Fidalgo Jul 2014
Your voice
It fills me with warmth
Your eyes
They melt my soul when ours meet
Your hands
Mine yearn to hold yours
perfectly imperfect
Jordan Fidalgo Jul 2014
The L stands for lost
The O stands for outsider
The V stands for vicious
The E stands for envy
  Jul 2014 Jordan Fidalgo
Taylor Hough
It's funny
how we do these things
to seem cooler
to appear prettier
or more perfect
all for someone
who doesn't even glance twice at you.

— The End —