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Oct 2021 · 256
john p green Oct 2021
Grey naked in sand.
Fears rear up again.
Second glance stand.
Eyes shuffle inside.
Free emotional landslide.
Can in dark be realized.
Mar 2021 · 113
john p green Mar 2021
I dare not got about.
For a fright may follow me out.
The deepest door to abhor.
New blights cast net ashore.
Feb 2021 · 103
john p green Feb 2021
The dark engines teased me they did.
Knew of past slips and crevacies
Started with taunts, long sorrowful sips.
Showed cemented souls in dank pits.
Feb 2021 · 205
john p green Feb 2021
Deep horror does reflect.
A raw fear once existing.
Pray the veins in your neck.
Never swell in it persisting.
Sep 2020 · 93
john p green Sep 2020
Man, don't get me down!
Many a years never around.
Call that showmanship dribble?
Or passing insults to nibble...
In prelude of plowing a frown.
Jul 2020 · 134
john p green Jul 2020
It's neither right nor scorned,
It's finding your light to pour.
May 2020 · 102
With Each Day
john p green May 2020
It took fragile miles drawn from wrong.
To erupt and lay claim.
Alignment painfully gone.
Grinding piled teeth along the way.
Around infected perimeters rim. Contenders bid humanity's stay.
Aloud, each crowd bewildered.
Will announce the lost each day.
Oct 2019 · 124
john p green Oct 2019
One's relationship
shouldn't involve
Total Expectancy
toward complete absorbtion
of the other's
Inner Peace.
Oct 2019 · 164
Strong Limbs
john p green Oct 2019
Rugged Individualists are we,
As our Ancestors decreed.
Blessing us with thought's clarity.
Setting our minds free!
Oct 2019 · 101
john p green Oct 2019
A true vision expressed so intense.
Snipped out so quickly.
Dare to recall that spark.
Reaching loudly arms apart.
Always cruel blinfolds
Missing hearts inner spark.
Oct 2019 · 174
john p green Oct 2019
Pure awareness of instantaneous reactional responses are never grasped, yet for those versed in the discipline of patience, strive to feel impressions take place or leave traces as the motions seem weightless.
Oct 2019 · 194
john p green Oct 2019
Just try perpendicular flips to a worn out trick.
You'll serve out masks with firecracker dip.
Bouncy about stringing blessings to fright.
Our naughty spinster's handled mostly delight.
Oct 2019 · 191
john p green Oct 2019
Why to belie anxieties cry?
Either way suffers tis said.
Now lay lace atop head.
Turn bout, dare to defie.
Stare underneath and try.
Overreaching may tread.
Sep 2019 · 174
Drop attack
john p green Sep 2019
It was like static cotton candy streams bouncing about a subdued echo chamber.
Jul 2019 · 206
Tongue flip
john p green Jul 2019
A sprain to wit may spit a twit.
Aug 2018 · 247
Clamoured Ears
john p green Aug 2018
Your rambling on seems just that to minds twisted so tight.
Suffocating their sight for sweet melody of the real.
Oct 2017 · 443
john p green Oct 2017
To crystalize butterfly mid flight.
Donning brief shades of sight.
Walk nor way for watching strays.
Toss a coin, it clatters it flays.
Twirling echoing mysticism.
Draw deep rhasping rhythm.
Finding minds which boggle.
Exhaling words gods muddle.
Sep 2017 · 277
Lay Scalpel
john p green Sep 2017
Can stone heart be removed from rock?
Ignorance simply plucked.
Leaving a clean city veil?
It stares with clarity your fracture.
It falls when both grow frail.
All wars are carved of this.
One slip can evil entail.
Aug 2017 · 319
Torment's Vapor
john p green Aug 2017
Come my way.
Past midnight's strung out overture.
With beginnings loud by compare.
Trance me along.
Be swept.
You'll be kept awhile.
I'll be forcasting forfeiture.
Disgrace their disquises.
All the while faceless.
My spin never quits the begin.
And you see...
As it clings unceasing.
Capping off each verse.
Erasing and repeating.
Mindfull while notes crease.
Chatter becomes new release.
Calm, your new fear.
Apr 2017 · 552
Time to grasp
john p green Apr 2017
It's sometimes hard to realize,
Then ensure time to revitalize
Mar 2017 · 794
john p green Mar 2017
There are those whose words find them at inopportune moments.
And become lost when needed.
Mar 2017 · 333
john p green Mar 2017
I simply stepped outside one particular eve.
What drew my curiosity from smug security?
Let's not pass blame to moon's aggressive rise.
Nor barren streets silent daily compromise.
It was more a taste one bites harder for.
Years of comfort rocked asleep by inner core.
Jan 2017 · 298
john p green Jan 2017
Have I touched your heart?
Will you always remember?
Did you feel mine?
Are we intertwined?
I know the answers.
So should you...
For I will always and forever
Love you.
No matter the heights or boundaries.
Wether here nor there.
Jan 2017 · 351
Just you
john p green Jan 2017
You are what you know
A glimmer in my eyes
Walking among clouds

Your breath breathes health
No nonsense going there
That simple smile draws crowds

Oh! How simplistic they see
For you shine, shine, shine
Like gazing upon a graceful star

Never forget thy majestic grace
Roughness, couth and rhythm
For you are the completeness

Overlying everyone's fortunes
With a simple smile and nod
Not meaning or thinking, just you
Jan 2017 · 563
Jumping tracks
john p green Jan 2017
Fast-forward past scowling, rhyme-mangled crowds.
Waiting for release anyplace a lollipop taste rewards ill deeds.
Seeping disease disguised as sliced ease.

Flash back, rapper intact resting full speed.
Anxiety's scent devours uninvited social shock.
Pausing between hidden eaves.
Dec 2016 · 311
john p green Dec 2016
Just happened to walk away.
Could never forecast an uncertain temper.
Nor another misguided fearful stare.
Days cough aloud, nights warm my grave.
I will laugh with ease.
Dec 2016 · 233
john p green Dec 2016
Rest will always greet us.
And at times unprepared.
When those times we know
Are near...
Do we thank the times arrival?
Or simply wallow in despair.
For its not a matter of life.
Or how one has lived,
Suffered or shared.
Once we finally realize.
Then we're there.
Written a few years ago-3/5/2012
Nov 2016 · 249
john p green Nov 2016
Maybe it's to late
To start.
Surely I haven't
Lost my angle.
Yet here I sit,
I'm in fact escaping.
Using this dumb
*** pen.
To leave my mark.
Oct 2016 · 316
Your reach
john p green Oct 2016
When I cannot
You breath me
out loud.
Cause my soul
to blink.
Pulling free
from the crowd.
Oct 2016 · 338
john p green Oct 2016
Understand sound within sound
To begin knowing your own.
Oct 2016 · 277
Turn it on
john p green Oct 2016
Tickle me
Into subconscious frenzy
Then glide along my
Charged surface
Where I'll guide your way
Along each changing tide
Which becomes me
Aug 2016 · 497
john p green Aug 2016
A poet's words, so deeply veiled, can be truly awakened by imagination's levels of resuscitation.
Aug 2016 · 336
john p green Aug 2016
Rarely broken and quick to awake.
Scarcely I falter, I simply won't shake.
Oh! Rustle me such, as much you so please.
I'll forever stand tall, rise above your disease.
Cradling fresh heights, do forget
to reach me.
Jul 2016 · 225
john p green Jul 2016
You were just beside me.
I know.
One can feel your air.
Even with eyes closed.
One sees.

And when you're away.
I slow.
All senses grow bare.
Like casting for food.
In dry seas.
Jul 2016 · 361
Soul fusion
john p green Jul 2016
I want to jump in with you.
Clear the skies, clear our eyes.
Are you ready for that leap?
And will they lend a hand?
Make us a simple mockery.
Or even care to understand.
We are one plus one, real music.
As my other half our love's true.
If it takes such a simple reach.
With no **** reaction of others.
I simply care to seal that breach.
So let's hold hands now my lover.
Grace the hills and ocean blue.
When all's done we'll sing anew.
Jun 2016 · 299
john p green Jun 2016
When do I mind being pulled by my ear?
When by someone with my life I entrust.
Jun 2016 · 321
In the fray
john p green Jun 2016
Some people know comfort
In being constantly frazzled.
Trying to reach inner meaning
On realities spinning wheel.
Exhaustion knows their name
Habit leads them once again.
Running that endless circle
Of both distress and refrain.
Jun 2016 · 320
Sorting through
john p green Jun 2016
Sometimes by just pausing and allowing all else to swirl around you like standing in the middle of a dust storm full of leaves.
Eventually those few will fall at your feet, meant to be picked up and absorbed before carrying them forth upon a new path, while the others are simply carried along by the wind.
May 2016 · 337
john p green May 2016
Your tears dried unmarked
No one found your cries.
May 2016 · 332
Spirit Poles
john p green May 2016
Come walk with me.
Make sure I know
Your way.
May 2016 · 522
Don't try me
john p green May 2016
Another journey beset
by spectator's spectacles
forced afore my face.
May 2016 · 373
Split Seas
john p green May 2016
If I could paint one picture, what our love meant to me.
I'd paint such a masterpiece, where sunset meets the sea.
Splashing vibrant colors, reds mixed in with blues.
Combining orange and yellows, all soaking in for you.
The painting placed in lovely frame, would hang and last forever.
But unlike such a special piece, we wouldn't stay together.
Each night the sun and ocean meet, once more they become one.
Our love however didn't last, the dreams had come undone.
The painting will then forever be, a remembrance of me and you.
Of how we couldn't harmonize, as a sun and ocean do.
May 2016 · 492
john p green May 2016
my words
in lower case
they became
May 2016 · 641
Do sit
john p green May 2016
I would prefer your graceless presence.
Rather then suffer their false fragrance.
May 2016 · 286
john p green May 2016
The more the illusion
I choose.
The more the truth
I lose.
May 2016 · 241
Release me
john p green May 2016
Only muddled worries of me,
prevent your ability to be.
May 2016 · 532
Lose the map
john p green May 2016
Why does it matter the departure?
The first step ends in itself.
May 2016 · 320
Lights out!
john p green May 2016
I held the firefly jar
So tight
It broke in my hands
All my wishes
Took flight
May 2016 · 471
Keep trying
john p green May 2016
Might I describe with a slightly cracked mind that simple act of coping with the tiny fact of how I must not overreact knowing I might become blind while waiting for that abstract moment to arrive whereas I am entitled to act highly surprised when you finally dial back...
Aye!  I lost track.
May 2016 · 294
Going to a place
john p green May 2016
Guess I'm already there
It wasn't forced upon me
Still you wonder and stare
Don't care if you believe
Asking how it feels in here
My soul response to this is
Simply reach in if you dare
If not go find a *** to ****
You'll find that simple fare
What draws me back to this
My reply is back from where
So fond of this profoundness
Once again goes another stare
Do we keep striking matches
Till the wee hours of the night
Or play with Celestial cherubs
Swayingl gently toward light
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