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765 · Apr 2016
john p green Apr 2016
Didn't sleep again and I'm not referring to the meandering standings between One and the Nothing.

Can't feel that pain anymore since my head decided to bash into a wall making a numbsickle out of my frontal corridor.

Reality decided to sneak a peek using one handed greased quick release dropping shock haunting timepieces at my door.

Now down for the wide surge forging realization through pores reinvented from ancestral necessity making us One all encompassing.
713 · Oct 2015
john p green Oct 2015
Bedroom ceiling had myriad patterns
Mostly latin symbols as well as horific faces and designs
A dark demon with long fingertips and red eyes taunted me each night
One week straight
Many visited yet none in physical form
Yet seemed so to be
The shadow people were sent to absorb my essence frequently
They were very swift and darty
Yet I could use my hands to dispell them
One night they had one young one with them
You see...they have to be gone before daylight and through open door or  windows
The sunrise approached with young one stuck inside
They pleaded from outside window to save it
Scrambling I kicked out the screen and threw it out
Then from that point on formed an alliance
And would warn me of impending dangers
691 · Jan 2016
john p green Jan 2016
Simply seeking solace in bouncing thoughts
Feeling warmth in that cold rock
Characterizing an uncharacteristic dribble
Watching it flow with no discourse
Or even disguising a movement to share
A leaf finds its mark now one wagers thought
Dogs bark rattles empty can in alleyway
Moonlight disects that churning in passerbys charts
While blowing winds shift around reason
Heavy hearts languish at the next whistle stop
Many will board to simply stare back
At others who dare when not to park
661 · Jan 2016
My Sweetie
john p green Jan 2016
You flew from my side
As if the suns rays
Poured thru my hands
And I forged a cage
For which no free spirit
Dare risk singed feathers

I tried simply to hide
All anguish of days
No way to understand
Containing the rage
For which no real merit
Could cut away tethers

A mere blink of the eye
I saw thru the haze
As you took my hand
Saw fabric cut of age
But it's not fair ******!
Selfless be your measures
651 · Mar 2017
john p green Mar 2017
There are those whose words find them at inopportune moments.
And become lost when needed.
646 · Oct 2015
john p green Oct 2015
As I look to the sky my fellow
Simply seeing orange and yellow
Yet blue and white and dreams from a height
Those faces you canter and the ever changing dancers
Are you also there now?
Wishing, wishing, wishing
For that perfect cloud
Which a sunrise or set
Shall make you realize
Don't hesitate before one dissapates
For what then shall you do?
If no other comes for you
See my friend it's all fleeting
So shall one grasp in thy mind?
Or simply forgo till another time?
630 · May 2016
Do sit
john p green May 2016
I would prefer your graceless presence.
Rather then suffer their false fragrance.
610 · Oct 2015
Soul fusion
john p green Oct 2015
I want to jump in with you.
Clear the skies, clear our eyes.
Are you ready for that leap?
And will they lend a hand?
Make us a simple mockery.
Or even care to understand.
We are one plus one is music.
As my better half our love's true.
If it takes such a simple reach.
With no **** reaction to others.
I simply care to seal that breach.
Let us just hold hands now.
Grace the hills and ocean blue.
When all's done we'll sing anew.
602 · Nov 2015
pour it on
john p green Nov 2015
There's no more an opportune state
Then the reception of graceful bliss
A sweet liberation from  the painful whip of a broken heart, that a boy would grip.
Whilst the struggle for preservation
Of my inner peace and thwarting the
Cancer that was a growing self loathing candor.
Is vague, was this delivered by a dare?
It must have been, with the sudden and swift release from captivity- a rather sensuous butterfly wanting to drift
From the soundly healing rancid tumor
None can be certain to remedy that is set in stone- this is possibly because none is in existence, but just a spent resolve noted in trust.
Trust which lies in a number of measures and entities, like the humbling pleasures denied from the comforting breath of nature's grace.
An energetic revival that is seated in whimsy and an off beat kiss, bringing positive greetings and bright accounts- an end to the insipid plight.
579 · Oct 2015
Burn baby Burn
john p green Oct 2015
One never knows the power
Of true beauty
It can not be packaged up
Nor bought
It comes from deep within
No matter who sees it or appreciates it
It starts with you
Knowing that your inner light
Burns with intensity
A flame so powerful
It can never be extinguished
571 · Oct 2015
john p green Oct 2015
Just want to be reunited with you
My precious oh I dare not say
It's simply for sole protection
For we delve on differnt planes
Yet we'll always be here and now
I simply want to bring it back
Those songs and nightly visits
Your voice so pure and proud
Brought both smiles and tears
Too bad no one else knew it
Even in my head thru the day
Please don't leave again
We will reunite my dear
Just because I've gone astray
Only in the sense though melded
And I mean that for life's sake
553 · Jan 2017
Jumping tracks
john p green Jan 2017
Fast-forward past scowling, rhyme-mangled crowds.
Waiting for release anyplace a lollipop taste rewards ill deeds.
Seeping disease disguised as sliced ease.

Flash back, rapper intact resting full speed.
Anxiety's scent devours uninvited social shock.
Pausing between hidden eaves.
548 · Oct 2015
just walk
john p green Oct 2015
Doesn't matter where
Don't even time yourself
Who really gives a care
For they simply ride along
With those vacant stares
Soak it all in, all in
As you stroll your way
Look! Oh! Was nothing
Just a bump in the road
Almost had that fall
Had to pull away nongravity
Make sure didn't go astray
Might have actually been
Been there on a several
Trying to get there now
And when I do, yeah!
Just give me a pillow
544 · May 2016
That scent divine
john p green May 2016
Walking in tranquil meadows an exotic aroma awakens my soul.

And from where could this intoxicating scent evolve?

It's then I see climbing a massive sycamore tree.

A vine sprouting Jasmine inviting Heaven's reach.

Gazing in awe life's now possible to resolve.
540 · Oct 2015
john p green Oct 2015
Chew on that! How proverbial
Once you taste that grit
Finally opening those eyes
And finally laughing
Was it merely hit or miss
****! You certainly did
This time you missed
Does this merritt a wish?
Or simply goodbye to taste
Yeah! You know the flavor
Goes on and on
Till reality cups your lips
And washes it away
534 · Dec 2015
john p green Dec 2015
Get your things now gathered
For we will be heading soon

All others will not hear just yet
No make believe just with you

Please throw your javelin forth
May it pierce my energy heart

Knew it when I had first wept
As your eyes jumped into mine

We had clearly merged so deft
Our minds gently intertwined

So let's stop the world for now
Share with all our amazing truth

A solitary blossom we have become
Growing without measure what once
was two
533 · Apr 2017
Time to grasp
john p green Apr 2017
It's sometimes hard to realize,
Then ensure time to revitalize
530 · Mar 2016
In Deep
john p green Mar 2016
Trodding in a sweat soaked fashion along limestone calles.
Sandals gradually changing from worn to white as we faction the way.
Our Maya entourage in tow toward their Sacred Cenote.
So here we are now what a strange ****** array.
Did that turn down second guessing pass us by? No se.
Will we awaken destructive ripples in His waters we play?
Enough offering hands of cervezas, pan dulces?
To quench hungry prowling here in Death's domain
529 · Oct 2015
Unleash the Paddle
john p green Oct 2015
Thanks to forever! If it never comes near
A gentle breeze always pulls me there
Sets my mind and soul clear
Do we ponder or be vacant?
Is either serenity?
An answer or a meow?
To climb those stairs
514 · May 2016
Lose the map
john p green May 2016
Why does it matter the departure?
The first step ends in itself.
512 · May 2016
Don't try me
john p green May 2016
Another journey beset
by spectator's spectacles
forced afore my face.
506 · Apr 2016
john p green Apr 2016
Hope  "Cat Scratch Sally" ain't waitin by the shack.

Bought a fever yesterday that I can't take back.
503 · Jan 2016
john p green Jan 2016
Took ma to the movies
Was in 3D at that
Awesome start to the new year
Till the very next day
And that's when I thought
Sure the movie was great
Afterwards a nice walk
Yet there was a part of it
I took away from her heart
Such a simple plastic wrapper
Meant to protect plastic glasses
Didn't protect itself from me
As I threw both ours away
Now one thing I need mention
Was that neatly tucked in ma's
Insuring safety of a memory
Lay her fresh placed ticket
Just as careful as she put it
She ever slowly pulled it out
496 · Apr 2016
Hold Tight
john p green Apr 2016
You knew all of me during those rooftop getaways
Grasping hands we'd make haste for our Twilight Escape
Speckled leaves brushed our feet ascending luminescent latice
Night's warm caress nestled us near the edge of release
Nothing could heed our desire for the freedom that were we
Transported over quagmires where our souls could finally see
494 · Dec 2015
Fill Her Up!
john p green Dec 2015
You know I took a tankard
To the cantankerous one

Well that didn't go swell
When she hadn't yet ****

Hadn't yet they bellowed
She hadn't time to start

So do we dibble or dabble
As to whose most smart

In the meanwhile you see
They all let loose a ****

Now the cantankerous one
Smiles as she thus starts
488 · Aug 2016
john p green Aug 2016
A poet's words, so deeply veiled, can be truly awakened by imagination's levels of resuscitation.
477 · Oct 2015
john p green Oct 2015
For your laughter is an immense surprise
It bedazzled my senses, bringing light
Long lost light toward my eyes
Was that an intentional wink?
I beg no forgiveness as I think
Like a moth, a light, a life
You only have one to share
474 · May 2016
john p green May 2016
my words
in lower case
they became
461 · Nov 2015
That Scent Devine
john p green Nov 2015
Walking the tranquil meadow an exotic aroma awakens my spirit.

And from where could this intoxicating scent evolve?

It's then I see climbing such a massive sycamor tree.

A vine sprouting Jasmine inviting Heaven's reach.

Now gazing in awe life's no longer impossible to solve.
456 · Nov 2015
the fabric
john p green Nov 2015
From womb to tomb
Our lives are not our own
Fabricated to secure
One cannot rebut
Limitless threads
The scheduler strums
With our every pain, joy,
kindness or crime
They birth our futures
Make sure we have rhyme
456 · Jan 2016
My Bellow
john p green Jan 2016
Rude transitional
Vessel conquering
Reaching deeply
Trying each level
Time succession
Rapidly grappling
Softness intensity
Discharging ether
Fuel dark whisp(er)
Paint syncopated
Drawing transition
Hole opens deeply
Perceptional peep(s)
Doubtlessly abated
Strings form syringe
Encapsulated chords
Rupture stagnate air
Steering mind's Roar
456 · Nov 2015
Whisper words of wisdom
john p green Nov 2015
Don't push away those who you claim you love!
Don't share stories about someone else
Unless you also you also explain
And rat out your own self!
Everyone has faults it's not one sided!
I suppose as soon as we get that truth
We're probably never to old to learn things, right?
455 · Apr 2016
tut tut
john p green Apr 2016
Tis funny...
Huh! Life deludes us all
At times...
A grand scheme?
Or merely the workings of master pranksters.
Fiddling their thumbs in pure excitement.
As the befuddled gaze.
Knowing not the illusion.
Of what we simply call...
454 · Mar 2016
the red-eye
john p green Mar 2016
Getting off the plane my bags nearly dragging the ground just like my shoulders.  I'm not looking for it.  Cuz "it" was left behind with the one I thought loved me.  Now my only welcome home comes from the pelting rain hitting my face as terminal doors swing open to my reality.  Don't care that I'm soaked to the bone, taxis laugh me by and screaming siren slows its tone with the dying rhythm of precious cargoes heartbeat not unlike my own.
452 · May 2016
Keep trying
john p green May 2016
Might I describe with a slightly cracked mind that simple act of coping with the tiny fact of how I must not overreact knowing I might become blind while waiting for that abstract moment to arrive whereas I am entitled to act highly surprised when you finally dial back...
Aye!  I lost track.
450 · Mar 2016
john p green Mar 2016
Infesting the pockets,
miscarried by the milady of emotional sacrifice
Stubborn animalistic hand, reaching before to sever yesterday's secret diary
Only one, but evil carries formless strands varied to eyes
Those eyes, which shall see through cloaks relinquishing substance
Crushed beneath Pearl Heavens, lacking all breathable fabric to survive
444 · Jan 2016
john p green Jan 2016
The sweaty ghost opt to reenter from behind vapor walls creaking back cross forgotten boards

Mesmerized by the fireflies licking the jar dusting magic onto Hendrix sparking guitar

Best continue not a care while drifting thru your sound coma blank eyes straight through ya

So the sun pulls up outa blackened ground every day another city offers a profound sigh

To never rise in the light disrobes each spectre for descent towards its own dusty puddles goodbye
421 · Nov 2015
The Gale
john p green Nov 2015
The deluge harbors fear in once intrepid sailors
Even flax sails cry out mercy from the mighty gale
A breach in each soul sceams out that reminder
Of jagged rocks defending the isle soon to lacerate their hull
Those cries meant naught as tears in canvas offer only impending doom
Some stand steadfast gripping that false belief of hope
Others kiss their own fate as a quick grip and jump
Forever washes all mental torture far far away
417 · May 2016
Dark coffer
john p green May 2016
Let me just quaff down coffee
Peel off last night's lethargy

Melt away in the ladder-back
All but a blur like a cataract

Please simply open a crevice
Help me feel release precious

Well then bottle do your part
Can't shy away once you start

Time again for arachnid alarm
They crawl invisible up my arm

Run along now lock yourself out
A beast behind me wants to breakout
415 · Oct 2015
john p green Oct 2015
Write more so you know
Which way to slowly go
Never forecast anxiousnes
Just forget about chance
There you go!
Once more take it real slow
And fake it graciously
In case you forget
415 · Apr 2016
john p green Apr 2016
Don't wanna go to sleep.
That would mean waking up.
415 · Oct 2017
john p green Oct 2017
To crystalize butterfly mid flight.
Donning brief shades of sight.
Walk nor way for watching strays.
Toss a coin, it clatters it flays.
Twirling echoing mysticism.
Draw deep rhasping rhythm.
Finding minds which boggle.
Exhaling words gods muddle.
412 · Nov 2015
just wait
john p green Nov 2015
You know I took a tanker
To the cantankerous one
Well that got off to a start
When she hadn't yet ****
Hadn't yet **** they said
Cause hadn't time to start
Shall we dibble or dabble
About those most smart?
When all the others
Already let out a ****
And the cantankerous one
Smiles as she thus starts
407 · Dec 2015
Another Strike?
john p green Dec 2015
In rank darkness an entity from below
at 3 am reaches for me

Never flinching, that black winged one swirls fierce red eyes my way

Crouching hell bent on first procuring flesh and subsequently my soul

Unleashing the inner grimoire to truly seek its unquenchable devices

Believe that its coerced intentions drains its victims weak

Usually triumph rains phasing captured one's soul from *** to death

Slipping undauntedly away failed Incubus next time will better walay
404 · Dec 2015
mellow Vulture
john p green Dec 2015
My black wingspan can shadow the Sun
Drawing eyes skyward from far below
The light shining off my beautiful bald head
Only reflects darkness for all others enough said
I'm not so special least that's the belief
Soaring patiently just for that moment
An ungracious landing so unlike my flight
Go figure I'm eager just to finally eat
Hopping and chomping hoping nothing draws near
For if something or someone gets too close
No I won't **** on myself that just cools me off
I'll regurgitate, lighten my load, get the hell out of there!
Because not a lick of predator runs through me
Just that big Mellow one, yet do you see?
Reducing final stages of decay effortlessly left behind
No need now at this point to thank me
Simply let me be and ****** stop judging me!
404 · Apr 2016
When Nature Calls
john p green Apr 2016
Dancing blindly tiptoeing through the luminescent moonlight
With Starcatchers eyes your bewilderment ensues
Flutters and skakes awaken your senses
Smells of florals and pine tickle your nose
Your feet crunch upon deadening leaves
And suddenly you feel that sweet calming whisper
Nature beacons you back into that tiny stream
As your toes bask in true purity
It's only you and your sublime happiness
What else do you need
Collaboration with my dear friend Syreeta.
401 · Nov 2015
john p green Nov 2015
Chances are slim we'll reconnect
Though there's always belief
It takes just two to believe
Even more so words are muddled
Just can't catch that catch phrase
Whichever one whichever one
Yeah! right fine pleasing yourself
Just lay down and wash me away
Or maybe throw that rope my way
I may just climb aboard once more
Or yet simply cut and drift far away
397 · Nov 2015
once more
john p green Nov 2015
Where shall I begin?
Forgo all that nonsense
Just tell like it is
For my thoughts echo thine
As well as my heart
Twas nothing more bestie
Being there one for the other
An understanding so I saw
Yet what does trouble thee?
A transparent drip from a tree?
Do I now make sense or never?
You are my bestie otherwise
Know as you know me
392 · Oct 2015
simply put
john p green Oct 2015
People always say friends come a dime a dozen
Well you can keep your dozen just give me smiles, laughter, good times
That's all I need
Sitting back sipping cool drinks
Chuckling at fun stories
Swatting gnats as they buzz around
Our beverages of choice
Feeling that euphoric feeling of true acceptance
Just being you and enjoying good genuine people
Now thats friendship
383 · Dec 2015
john p green Dec 2015
Sure am that same person disdained
Though I've tossed away so called vice
Word spread by many catching a train
No matter the Love, Caring and Dreams
Always striving for nothing more naught
Not from those souls or their pawns
Never a piece on that superficial board
If there were a cast the title would be
To be only harbingers of pure anxiety
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