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john p green Nov 2015
It was real, so very so
While waiting to be seen
A glance from faceless one
That alien enthralled by me
Still attempting any features
Leaned closer for hope to see
Like looking into black hole
The darkness drew me closer
So mesmerized didn't notice
Elongated fingers gently so
Caressing , transference, life
Understand now two shall be
Her partner all observant
Also soaking in our ways
Then the man sees and barks
Barks out that cruel command
To take her away to gate 17
Fear kicks in, she'll not be seen
Chances of further growth
Sliced permanently away
A sad cry rocks her to and fro
Her mate rocks heads together
For their final embrace
Being dragged now to oblivion
Enraged I fight their methods
Last thing I did accomplish
Nothing at all if that counts
Cruel social needles pierce me
Taking my mind to wastelands
Strapped and wakeless I am
The man gleems upon my shell
I'm now part of gate 17
Revision cause I wrote draft at bus stop and felt needed just that.
john p green Nov 2015
Just want to be alive again
Explore the mundane
Nothing advantageous
Way too easy for me
For you have to know
Spontaneity is key
Simply a gracious face
Or that hand shake
Now where's that lead?
Ah! Ha! So you ponder
Anywhere you choose!
That's the entire point!
Release and simply...
Just simply do...
Do yourself a favor
And just breath.
john p green Oct 2015
So many are capsized
Lost in a wave of comfort
Not wanting to realize
Or even to care
Just go ahead
Play that role
john p green Apr 2016
Vain attempts
Allow hiccups
Memory fancies
john p green Apr 2016
Aloud I praise that moment when we shout Out!
Hey I know you and you know why!
Let's fancy a stroll or simply be simple.
Hugs are amazing just like love making.
Ill manners and farting not so well.
And if you decipher them my love goes to you.
john p green Mar 2016
(A chipping occurs, particles fall forward.  Trapped on the Isle where thoughts cannot bounce.)

...Seeing a change, I wake from the protectional glow.
A light not unlike the warmth of mothers caress.
Only to find that my world is lost to me...

...Surprise, fear, many others crowd about my vulnerable form.
Living the uniform life to the best of knowledge.
Aware of the fall always preying in the shadows...

...Attempts prove futile, while depression blankets my cold,
dying glow...
john p green Nov 2015
My tears will always remain the same
I pray to God that one day
I'll forget your name
The road we traveled there still here
Every time I think of you...still
Brings back those lonsome tears
For I miss you day and all of night
I'll see you soon, my soon to be bride
john p green Oct 2015
But beautiful people need beautiful things
The sky is boiling with rage
And you are in my sights
I need to feel something
Does the journey carry me
Oh! Carry me up high?
Like that tidlewave
Awake up in the sky
john p green Oct 2015
An unopened door revealed a crack
Unleashing that light so magical
Meeting souls still in flight
From me them and you
Then together we come anew
How dare we unravel what was lost
Or simply toss around our meager thoughts
How dare we cross that simple page
When all's lost without a stage
To and fro we shall always go
Till a soul comes bound for you
john p green Oct 2015
One thing when I met you
Knew I was encapsulated
Brightness of your eyes
Originality no disguise
Simply simply you
john p green Dec 2015
In rank darkness an entity from below
at 3 am reaches for me

Never flinching, that black winged one swirls fierce red eyes my way

Crouching hell bent on first procuring flesh and subsequently my soul

Unleashing the inner grimoire to truly seek its unquenchable devices

Believe that its coerced intentions drains its victims weak

Usually triumph rains phasing captured one's soul from *** to death

Slipping undauntedly away failed Incubus next time will better walay
john p green Oct 2015
It is quite funny
How, just how funny
People tend to react
Just wait now for I'm sure
Don't know that last word
So where do you go then?
Not sure. Don't simply care
Just want you to know
Simply just one thing
It really don't matter
john p green Oct 2015
Do you realize what it means to me
As you said that my life did matter
No matter what I did say
For my breath was carried on
As a breeze gone awry
And if I have to sacrifice
For a friend whom found me
Then that's all shall matter
You and I friends forever
john p green Jan 2016
Crowding before the Stranger
To relish
Each explicit masquerade of emotions
In the course
Of ones Lifetime
Or another
Passing of the Changer
john p green Dec 2015
One real Practice
Learn not to
Unlearn All
Blank page
New sponge
Wisdom droplets
Taste ever-changing
Bursting new Life
Layers of Love
Immeasurable Light
Then we Are
We are then
In Flight
john p green Nov 2015
Just noticed you had alot to convey
I was totally shrouded by that dark
Please! No believe me when I tell you
There's a great deal I've to say
Just don't start and ******* me inside
Still trying not or what not to say
I'll certainly take a stroll with you
And if it be backwards if you care
We'll swing hands and play were there
john p green Nov 2015
A lull can overcome
Any bright beginning
Adress the small insignificances
Which we cerish as profound
Defines itself beyond our..
Beyond what do you ask?
Don't know quite yet
This the only point
Is that a lull
Means nothing
Or all
john p green Oct 2015
What shall I write?
Let's think for a sec
Really matter?
Or give a hoot?
I've this whole page
Just think or not
What would you decide?
See now you're drawing
So now are you thinking
Set it down and swallow
Now I see it will follow
Will follow thee
Doesn't have to make sense
For goodness sake!
Tis a mere blank page
Well let's say to...yeah!
To begin with
Till a closure is met
john p green Dec 2015
Sure am that same person disdained
Though I've tossed away so called vice
Word spread by many catching a train
No matter the Love, Caring and Dreams
Always striving for nothing more naught
Not from those souls or their pawns
Never a piece on that superficial board
If there were a cast the title would be
To be only harbingers of pure anxiety
john p green Oct 2015
They're the brightness
That only shallow eyes
Will feel relief
Grasp and caress
Then ponder
Everyone else's
Wrongness and supposed misgivings
Take a swipe!
I'll flatten you
Don't  "F" with me!
john p green Apr 2016
Knew your surprise
For me.

Thought it would be
All that.

Even realized
You see.

Saw your need
To escape.

A desire to run
From me.

Till you decided
To liberate.
*a little revision*
john p green Oct 2015
Where'd ya go baby?ok! I see.
Just pacing along. At what point
Shall we hear that song?
For you're smooth and sly yet graceful
Till you bite on down and slurp around
That sound we been awaiting for
Tis coming around
Come on get ya one we missed the last one
Not now maybe later. Says who? Baby blue
john p green Dec 2015
Like where you are off to you see
Just the right place for one to be

If there had only been ample notice
You would have with you a novice

For now tis a simple wait it be
Ever patiently under nearby tree

Upon return many blank pages
Will soak in ink from many ages

So athirst for a new awareness
Simply turn please don't digress

Even gone you have been with me
Whole time both sitting under tree
john p green Jan 2016
When I don't feel Magic
All my senses be lashing
Grasping air even tragic
Well-oh-well whata spell
john p green Oct 2015
One never knows the power
Of true beauty
It can not be packaged up
Nor bought
It comes from deep within
No matter who sees it or appreciates it
It starts with you
Knowing that your inner light
Burns with intensity
A flame so powerful
It can never be extinguished
john p green Oct 2015
For your laughter is an immense surprise
It bedazzled my senses, bringing light
Long lost light toward my eyes
Was that an intentional wink?
I beg no forgiveness as I think
Like a moth, a light, a life
You only have one to share
john p green Oct 2015
Can you tell me a secret?
Or I tell you?
Who decides...
What deamons decide?
When your that chosen vessel
And cannot speak
While it watches you
And attempts to play
At thought
Was I there for you?
Or simply that pawn to ******?
Do it and I dare!
john p green Nov 2015
Our crossed paths just stopped one day
Wasn't my breath thrown at the candle
Nor hers who threw the magic away

We danced around while it was still lit
Turning and churning our feet softened the ground
Planting that path of our ever gentle growth

Crowds would take time just to gather
Eager to watch our simplictic cantor
Yet in our eyes was releasing the way

Now reaching back to that one day
They gathered round for Loves next lesson
And a force greater than ours blew it away
john p green Nov 2015
A mark is only remembered
If true to self
Doesn't matter departure
Avoid photo dusting shelf
Look upon me know
My spirit dancing free
No time for worries
Time for you now
To be free
john p green Aug 2018
Your rambling on seems just that to minds twisted so tight.
Suffocating their sight for sweet melody of the real.
john p green Oct 2015
Sometimes you think everyone sees are the one who truely does
Blind or not we see
Or do we capsize the viel?
To undertake till our souls prevail
Relinquishing no fear or thought
What matters?
When your not taught
john p green Oct 2015
Can I rest my head on your shoulder?
And you can choose which one?
It will make me feel better.
Let's say just outta fun.
Even though don't know you.
No matter your taste.
Wait! Did I just say that?
Now seeps in disgrace.
For you felt that connection.
For a moment or two.
I'll let you go for now.
Finding another one.
john p green Apr 2016
Didn't sleep again and I'm not referring to the meandering standings between One and the Nothing.

Can't feel that pain anymore since my head decided to bash into a wall making a numbsickle out of my frontal corridor.

Reality decided to sneak a peek using one handed greased quick release dropping shock haunting timepieces at my door.

Now down for the wide surge forging realization through pores reinvented from ancestral necessity making us One all encompassing.
john p green Feb 2021
Deep horror does reflect.
A raw fear once existing.
Pray the veins in your neck.
Never swell in it persisting.
john p green Nov 2015
When you contaminated my hate
You chilled me to my bones
Time and time again
You just gave me the kick!
Oughta my own ****** home
Acting like you love someone
Just do me that real favor
And simply look in your mirror
For your love's untrue
Now I can see it's not me
It's you Love!
john p green Oct 2015
When oh when shall it arise?
Only you know when you know
Could be in that passing stranger
Or simply that kind gesture
For no one really, really knows
What we are all capable of
If you know please share
Not just to myself, the world
Many eye's need opening
Many souls come alight
That's all...good night!
john p green Oct 2015
My caretaker mumbled, "I'll make sure you have bliss".
And for God sake why?
When I'm leaving a ****!
Muttering back to her, "no one else cares".
Followed by that vacant stare.
As her hand reached out.
To touch my heart.
I felt the only thing to do.
Was answer with a ****.
john p green May 2016
Let me just quaff down coffee
Peel off last night's lethargy

Melt away in the ladder-back
All but a blur like a cataract

Please simply open a crevice
Help me feel release precious

Well then bottle do your part
Can't shy away once you start

Time again for arachnid alarm
They crawl invisible up my arm

Run along now lock yourself out
A beast behind me wants to breakout
john p green Nov 2015
People tend to breed on misery.
Yes and we are exceptions.
Like a sane lonely breed.
A very rare vampire creed.
Not wanting to contribute.
And not **** that light away.
From others whom are dear.
Now you will not get blood.
Out of my tears any more.
Just rest in peace my love.
john p green Nov 2015
Intentenions are like a dual edged blade
One side yields honor
While dishonesty the other
How shall we treat this
And which side prevails
For they balance each other
As in any aspect of life
Yet the final decision
Comes down to what one feels
From within their very heart
Pounding to an energy
Which will paralyze or redeem
john p green Oct 2015
You made me bend a page
And now how shall I
Just how shall I fault you?
I'll let you gather enough foam
To lather thy senses
For you see tis not
Yes tis not a simple one
Just look above and see
Wil I dry your ***?
Or you dry thee?
Game is on!
john p green Feb 2016
Do let the world unfurl
Lifes unkempt
john p green Dec 2015
Just see for yourself! It's amazing
How can it be? Just how he can see
Only we are supposed to observe,
listen, learn while sharing within
Corresponding seemed absurd
So let's now savor this blessing
He is one to fear then love follows
Truely special who may be the one
We'll gather each eve at windowsill
Once welcomed we slip right on in
Transfer essences, sing night long
Till Dawn must send us shuffling
With that speedy flight along
More of us eagerly gather at night
Always in search we love the right
Must gaurd him, hide from depths
Our being present can jeopardize
This amazing crossing him over
Tis already begun, oh! that speed
One day soon while still in skin
He will map energies eternal song
Eventually singing our souls free
Yet beauty of song stays with he
john p green Oct 2015
Can you tell me a secret?
Or can I tell you?
Who decides?
What deamons deside
When your the chosen vessel
And cannot speak
While it watches you
And attempts to play
Nat thought!
Was I there for you?
Or simply that pawn?
To ******?
Do it! I dare you!
john p green Oct 2015
You do me wrong once
That's my fault
Do me wrong twice
That's because
I got a soft heart
Do me wrong three times
You gotta go
Even though I can look
Look into your eyes
And see Heaven
Right now your putting me through
Yet right into hell
Through tick and thin
Always had your side
I'm just thinking
Bout those beautiful eyes
But the time has come
For me to walk away
Love Always...Yours!
john p green Oct 2015
You can go wherever you want
Wether near or just abound
Just don't matter to me
For I'm not wearing matching shoes
Will comprehension uplift thee?
Though as support in your soul?
Now what are we speaking of?
Shall we ask or simply mask?
What rhetoric or canter
Will make your day better?
It's all nonsense dont deny
A second thought or glance
Simply lose ones self in order to...
Well plain and simple
No arithmetic involved
Or proper spelling
Live! Live! Live!
john p green May 2016
Another journey beset
by spectator's spectacles
forced afore my face.
john p green Nov 2015
At times I turn
Turn away from
What I scribble
Is it that fear?
Or simply dribble?
Just can't fathom
That unleashing
Tis why I write
And in the dark
No concept inside
Now I form no reason
And reason obeys
Chaos then decides
What time shall allow me
john p green Oct 2015
Can I tell when I can tell?
Do I want to tell?
How often will I ask?
For one never knows
I'm out!
john p green May 2016
I would prefer your graceless presence.
Rather then suffer their false fragrance.
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