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john p green Oct 2019
One's relationship
shouldn't involve
Total Expectancy
toward complete absorbtion
of the other's
Inner Peace.
john p green Oct 2019
Rugged Individualists are we,
As our Ancestors decreed.
Blessing us with thought's clarity.
Setting our minds free!
john p green Oct 2019
A true vision expressed so intense.
Snipped out so quickly.
Dare to recall that spark.
Reaching loudly arms apart.
Always cruel blinfolds
Missing hearts inner spark.
john p green Oct 2019
Pure awareness of instantaneous reactional responses are never grasped, yet for those versed in the discipline of patience, strive to feel impressions take place or leave traces as the motions seem weightless.
john p green Oct 2019
Just try perpendicular flips to a worn out trick.
You'll serve out masks with firecracker dip.
Bouncy about stringing blessings to fright.
Our naughty spinster's handled mostly delight.
john p green Oct 2019
Why to belie anxieties cry?
Either way suffers tis said.
Now lay lace atop head.
Turn bout, dare to defie.
Stare underneath and try.
Overreaching may tread.
john p green Sep 2019
It was like static cotton candy streams bouncing about a subdued echo chamber.
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