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Blagging it at 19 saying I was 23
Agencies believed me with no photo ID
Plumber with no certificates just taking a big chance
Stood my ground,
looked real good,
while taking this unknown stance
Got away with it until I crashed into my comeuppance
From earning big bucks to starting again,
lifes not good back earning just a tuppence
I gave it the large,
Six five with a shoulder barge,
don't even try and stop me
Now four foot ten
A midge amongst men
Starting all over again
But hey, I done it to myself
A life of ill health
Thinking I was impenetrable and of hard stealth
I left my love shaken and numb
For being so selfish and dumb
Life really does has it's unforeseen conundrums,
and I'm sorry x

Doing Life Backwards

That grumbling roar of a voice not so pure
Always moaning on the phone whilst listening at the door
The world upsets him on almost every level
For that is not his voice but one who asides with a devil
We all gossip that he never ever stops
But somebody else is crossing his Tee's and feeding his daily rot
He maybe nice but from years of endless nagging
A silent mistress behind the scene feeding his needless slagging
As she was once a nurse but really no Marie Curie
For she feeds him her woes and her strife now vented in his fury.

Oh, so you're going to be a parent?
Well, revel in your silence
Remember what you have now as precedent
And don't look back on what you once had
As that little storm is brewing

The Silence Before The Storm

When did we lose it
That pow
That zip
That zap
That day mid-thirties you look in the mirror
And you've become a little bit fat
That get up-and-go
Now you've become slow
Watching life mould and your toenails grow
Your friends become distant
As you wonder of their existance
Followed on Facebook for their stories of fiction
It really is sad
Was our friendship just a fad
As we drift into the old and once had
Does life become a trot
Knowing the cold from the hot
And where in life is our best spot
Or is it a a case of embrassing lifes span
You done your best and all that you can
It's not me man
You just became all boring, man

If coffee is your pick me up
Some toast, brush your teeth and then a sup
of course, from your favourite cup
A little toing and throwing
Once that storms been brewing
Then stick the telly on for the daily stewing
JV with his band of ever ready journalists
Some too gobby, some too shy, the odd one taking the, ahem
All settled down by that voice from the Scottish mist
Men seem to sway to the sound of her calming charm
The women mainly agree after the wake up of their alarm
Still sat on the sofa in your quilt, just to keep warm
A pick me up for your everyday commit
Two hours of fun, frolics, politics and while you just sit
And think about how to keep going and just to keep fit

A Storm is Brewing

It's a day we never know coming
Could be anything
An accident
A car crash
A mafia whack
And you just think you'll go on forever
Well listen up
Today is Tuesday
It could be any day
But it is today
I won't say how
I won't say why
But it's going to be a today
Who knew?

We used to walk
And revel on what we might be
We used to talk
About dreams of you and me
We used to laugh
Watching comedy on TV
But didn't see it coming
The devil and the deep blue sea
What divides us now
From the grass and the as yet grown trees
We just seemed to lose our touch
And sadly that's what broke,

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